We asked some folks we admire a simple question: What are you most passionate about and why? Check out their responses below.

Michelle Dempsey-Multack | Writer Normalizing a Women’s Right to Move On

After getting divorced with a 2-year-old in tow and using my Instagram platform to share my experiences as a single mother handling co-parenting, I found there was a huge need for a voice on all of the struggles that newly divorced moms deal with. I decided to shift the focus of my writing to talk about my experiences and help other single parents through what I’ve learned and my passion continues to grow with each message I receive from a mom who shares that I’ve lifted her up or made her feel seen. Read more>>

Valentina Cordero | Plant-Based Chef

Food that is good for the body & soul, beautiful food created with intention, food that will make the person eating it feel good & special. Read more>>

Marko Tomic | Artist

I am most passionate about creating arts. Visual arts, acting in art performance, writing lyrics, painting paintings, That is language of Youniverse. Making sculptures, coloring drawings creative process is so special and give me well being and pure state of mind. Why? I feel in the present moment more then ever, and energy of creations flowing in me and around me. In silence but so loud! Read more>>

Sharma Shari Rodriguez | Owner & Photographer – Sharma Shari Photography

With the risk of sounding like a cliche, I am passionate about photography. The art of manipulating light while freezing time is what I live for. Whenever I feel down, photography brings me back up. No matter which medium I choose from my DSLR, instant film, medium format or even with just my phone, photography is when I feel the most myself. Photography helped me and empowered me during hard times and gave me the courage to change careers and venture into a new city and follow a dream (from Engineer to Photographer). That is what I want for my clients. Read more>>

Giano Currie | Fine Art Photographer

I’m most passionate about waking up every day and having the opportunity to think, grow, and live creatively. Every since I was younger I was the creative one in the group. From drawing in school to taking family portraits with my camera. It came easy and I was able to create new worlds in which I didn’t need anyone’s help. I still revisit those times today, I do that through the fine arts, but this time my camera is as my pencil. Read more>>