We asked some of the city’s leading artists and creatives to tell us about how they decided to pursue an artistic or creative career. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Dominc Wren | Funktasy Magazine’s Editor & Event Organizer for Funktasy Records

Simply because of the lack of having to stay within a box/structure. One thing that really attracts of the music industry is the complete lack of rules on how things need to be done. This may sound juvenile but my attraction to this industry is because you will always see something different. For me, this can take many forms but the constant change and acceleration of that change simply makes this industry very attractive. Read more>>

Tabea Bußmann | Photographer/Model/Selfportrait-Artist

When working with people it is amazing to see how they open up and how your interactions with them come to life in the final picture. Often times it is more about the connection with the model than the photograph itself. Also expressing emotions and feeling the flow when you have a great idea is just a great experience, especially when you hold your photo in your hands when it was published. Art is always a way to show your personality and vision to the world and to find people who understand it – who understand you. Read more>>

Sammy D | Fashion Blogger & Lifestyle Content Creator

I pursued a creative career as a fashion influencer to bring confidence and boldness for the everyday women. My goal is to help women especially mothers to feel and look fabulous on a budget. I encourage women to step outside the box to be bold in their fashionable style. I also encourage woman to experience living a luxe lifestyle on budget. Some women feel like certain lifestyle is for the celebs or super rich and famous. I help navigate how to find deals in every area in life. Read more>>

Cristina Frazao | Jewelry Designer

Since I started considering which professional path to take, I knew it would direct me to a creative career. I got my college degree in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, focused on creative advertising and communication. Very early I started working in Advertising Agencies with large clients. However, I started to develop a passion for fashion and design, and for 2 years, living in New York, I had the chance to study jewelry design and production. From that point, since 2001, I developed the necessary skills to creatively work in my studio developing pieces in gold and precious stones for my clients and for various stores in Brazil. Read more>>