We are super fortunate to be in touch with folks from across a broad range of industries and one the best things about that is that we are constantly learning things from them. Industry insiders often have all sorts of insights that aren’t available to the public at large and so we asked insiders from a variety of industries to tell us something that outsiders are probably unaware of.

Shameka Morgan | Minister, VP, Brand Development Director & Business Coach

Outsiders are probably unaware of how much dedication and diligence is involved in my industry. As the VP, Director of Brand Development and Business Coach at the The Caldwell Creative it is very gratifying to help orchestrate our clients business dreams and endeavors; however, there is a lot involved with helping someone’s business ideas come to fruition. Sometimes the clients are starting from just a concept and we’re guiding them all the through to launch—strenuous yet exciting and honorable. Read more>>

Karina Mariie | Creative Brand, Mentor & MSW Student

That YOU are the sole purpose of making sales. Making connections. Making creative merch. At first, only YOU may see your vision, so you are responsible for all leg work. You may have to ask questions, seek help, be open to criticism and most of all, be active. You can’t just post your product on a website. You have to promo, create promo content, dive into analytics, communicate/build a customer relationship platform etc. This is why I always emphasize to be passionate about what you have to offer or else this all may feel like a mistake. Read more>>

Taylor Dante | Influencer & Content Creator

The actual amount of time and effort that goes into being a content creator. A lot of the time people look at a post online and think “how hard could that be”. Yet, what they do not see or think about is all the behind the scenes work. I recall a recent situation where someone asked me “why does it take you so long to create an Instagram post? You should try to get a video up in the next 15 minutes”. As I recognize each account is different for me personally that is not a realistic amount of time. Whether filming at home or at a restaurant you not only need to capture the content but piece it together afterward. Read more>>

Madeline Kaufman | Program and Outreach Director

At Debris Free Oceans, we work to eliminate marine debris through inspiring local communities to responsibly manage resources and waste. The most abundant, most problematic type of marine debris consists of single-use plastic pollution. Think plastic bags, plastic water bottles, plastic utensils. Items that are used for a matter of minutes and then exist in perpetuity either in landfills or the environment. What most people aren’t aware of is the inextricable connection between plastic pollution, the climate crisis, COVID-19, and social injustice. Read more>>

Karelix Alicea | Behavior Analyst & Entrepreneur

I don’t think most people understand what behavior analysts do. After I tell someone I’m a behavior analyst, the first thing they usually ask me is whether or not I’ve been analyzing their behavior since the conversation began. Either that or they assume I’m into criminal profiling, forensics and solving murder mysteries like they must watch on TV. While behavior analysis is a broad field that encompasses making socially significant behavior changes across industries from weight loss to animal training to employee productivity. Read more>>

Bertha Osorio-Campbell | Holistic Nurse Practitioner & Consultant

I choose to care for my patients holistically and want each and everyone of them to achieve optimal health because I know it’s possible. I also know that many diseases can be reversed as opposed to just being managed. Finding the root cause of your illness is totally attainable and feeling great isn’t just for the rich. Insurance companies require a diagnosis to pay providers and often times this leads to prescribing a pill for the ill in order to tame it without ever figuring out how to cure it. Read more>>

Kathy Waters | Co-Founder

As a co-founder of Advocating Against Romance Scammers (AARS), I have had the opportunity to speak, assist and console, many online scammed survivors and identity theft victims over the past 3 years. We are in a society where people are quick to judge; and that society seems to think everyone should have obtained the needed awareness for online scams since we have the world at our finger tips, wrong, horribly wrong. Being aware of cyber-crimes is one thing, having the knowledge of how these crimes function is another. As mentioned, society is quick to judge. Read more>>

Sean Anthony | Movement Specialist, Trainer Extraordinaire & Coach

The absolute amazing fulfillment that comes from knowing that you are able to help someone change their life in simple yet effective ways. Read more>>