We had the good fortune of connecting with Jennifer Rosado-Hurtado and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Jennifer, what do you attribute your success to?
The most important factors behind my success is having a Positive Mindset, Keeping in contact with my connections that I have made during my career path, and my skills.

A positive mindset is a decision that only we can make ourselves. We become what we chose to do. 

If we remain in positive mindset, and confident of ourselves, we will eventually become and attract the same type of vibes in our lives, and we can easily live our best life possible.

The connections I have met and developed throughout my career path have helped me moved forward and helped me achieve the best of life. Every major change in my life was accompanied by a person who has either opened or closed doors for me.

I love to network at every opportunity. There seems to be a direct relationship between the number of people we know and how successful we are. 

Skills: I speak 3 languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese.
A seasoned Sales Closer, a motivator, a go getter, and love to make others laugh.   

When people get to know me and believe in me and they know that they can trust me to keep my word and deliver results. I like to get the things done fast, easier, and creatively.

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I was about 15 years old when my family moved to Coral Gables. I went to Coral Gables Sr. High. I remember the first day going to school and seeing all the Gables kids in beautiful cars, the big beautiful houses, the beautiful trees on Miracle Mile perfectly aligned. It was definitely an experience & lifestyle anyone should experience while in Miami! The Life of Luxury!

I remember thinking when I become an adult I will make sure I give my kids this kind of lifestyle. 

At 16, I had to get a job part time while still going to school to help my mom with the bills because all of a sudden my dad had a heart attack, and he was not going to be able to work for the rest of his life. 

By the time I was 24 I had my first child. A few month after my child was born I made a decision to divorce. I am a firm believer in letting go of what does not make you happy in life. Move on, find your happy. It’s out there! You just have to keep looking until you find it.

Not knowing what I wanted to do with my life where to turn at that age, a small infant in my arms, no car, no money, I was offered a temp job working for the catering department of a hotel called Wyndham Miami Beach Resort & Spa. I remember telling my recruiter no I do not want to work at a hotel. I thought working the catering department meant that I was going to be handling food and I just did not want to work at a hotel.

The recruiter begged me to take the job and try it out for at least 2 weeks. So I did. Taking buses every day from Coral Gables to Miami Beach was not fun as a single mom, but I loved the scenery and it was the only thing that was giving me income and I knew I had to stay at this job and save money for a car and feed my son.

When I got to the Wyndham Miami Beach Resort & Spa, and saw how grand & beautiful the entrance and the meeting space and the white sandy beach was at this hotel I fell in love! When I found out that the catering department was not giving food to people and that instead they had Weddings, Events, Meetings and Sweet 15th come to life I fell in love even more with the hotel industry!

A few months after, my Catering Director said Jenn I see you like to sell – you should transfer to the “Sales Department”.

There I learned how sales managers worked in booking meetings, conferences, events such as Corporate Meetings, Miami Boat Show, Pharmaceutical Meetings, Winter Music Conference, Fashion Shows and so many other exciting groups that come to Miami. I loved seeing them in action and hearing their stories on how they each used to think outside the box in order to bring the business to Miami. 

One day riding the bus home I said this is it! I want to sell Miami as a destination! I am going to be a Group Sales manager! So I set up my goal plans & I learned the ropes. I went from sales coordinator, to an assistant of 2 Sales & Marketing Directors and 8 sales manager which is not an easy task but I had fun learning the ropes. 

Wyndham Miami Beach was then sold to LXR/Luxury Resorts. We had to scramble and relocate offices to Fort Lauderdale offices but the hard part was I lived in Kendall. I took the position in Ft. Lauderdale, as I was given the experience to also sell Jamaica Rosehall, Casa Marina, a Waldorf Astoria Hotel. But the commute part was still challenging (1 ½ hour to get to work & back was not fun) so I decided to look for other opportunities closer to home.

I was then offered a position selling the All-inclusive Wyndham‘s in Bahamas, Mexico & Dominican Republic. 

I also worked for Palace Resorts as a Corporate Sales Manager Selling 5 star Hotels in Mexico & Jamaica. 

From there I moved on to Sandals & Beaches Hotels selling “21” Five Star/Five Diamond Hotels at the same time in the Caribbean.

Although I liked selling the All- Inclusive Hotels in the Caribbean I wanted to expand my resume – I wanted to work for hotels but selling Miami as a destination.

I was soon made an offer to work I couldn’t refuse. I started working as a Group Sales Manager at a Private Island: The Grove Isle Hotel & Spa in Coconut Grove. 

There I met so many connections from meeting planners, government officials, celebrities and employees who many became friends… I was also lucky enough to find a wonderful boss who became my mentor and helped me climb the ladders of Success.

From Grove Isle, I went to Sonesta Coconut Grove Hotel. I spent the best three years of my life selling Coconut Grove and Traveling. My Coworkers and GM became like family, I met many meeting planners from all over the world who have followed me during my career path some even became friends.

Once Sonesta Coconut Grove was bought out, the GM at the Mayfair Hotel & Spa made me a job offer over the weekend – he said I heard what just happened, I know of you work ethics, and I want to help you – come work for me as Task Force until you find something you like. I was shocked because I didn’t even know the GM! And I was honored to know that my work ethics spoke in silence.  I was able to book many meetings for them in short time.

Soon after I was made an offer to work at the beautiful Hotel Colonnade in Coral Gables. Immediately I said yes because I have always been Gables at heart and now I had the opportunity to sell the Gables! But sometimes in life when you think everything is going well in your life God has different plans.

There comes a moment in time when some doors just come to close. It is then that you need to realize God doesn’t want you there anymore for a reason. Your time is up. And so it happened. That door came to closed for me.
And when it did, I was made the most wonderful offer!

I was asked to do the Pre-Opening for a brand new gorgeous hotel in Coral Gables! The THesis Hotel Miami. It is located across the street from University of Miami! It was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced! I was their first hire!

I remember the interview with the owner. I told him honestly, I have never opened a brand new hotel in my life. I wouldn’t know where to start. He smiled and said Jenn – we believe in you – you are the creator of your own destiny! We will all help you, we will give you the tools to succeed. You can do it!

I took it as a positive sign, I smiled, and so I said “Let’s do it”! 

We were able to open in August 2020 at 50 percent capacity in the midst of the Pandemic! (That was the max we could book according to CDC guidelines in Miami). Mamey Restaurant was a hit for Thesis Hotel! The Grounds are simply amazing! 

I was so proud of the team our GM had created, the good, the bad, the difficulties the unexpected experience that Covid brought all of us, there are so many emotions opening a new hotel.

Not only was I proud of the opening, but even more proud that I was the only one to book our first meeting in Miami the first day after they lifted the bans for meetings to finally happen in Miami!

I was given the highest Recognition by the GMCVB and GMBHA for this wonderful accomplishment!

Soon after I was put on furlough, like most of the hotel industry and then that’s when the hotel industry and tourism crashed and almost all Sales Managers from all Miami Hotels were let go from their positions. 

It was about a week later of being let go, that I received a call from The President of The Coral Gables Chamber, Mr. Mark Trowbridge. He said I heard what happened- come work for me. I was honored at his call but I graciously declined. 

My heart has always been in hospitality industry and I knew I was going to go back to work to hotels. When I saw months go by and there was no movement with workforce, I started thinking I need to pivot fast! I need to find another job until our hotels rebound.

During our quarantine I kept my mind busy, and was able to accomplish and received my degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management from Florida Atlantic University.

I also took a course in Life Coach. And also received my certificate. I started helping people find other jobs uncovering what they loved to do and use their main passions to pivot to other careers.

Fast forward to March 2021 I said to myself- it’s time.. I need to find a new job. So I went back to writing – what is it that Jenn wants? What drives me? What do I love to do? Find your passion!

I love to sell
I love events
I love connecting with people
I love working with the community
I love helping others

That’s when I realized that is exactly what The Coral Gables Chamber does! What was I thinking? I had declined the perfect job months ago?

As the universe conspires, Mark called me again in March and said to me “Hey Jenn, how are you? Checking in on you and the family”. I then thought what an honor to have a President of a Chamber of Commerce, a true Leader to his community, call and check on others during difficult times in the world. That’s when I knew this is the type of Boss that I want to work for. He said: “My offer still stands Jenn” I smiled, and right away I said yes!

It was the best birthday gift I could’ve received this year – I started working for the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce 3 days before my birthday. My coworkers are wonderful, my boss is an amazing, funny person and a great Leader in the community.
I have helped the Coral Gables Chamber grow within the last few month. Over 150 Companies have joined, re-joined and re-connected since I’ve been here. 

If you don’t know what the Chamber is yet – The Coral Gables of Commerce is here to help small and large businesses grow. We help promote your company to over 50K residences, and over 200K business. We are also the #1 Chamber in South Florida. And I’m just a call away if you’d like to become a member!

I’m humbled and I’m thankful for all the people in my life that believed in me and helped me grow and climbed the ladders of success.

I am grateful. I am Thankful. I am right where I need to be at this moment. And always ready for my next adventure!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?

I love showing off my city! #TheMagicCity

First stop would be Coral Gables, Lunch al fresco on Giralda Plaza, and drinks on Miracle Mile. Dinner at La Trova on Calle 8.

2nd day would be breakfast at either Greenstreet or Peacock Garden in Coconut Grove, Rusty Pelican Key Biscayne for the views. I could even take you to a fancy lunch at a Gas Station! (El Carajo Restaurant located on 27th Avenue and US1). The laughter’s you get are priceless the food is simply amazing! 

Sugar Rooftop in Brickell for the views, Wynwood for a walk of the Arts and we would end the night at Lagniappe listening to jazz in Midtown.

3rd day would be take a boat from Bayside, tour of Millionaires Row, take a tour of South Beach, to Hollywood Beach with lunch on the boardwalk, take the tiki boat for a drink and end the night at Las Olas.

4th day I would escape to Key Largo, Islamorada – have breakfast at Cheeka Lodge waterfront, Lunch at The Mermaid Lorelei, Drinks at Robbies under the money tiki huts. Watch the sunset in Key West.

On the way back to Miami, stop by Shnelby Winery, in homestead, followed by Black Point Marina, and end it with a phenomenal dinner in Kendall at Chef Adrienne’s Restaurant!

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?

I would like to give a shot out to a few people in my life that have been part of my success:

Efforts: My Former Bosses who believed in me and helped me climbed the ladders of Success in the hospitality world: John Hawman, Marty Loner, Martha Cangas, Steve Silverman, Martine Bienaime, Maggie Dominguez, Judith Garcia, Jannete Alix, Curtis Crider, Tami Carrol, Kevin Croke, Steve Keup, Hugo Corrales, Sonia Fong, Wendy Kallergis. 

And a special shot out someone who believed in me and gave me a job doing what I love to do best in the midst of the Pandemic: The President of The Coral Gables Chamber: Mr. Mark Trowbridge

Love: My mother and my dearest father who are still alive at 82, who have always been there every step of the way praying for my continued success. My husband Luis Hurtado, my 3 kids, Elijah, Leah, Lucas. And can’t forget Romeo! My Green Eyed American Bulldog who shows me endless love

Encouragement: My sisters Evelyn & Karen, Angie, Joshua Garcia, Elizabeth Dubon, Christian Jaramillo, Lorna Valdes, Jay de Jesus, Rev. Beyla & Rev. Roland from Letgostress. 

And to all those that I haven’t mentioned here in this article, you know who you are – Thank You for being part of my journey

Favorite Book: The Secret

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jennifer-rosado-07b16946

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