We asked some inspiring folks from the community to share their favorite quotes and affirmations with us below.

Sonali Kukreja | Visual Artist

Affirmations are powerful. They can change our life drastically. They are positive, specific statements that help us to make positive changes in our lives. But remember, we cannot depend only on thoughts or mere statements. We need to convert them into action in order to manifest our intentions. So, we must choose our words wisely. The art of the spoken word is important how we craft our future. To help others what helped me in my own personal and professional growth, I created an Art Collection of Affirmations. Lead by Example. That is what I believe in. Read more>>

Rachel Logue | Soulful Kitchen Designer & Health Enthusiast

I have so many favorite quotes and affirmations but one that always sticks out in my mind is from the Wizard of OZ when Glinda says to Dorothy, “You had the power all along my dear.” It’s such a powerful thought to know that everything you need is inside of you and all you have to do is believe it. As a woman business owner this quote comes in handy whenever a little self-doubt creeps in. It’s also such a great motivator for going after all of my dreams whether personal or business related. Read more>>

Sarai Jaimes | Human Resources Professional & Motivational Blogger

I LOVE the phrase “She believed she could, so she did”. I heard this phrase a few times in the past, but it wasn’t until my birthday party about four years ago, when my sister got these cards with really cool quotes for my friends and family to write birthday wishes for me. One of the quotes was “She believed she could, so she did” and the message my sister wrote on that card was beautiful and very encouraging. But the most important part is that I saved all these cards in a box and about a year later, I found it and read all the birthdays wishes. Read more>>

Tiffannie Ramos | Lyfestyle Curator

Good, Better, Best.. Never Let it Rest, Until your Good is BETTER and your Better is THE BEST! I am consistently striving to be the BEST Tiffannie I can be. This quote was told to me in the 6th grade by my English teacher who was preparing me for my first speaking appearance in an oratorical competition. She saw something in this timid young lady that most did not! She opened the door to my personality that had been buried deep by insecurities and self doubt. I didn’t believe I could do it BUT she did and recited this to me every practice! Read more>>

Raul Rodriguez | Event Producer

“I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death” It reminds me that no matter what, the final outcome is going to be the same for all of us. So take chances, push boundaries, live life to the fullest and take advantage of every opportunity that you have. Read more>>

Alicia-Ann Samuel | Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Early Childhood Mental Health Expert

My favorite quote/affirmation is an old African Proverb that reads: “If you educate a man you educate an individual (community), but if you educate a woman you educate a family (nation). This proverb speaks so much volume to why I am so determined to be a business owner, why I chose to go back to school to get my doctorate, why every child around me I would rather gift them books then toys and so much more. Knowledge is power! As a woman and to get more specific, as a Black Woman, it is so important to elevate myself especially during these times uncertainty. Read more>>

Avni Parekh | Author

My favorite quote is by one of my all-time favorite poets, Maya Angelou. One of the life lessons she learned and shared was, “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” What I like most about this quote is how very accurate it is. When you think about it, memories tend to fade over time, but what doesn’t fade is the emotional imprint a person leaves behind when we interact with them. Read more>>

Josh Liberman | Director, Filmmaker & Editor

One of my favorite quotes is from Will Smith. He said: “Nobody knows what you are…following your dreams is a dangerous pursuit…you can’t wait for somebody to think you can do it.” This really resonates and is a quote I take with me to every project. I think, for a while, especially in my earlier career, I spent a lot of time trying to convince people I could do it, without actually having done it. Maybe it was just my way of coping with the fact that I didn’t even know if I could do it. Read more>>

Rosario Psy | Fine Artist , Graphic Designer & Mosaicist

My favorite quote is : “For us, Art is not an end in itself… But it is an opportunity for the true Perception and criticism of the times we live in.” By Hugo Ball I love this quote because it explains very simply and beautifully what I consider is the point of making art. We artists of all kinds are here to attest and “document “ what we are living in the present and ignite the fire in others to share what we are going through as humans. No bias, no hesitation, just honest experience. Read more>>

Kahra Keyes | Recording Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Actor, Pageant Winner, Painter, & Voice Teacher

My favorite quote is, “If it doesn’t open, it’s not your door”. What it means to me is that if something is “meant” for you, it will happen, but if it is not then it won’t. It can seem as a bit of a fatalistic viewpoint, but in it I see freedom. Freedom from worrying about “what if” something would have happened and questioning the validity of my art as well as my persona. I believe in goal setting, and writing down objectives. This combined with my prayers of protection from maleficent beings, if something doesn’t happen I can simply move on from it and focus on something that is working. Read more>>

Zaida Alfaro | Singer/Songwriter & Author

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Mae West Mae West, whose entertainment career consisted of being an actress, singer, comedian, and a sex symbol in her day, defines life, down to the tee. My mother, since I was very young, also instilled in me that similar frame of mind. I believe that we all are faulted for thinking ‘we have time.’ I came to realize that we do not. So if you want to succeed in your dreams, attempt to accomplish that without hesitation. Read more>>

Julie Valbuena | Life Coach & Yoga Instructor

“Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.” I have this quote on my phone’s background. That’s how much I like it! I love to remind my clients about their biggest superpower: Choice. It truly is what leads us to empower ourselves and create a life with intention. I believe that you pretty much always have a choice, *especially* when you believe you don’t have one. It’s funny to think back when I was much younger and was convinced that life just sort of happened to me. Choices were an afterthought. That is the easiest way to live as a victim rather than a creator. Read more>>

Stephani Lamoni | Creator & CEO

One of my favorite quotes is “Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.” I actually stumbled across this quote browsing the internet yearssssss ago and its always stuck with me. I actually have it in the bio on my personal IG page. I absolutely love this quote because its really just 100% true. Some people tend to have all these ideas in their mind that they just never execute. They never make the business plans, they never do the research on how to even get things going, they simply just do not follow up on their own dreams. Read more>>

Yessenia Gutierrez | Marketing Specialist

“What is the world’s greatest lie?” the little boy asks. The old man replies, “It’s this: that at a certain point in our lives, we lose control of what’s happening to us, and our lives become controlled by fate. That’s the world’s greatest lie.” – from “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho What it means to me is that at any point in your life, you can change its trajectory. That you’re not nailed down to every decision in life. It reminds me that the most important relationship you can have is with yourself and making sure you maintain your autonomy. Read more>>

Shivae Willis | Creative

One of my favorite quotes, “The only person stopping you is you” quoted by the platform KushandWisdom is a quote I always go back to when I need some motivation. It reminds that the only obstacle that is standing in my way of achieving my goals, is myself. And that change starts with me, not external forces. It allows me to take responsibility of my thoughts, mood, and even my short term and long term goals. Its so easy to procrastinate and formulate excuses for why we can’t complete our goals or even start the dream we’ve had in mind for a while but ultimately no one else can set these goals into motion but ourselves. Read more>>

Samantha Pratts | Food Blogger & Podcaster

Yes! One of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou is “at the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel.” This quote has always resonated with me and reminds me to always be a kind and empathetic person. Read more>>

Audrey Mortman | Cher Tribute Artist & Abstract Artist

When I was a student in college, a book practically fell into my lap. The book was titled, FEEL THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY, by Susan Jeffers. I devoured that book, and the message that I took away from it became my life philosophy, It helped me lean into the fears and the challenges that came into my life and career for the rest of my life. And there were plenty! That philosophy got me through cancer, alcoholism, depression and anxiety, as well as being shy and still entertaining in front of huge crowds and appearances on television. Read more>>

Tilza Rizzo-Caceres | Eyebrow Specialist

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever” Mahatma Gandhi A motto I live by as I believe in every aspect of your life one should live it their best as there are no promises for tomorrow. I also believe the world is forever changing and it is important to educate yourself in every area as what you think is OK today may actually be detrimental tomorrow. The mind is beautiful so continue feeding it!! Read more>>

Abigail Haseley | Business Owner

“big dreams turn into big things”– meek mill . I love this quote because I really work my butt off to get to where I am. I use to work 14 hour shifts now I can stay home all day and make more than what I made in a week at a job. I really turned my dreams into reality. Read more>>

Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille | Artiste multimedia, Actress & Therapeutic Art Coach

“life is nothing but movement” all my research in my art is based on that! I think that fragility create the movement, it makes us capable to go forward to evolve. Fragility is beautiful, even if sometimes it can be scary! I like it because it is what make us understand that we are really part of the nature and like in the cycle of the nature, there is always a rebirth. Read more>>