We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Raquel V. Reyes | Mystery Writer

Consistency. Writing a full-length novel while juggling family life and a regular paycheck job is not easy. Keeping my writing time scared has been the key. I write for 1-3 hours every morning. Some days I only get 100 words on the page and others 1,000, but drop by drop it makes a full book. Read more>>

Taynah Alves Oliveira | Content Creator & Health and Wellness Educator

The biggest habit that has helped me succeed is the belief that nothing is impossible. Ever since I was a child I was adamant about never letting anyone tell me what I was allowed to do or who I was allowed to be. As I get older, this belief keeps getting stronger and I continue to strive for what some believe to be impossible. It’s a mental mind game at times that requires constant check-ins with the self in order to understand if I am still aligned with what I have set out to do. Sometimes I change courses or implement a break, but I never forget to see the bigger picture. Read more>>

Tara McKoy | CEO & Fitness Enthusiast

The habits that have helped me succeed are creating a daily routine to ensure the daily tasks are being met in a timely manner and waking up early to get enough time throughout the day to get things done. Read more>>

Sam Saenz | Content Designer

1. Being stubborn about what I want. I never let my lack of experience or the lack of a certain degree limit me. 2. Always seek opportunities. I always made sure to let my managers and leads know I was interested in doing different kinds of projects that aligned with the direction I wanted to take my career. 3. Consistently providing value. Early on in my career, I figured out that if I was able to tie a dollar amount to my words or the strategy work I did, it would make me a necessity rather than a luxury. Even to this day, I try and reinforce the ROI of having a content strategist such as myself at the company. Read more>>