Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Alyssa Ditch | Intuitive Healer, Author, Dancer, Mother

Everyone on this planet needs healing. There is no finish to it as far as I can see. There’s always another layer to unravel, a deeper level you can dive into. Healing is synonymous with growing. We are constantly being given opportunities to grow, evolve, expand, etc. As an Intuitive Healer, I help people to navigate through challenges with a greater sense of authenticity and inner peace. When I’m not working with clients or my children, I’m working on myself. There’s always more to do!. Read more>>

Jessica Kelly | Founder & CEO, THR3EFOLD

There are incredible factories in China and across the world just as much as there as sweatshops in America. The issue with ethical fashion is deeper than a location it is asking bigger questions, digging deeper into standards and ensuring that workers are supported everywhere. Read more>>

Andrew Chiwara | Serial Entrepreneur

One thing that I would say about my industry that outsiders probably do not realize is how far ahead we have to plan. We have to anticipate what styles will be trending for the next season months in advance so we have time to be able to get the products made and be able to market them. Read more>>

Jessica Bergman | L2 Crossfit Coach & Owner of Downtown Strength & Conditioning

Many people in the Crossfit community would agree that Crossfit gyms are a little different than traditional boutique studios, and group fitness corporate siblings. Each Crossfit gym or “Box”, while “affiliated” with the training method and brand of Crossfit itself is independently owned. Crossfit gym’s are not franchised. Each gym is privately owned by an individual or group of individuals; hence affiliated. This model allows each owner,, and subsequently Crossfit gym to apply the training methodology with their own interpretation, and vision .Each gym is unique and upholds training, programming and standards in their own way. Read more>>

Grace Shaw | Freelance Makeup Artist

Purely the amount of work that goes behind every single makeup or cinematic piece in general. Makeup is something that people do every day so I think it is easy for people on the outside to assign a commonality to the work that myself and my peers do. But there is so much more that they don’t see. Myself and people like me who consider themselves makeup artists have spent hours upon hours practicing what they do, trying new techniques, refining old ones, working towards making their art something truly unique that captures a message or aesthetic they could otherwise never demonstrate. I have spent upwards of 7 or 8 hours working makeup before, applying, coloring, fabricating an entire world in a single makeup. And that was just an application on myself for fun; shooting with a photographer or video director who knows what they are doing, with the intention of capturing your art in its own world takes even more time and effort. While this misunderstanding may cause some artists to feel unappreciated, I do think it also carries the potential to make our work that much more unique, suspending the belief of our audiences. Read more>>

Jessica (Jessy) Obarrio | Professional Makeup Artist

The Hours can be long the work can be inconsistent at times and people always want to negotiate your rate. But its what fuels me. I love being a Makeup Artist its what I was meant to do and what makes me happy. Read more>>

Michelle Collins | Founder and Owner

Getting on the shelf of a retailer is the easy part. The more challenging part is getting off the shelf. Category Managers/Buyers’ ultimate goal is to meet or exceed their budgeted sales goals in your food category. If your product is not selling they will no longer carry you. The shorter your product’s shelf life, the more challenging this becomes. Case in point, I decided to purchase a competitor’s product from one of their wholesale accounts, a local supermarket chain. I ended going to three of their advertised locations and their products were no longer on the shelves for sale. Pricing, packaging and product awareness are key factors in the CPG ( consumer packaged goods) industry. Read more>>

Seneca Williams | Entrepreneur Therapist & Coach

The ONE thing that many entrepreneurs are not aware of is, the emotional stress of running a business can be detrimental to their mental health. Entrepreneurs need to FOCUS on cultivating mental wealth versus curing mental health. Mental wealth is going beyond just mental functioning, it is optimal mental performance Entrepreneurship looks really sexy until it makes you sick. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs focus on building the business, instead of building themselves for business.   “72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues compared to just 48% of non-entrepreneurs. That’s according to a study by the National Institute of Mental Health.” Those who are aware of the stress of entrepreneurship may develop business anxiety because subconsciously, they fear the weight of success. Other entrepreneurs (even the most successful) end up overworking themselves, until business burnout, because they fear failure. Read more>>