It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea.  So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Lauren Fadeley Veyette | Principal Soloist Ballet, Co-Founder & School Teacher

My husband and I were approached by a family several years ago looking for some private ballet coaching for their daughter, virtually. They lived in Kansas, and through Skype, we in Miami were able to give her the professional, one on one training she was looking for. It worked so well with her that we thought we could teach dancers from all over, who were lacking the ballet training they needed due to their location. And thus Veyette Virtual Ballet School was born! Read more>>

Jennifer Moriyon & Candice Montros | Co-Founders

We came up with the idea of opening The Brunchin Pup after rescuing our dogs, Helix and Lily. When we realized the negative stigma that follows rescued animals, we knew we wanted to do something to continue to promote adoption in a positive manner. With our products we hope to empower others to show off that rescues do it better and show how amazing rescued animals are. We also hope that our online boutique can fund a fully functioning dog rescue one day. Read more>>

Kiel Pollitt | Holistic Health Coach & Astrologer

My business sort of evolved over the years after working in the health industry, being a writer and contributor for online publications for both wellness and astrology. There was a natural flow to work with client’s directly on a one on one basis. Read more>>

Tanya Patron, PA-C | Aesthetic Specialist & Educator

I would have to say out of simple frustration with my industry. I’ll refer to a quote that states “Dissatisfaction is a symptom of ambition. It’s the coal that fuels the fire”. That was true for all 3 of my businesses. I recently opened my own Aesthetic practice called Selfie Aesthetic. I wanted to provide a forward thinking concept utilizing technology that really focuses on the positivity of injectables as well as the individualized experience from start to finish. We live in a time where #selfies are the norm and yet so many of us still do not feel comfortable taking them. Read more>>

Annette Zuozo | Graphic Designer

For a long time I’ve always wanted to do more than just my full-time 9-5 job. I had lots of creative ideas that I’ve wanted to tap into, but I guess never had the time to sit back and see what could I do. Then hit the coronavirus pandemic. I saw the negative impact it had on people, families, workers, everyone. My family is in the restaurant industry and seeing the setbacks they and their employees had to take was tough. I constantly kept asking myself, “How can I help? How can I do more and give more to people?”. This is when the idea of starting my business, Made By A, flourished. Read more>>

Kelsey Zamoyski | Therapy & Wellness Owner, Occupational Therapist, Hand Therapist & Ergonomic Assessment Specialist

Working as a therapist and while living with an invisible disability, I realized there was a need for a different way of viewing one’s health and delivering healthcare. A need for a place where collaboration occurred among various healthcare professionals, where creativity and thinking outside the box could foster, and where limits were redefined. Growing up I was always told two important messages that I continue to live by: to always ask questions and if I couldn’t find something I needed, then I should create it. Unable to find a place like this, I decide to create it, and Defy Therapy & Wellness was born. Read more>>>