We asked some folks we admire to share one piece of conventional advice they disagree with.

Brian Wilkins | Music Manager, Educator and Entrepreneur

Hustle and Grind remains a popular mantra of music creatives. The culture conflates effort with consequences. The harder you hustle or the longer you are on your grind, the better chance you have to succeed. While I agree work ethic is very important, too often musicians mistake activity for achievement. Too much time, energy and effort is spent on the business of creativity instead of creating. And even when artists achieve the success they are grinding for, their work/life balance becomes unbalanced it is hard to enjoy it. Read more>>

Genieve Hanley | Entrepreneur (Art, Marketing, Travel Blogging) & Experientialist

As a creative, I admit I get bored easily. It’s second nature for me to constantly, wholeheartedly crave and jump in to new, exciting experiences and in the process, hopefully acquire some new knowledge and skills. I was told very early on in my career by a good-intentions employer who picked up on this trait, that I should find and focus on just one thing and be great at it. Read more>>

Laela Giovanna | Singer/Songwriter & Producer

Always Have a Plan B Read more>>