We had the good fortune of connecting with Xuna Le Mystique and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Xuna, how does your business help the community?
Dani Meighan Styles impacts our community and the world by creating Belize Indigenous Healing Art Jewelry and Crystals. Each piece was created to provide some type of positive energy influence into your energy space. Through the vibrant colors, the inspirational emblems and healing crystals that have been prayed and meditated on. Each and every piece is individually infused with positive notions and affirmations in small intentional batches. Creating this line truly saved my life and it continues to do so. While I get to enjoy the healing benefits on a daily, I also, am able to include my community, and the world. Everyone now has access to healing Indigenous pieces to connect you to the energy that God, Universe or Divine intended for you to discover. Dani Meighan Styles was created to allow people to find a connection within, by incorporating healing crystals into the collection. Especially today, I look at the state of the world. We are all in the same boat. Needing something, anything positive to cling to. We are dealing with uncertainty and having to make a lot of adjustments. The state of the world is sick. Weather is it a virus, mental illness, depression, tiredness, fatigue and the only way to find redemption and balance, is, if we reprogram our minds with more positivity and focus. Not just being happy in front of people and saying “I’m ok” when we are, clearly not. But doing the work and incorporating what is needed to treat the root of our problem, is the surest way to find the solution. For me, allowing myself to see the roses or butterflies on my wrist, would remind me, to trust the process. Also, seeing my beloved elephants always reminded me of my inner strength and courage. These colors, emblems and crystals have allowed the communities I serve, the world and me, to have something of our own to hope for and to cling onto. Through the colors that we choose, it is intended to send signals to our brains and spirit to ignite positive energy. For instance yellow, for me, allows me to remember my own light and remembering the power of the sun, And on a daily, that makes a world of difference. I am so thankful for that power.

Alright, so let’s move onto what keeps you busy professionally?
What has kept me busy professionally, are all the detours I had to take along the way. Looking back, although it may have set back, at the time, but it was all for a greater purpose. As soon as I started Dani Meighan Styles, I was thriving, business was booming. Dani Meighan Styles had really taken off, I was very proud of my healing bracelets, earrings, necklaces and crystals and I had made up my brave mind I was no longer able to invest my time nor energy building anyone else’s dream, ever again. It was time to build my own, I was on track to quit my job. It was almost time. Sounds awesome. Right? But then, I died, on November 11, 2016 at 11:11pm, I saw the “white” light and it was majestic. I followed it back and was reincarnated, I am now in my new life. I have never been the same, ever since that day, and I’m over the moon grateful for it, I will never forget it. That is when I woke up from emergency surgery after a severe DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) Blood clot in my right ankle, then two Pulmonary Embolism blood clots in my lungs and pneumonia. I remained in MSICU for 11 days, The surgery was major and abrupt and it left me on bed rest with a needle rod in my body. One down my right groin and one up to my heart to stabilize the blood clots form causing a brain aneurism and or a heart attack. The surgery had me reliant on a walker, not able to speak, walk or do anything on my own and more importantly sit up or create. I know this will sound crazy, but it was the best thing that happened to me. I had to re evaluate and make a lot of necessary adjustments to create something that could keep me alive spiritually and mentally. I needed to get my brain and my spirit on the track. I began creating pieces that could nurture and secure my energies more towards the light. I had to speak to my soul. And I desperately needed to visually see something positive. Seeing something positive allowed me to feel good, to be alive. And these very pieces became monumental in my discovery of finding my very own light. Through my healing creations, I began, my process to heal through crystal therapy. Not just from my traumatic medical episode but also from all the traumatic things that had occurred in my life. Having to address childhood abuse and trauma. The Crystals allowed me to connect to energy that I professionally, creatively and spiritually needed for me to introduce the connection to self and God. I have learned to stay focused. And to keep doing what I’m doing and that the world needs it. I am so thankful that I get to be everyone’s “Healer Dealer.” I get to assist clients with deciding what healing tools are necessary to incorporate into their new spiritual journey. I created Dani Meighan Styles to provide a sign of hope and faithfulness through the light of god as gift to humanity. And professionally, it has kept me in a occupied.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Since moving from Florida, New Orleans has become my new home, “Mah Baybih,” as Ms. Gee “The Chief,” says to me from her front porch. The atmosphere here is very vibrant and free. It feels like you are on a Caribbean Island with the energy of the city just 2 miles away. From The Cajun music, the Creole food and the Creole Indian Energy and Mardi Gras Carnival festivities, Nola makes you feel at home. In Nola, there is so much to do, Especially, in the French Quarters. But, for me, my favorite place in New Orleans, is a little quaint town, called Algiers Point. It is such a little Gem of a place. There are so many nooks and crannies to enjoy the slow pace of life. You can walk, skate, skate board or bike, practically everywhere. I always enjoy getting the “Red Duck” pizza at Trivoli’s and their deelish donut bread with honey yogurt sauce. I also really enjoy the vibe at Congregation Coffee too. The grit bowl, with a side of the most heavenly corn non-corn bread-bread. With real butter and freshly made strawberry Jam. They make those epic art foam in you coffee, that makes you just want to take pictures until the perfectly foamy milk dissolves, but then you just also want to drink it quickly, even, if you know you will burn your tongue. I love my walks along the Mississippi River and I can see Jackson Square clearly from Algiers Point. It is just breathtaking. For me, sitting and watching the sunset under the bridge, with my familiar Sir Thor The Chihuahua, is one of my favorite things to do here. I also really enjoy jumping on the ferry and taking it over to the French Quarters for a whole $2 and a priceless view. I can never take enough pictures, especially during the sunrise. Whenever I need some big city life energy, I will do that. I really appreciate coming back to peace and quiet, the beautiful residents of Algiers are so welcoming and warm. It feels like family over here. This time of year as I walk around Algiers, the air is gently whispered in natural perfumed from the blooming Magnolias trees. Watching one bloom allows you to respect it’s beauty and power. The views are spectacular and natural. Nothing feels forced and that is why Algiers is one of my favorite places to recommend.

The Shoutout series is all about recognizing that our success and where we are in life is at least somewhat thanks to the efforts, support, mentorship, love and encouragement of others. So is there someone that you want to dedicate your shoutout to?
I am really inspired by “The People.” What people? The people who I have met along the way, on this journey, the ones who were curious, just like me. Who wanted to seek and explore on their own, without being guided, brainwashed or convinced of anything other than, what they were actually feeling. This feeling, leads to curiosity in some way. Whether they are part of the crystal healing world or a novice exploring other options on how to find balance. The part that I love, is that, people are fed up of feeling sick, and sick and tired. This curiosity is allowing people to really get well. To get our minds healthy. To, promote positivity within. Especially, so that when and if the world comes crashing down, we are able to brace our selves for impact. I am so inspired by the people who care about why they are still here on this earth and what they need to do to contribute to making the space they occupy more sustainable and balanced. They remind me why I am here. They inspire me to continue to share my light, so that others may recognize the light in themselves too. In this journey, as a Mystical Crystal Witch of the Light, I get to meet the most beautiful souls and spirits in people. I get to be inspired and powered up from paralleled energies. I get inspired by the other warriors, on the front line, trying to survive in a world filled with darkness, greed and lack of morals, I get to see the face of humility in people. I get to witness people who are willing to heal and deal, so that they do not become contagious and spread their bad energy virus. I am the light, and I illuminate the path around me and so do the powerful positive force of The People in the world. And this, this has become my true inspiration, Seeing people heal. Watching humanity turn their curiosities into a new path and new way to health, wealth and happiness.

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