What’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? Check out some responses from the community below.

Carla X | Experience creator and Circus artist

Being an out of work performance artist during a pandemic has had its share of emotional turmoil. I spent an awful lot of the time sulking around the house the first few weeks. Having establishing myself in Austin after just shy over two years of living in this city, I had been working gigs as a full time performance artist just about every Thursday- Sunday for a year straight. This all came to a staggering halt after my last gig (March 14) and has since continued to devastate me with the uncertainties of the future for artist and gig workers. Read more>>

Cesar Santos | Artist

After the Covid19 crisis, social gatherings seem less likely to take place, specially for recreational events. The gallery system and the artist found themselves in need of re-imagining their business model. Even though my favorite thing to do was to create a body of work to be exhibited to the public at one of my galleries, it became a wishlist for the future. A new “favorite thing” in this situation emerged. I created a website with great content for aspiring artists wanting to understand and perfect their skills in traditional drawing and oil painting. Read more>>

Diana Santana | Photographer, image maker, Junior Graphic Designer. Quality Control Inspector and translator

It is hard to understand that outside there is a monster that wants to eat you. If you think about it the movies gave us heads ups of this future that is now our present. My favorite thing to do during this quarantine is that I manage 100% of my time, which is something MAGNIFICENT. Also, I love watching tutorials, and I am learning like crazy, it is very interesting and the “learning experience” fulfill my brain. Read more>>

Nikita Chugani | Pilates Practitioner

These have been strange, unprecedented times for all of us. I never imagined I would see the day that we would all be in quarantine and have to social distance and wear masks and gloves to go out. It almost feels surreal. During this time, I have been teaching online Pilates group classes and private sessions via Zoom. When I decided on March 19th that I had to close my Studio temporarily in order to help flatten the curve and contain this terrible virus I was scared of the financial impact this would have on my business. Read more>>

Sei Desmangles | Makeup Artist

I’m adjusting quiet well to the quarantine life. I’ve been using this time to center myself again by meditating, listening to my favorite podcasts and working out. I’ve also taken my creativity to the kitchen! Cooking is very therapeutic for me. Stay safe and make the best of this time with your family. Read more>>

Kavita Channe | Award Winning WineMaker, Broadcaster, Mama of 2, Philanthropist

During this pandemic I started to get back to my creative side and I brought back my youtube channel… rebranded “The Channe Show”! I’ve had so many different people join me. From a family who overcame Covid-19 to NFL & NBA insiders to the Founder of Viome Naveen Jain to Single Mothers going through quarantine to a top ER Doctor and a top pediatrician. I love the diversity of topics I’m able to bring instead of only focusing on sports. Read more>>