We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Jessica Joseph | Fly Eats Show Creator, Host & Author

As a creative who isn’t selling a product (yet) , essentially I’m selling myself . I am the host , the product and the brand in my business. People don’t realize how when you are not selling a tangible product , it takes a lot of work for you to feel comfortable enough to show the authentic side of yourself and to get people to relate enough to want to support you! I think people think it’s easy to put up a video or interview a guest but there’s a lot of work I put into every aspect of my business and the final product seen. Read more>>

Taylor Sparks | [She/Her] Erotic Educator and Founder of Organic Loven [organicloven.com], One of The Largest BIPOC-Owned Online Intimacy Shops.

People see my social media and think I’m just running around the world half/fully naked and selling sex toys. What they do not know is that my business, Organic Loven, specializes in improving adults sexual health/wellness and enhancing their sex lives. Yes, my products do offer a ‘happy ending’, but many of my products assist on the wellness side of sexuality. All of the products are either organic or eco-friendly and chemical free. I had a client that has Parkinson disease and has issues with getting an erection. Our Pulse by Hot Octopuss, originally designed for men with spinal cord injury going through IV treatment, is the only thing he can use because of the medication he is on. The same can be said about our Jnaja cock ring that is very helpful for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. Our intimate lubricants can not only assist with vaginal dryness but some also have ingredients that are very healing to the vaginal tissue and can decrease pain during and after sex. Read more>>

Michelle Valbuena | Baker

I feel outsiders are unaware of the time that goes into making a cake as well as the cost of sid cake (fondant is not cheap). Read more>>

Karla Briceno | Founder & CEO of BOND Groupe, a Social Media Agency

How long everything takes, it’s not just coming up with a caption and a post. Social Media now more than ever is an essential part of a marketing strategy for any business and advertising and knowing how to reach the right audience is key. Instagram is considered the new website, it’s a place where they discover your business so customer service, and community managing are a very critical aspect of managing an account successfully. Read more>>