The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Cachandre R | Digital Media Specialist & Youtuber

It is difficult to specifically narrow down the one decision that most contributed to my success. I feel as though it is a cumulation of different things but all fall under the general umbrella of staying true to myself. In my opinion, someone who is authentically them and strives to create their own wave will make a larger impact than someone who is imitating what is popular. Therefore, it is important to me to remain authentic and genuine as I continue to grow my brand as an entrepreneur and Cash Chronicles on youtube. Staying true to myself also means remaining humble. Every interaction I receive with my content whether it is on my youtube channel (Cash Chronicles) or my graphic design page (@clevervisions), I genuinely appreciate. Read more>>

Shiketa Days | Police Dispatcher II, CEO & Author

important decision you made that contributed to your success?
When we started Derrick Danzel Days II Corporation the biggest goal was to keep our son’s name alive. To make an impact in loving memory of Derrick Jr. I didn’t want his death to stand for anything. I needed to create something that will impact lives. I knew that if I wanted to be successful that the one most important thing I had to do is make the decision to stay committed to the mission, regardless of what other’s thought, I wouldn’t stop or give-up on my dreams or my vision I had for the organization. Read more>>

Lily Vera | Branding and Website Creator

My most important decision I made was to identify my creative style and stick to it. I have a minimalistic approach to branding and that’s what my client base knows me for. It’s what I enjoy and what comes naturally. I tried catering to so many different styles in the beginning and I wasn’t true to myself and you could tell. Now I’m confident in what I create is a pure vision of what my clients want in their business image. Read more>>

Abigael Williamceau | CEO

Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision I’ve made on this journey that contributed to my success is believing in myself. That is one of the most important decisions any business owner has to make. First year is hard and you start to doubt yourself in the midst of some of your most loved ones not showing the support you thought they would. You get unmotivated, but once you reach that mark where you make that decision to silence that part of you that doesnt believe in your full potential because of the outside world, all that potential starts to show up for you daily. Trust in you and your vision and everything else will fall in place for you. Read more>>

Nikola Marincakova | Former Competitive Swimmer, Freediver, Swimming Instructor & Student of Physical Therapy

I am a strong believer that people need to do what they love to do, what they are great  at and what they can help others with. Balance of all three things. I realized what I am  good at and what makes me happy and at the same time how my work can add value  to other people. Then I simply made decision to work hard, don’t take no for an  answer, seeing mistakes as stepping stones and always keep looking at the bigger  picture. When I can give love for swimming to a child who will take it with him for  the rest of his life, any challenges, obstacles, failure and loss only act as motivation. Read more>>

Cadizsh Norford | Fitness Coach

Other than deciding to work for myself, the single most important decision I made that contributed to my success was my ability to remain disciplined. With discipline, comes accountability and responsibility, and I believe that on a consecutive basis, it is prudent for me to hold myself accountable by not only increasing my industry knowledge, specialties, and financial literacies, but by keeping my physical attributes in tip top shape. Another decision I make that contributes to my success is creating a healthy balance between my work life, and my personal time. By doing so, I am able to allow my thoughts and creativity to flourish, which not only puts my business one step forward, but also my clients journeys one step forward. It is a win, win, overall!. Read more>>

Canisha Barnes | Restaurant Owner

Next to wanting to work for myself the other most important decision that contributed to my business were my kids . Well I had only one at the time when I first started. And my ultimate goal was to be able to give him whatever he needed without a struggle . My dad is a business Owner himself and that’s where I got a lot of my entrepreneurial skill from. As kids we didn’t want for anything. Read more>>

Ana Elvir | Social Media/ Content Creator

I don’t think you will be 100% successful unless you are passionate about what you are doing. I do believe that if you love what you do, it won’t feel like work. I started by focusing on a hobby that I have turned into a full-time job. The most important decision I made was going all in and putting my all into my new venture. Read more>>