Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Vicki Pugh | Nonprofit executive

The only work I know is social impact. Having served as a fundraising professional and executive manager for several nonprofit organizations in New York and Florida, I consider social impact my life’s work. People ask me all the time why I gravitated to the fundraising profession and have stayed here for more than 30 years. The answer is simple. Every day when I go to work, I can see the impact of my work on people — people who need help, encouragement, and resources to change, and in some cases, save their lives. Read more>>

Christina Saunders | Founder/CEO of NearHero, Chief Product Developer at LifeCell

The forward-facing part of the Gig Economy isn’t accessible to all. I want to change that. There’s so many ways to make extra money but the big tech players focus mainly on ridesharing and delivery when there are so many other ways to make extra money. Not everyone has a car, not everyone is capable of carrying groceries. That’s why we made NearHero. An easy way to find local gigs for all professions and talents. If you have a skill, there’s always someone looking to hire you. The Gig Economy has become the new way to be your own boss and earn extra money, and that shouldn’t be limited to just two professions. Read more>>

Olivia Deane | Independent Midwife

I’ve created a school of midwives in order to improve childbirth experience. I believe that empowering women is key to taking back birth to where it belongs. Birth is not a medical event, it is a physiological act that usually unfolds naturally in the right environment and with the right attendants. There should be enough midwives to assist every woman in her childbearing years. The lack of midwives in some countries are related to the worst outcomes in maternal health. Read more>>

Alberto Pita | Chef

I believe that food brings people together and fosters a happy environment. I cook for the homeless and non profit organizations at no cost to them. I want to give back and pay it forward Read more>>

Lacey Bray | Beekeeper, Educator, Worker Bee

Zodiac Apiaries was created to build community. Though I own and operate a full service apiary (for honey bees), the purpose of the business is to connect people to pollinators through experiences. Just like people, bees have different personality traits. Some are better honey producers, some are more feisty, and some build artistic comb with tunnels, for example. I name my beehives after the different signs of the zodiac to help people understand that though bees have their own strengths and weaknesses (like people) they have to work together for the good of the hive. I think we should celebrate our differences and can learn to love our community even more in doing so. Pollinators are the catalyst for that movement. It is the goal of Zodiac Apiaries. Read more>>

Aymara Lucero | Founder of Concerned Cook

Ten years ago, the foundation of what is now my business started as a way to help others eat healthily. The educational aspect of my brand has been what has brought me here, my intrinsic motivation to teach others how to nourish themselves, reduce food waste, or communicate with their guests always came from a place that had no monetary expectations. Besides supporting non-profits and social causes, I hope to help the community and world by servicing people who align with my beliefs. People who believe in the integrity of ingredients, fair treatment of others, and climate consciousness. By having my business back other businesses that have a greater good in mind is how I plan to make an impact. Read more>>

Guillermo De Novi | Doctor of Physical Therapy

I founded Rehab Lab, a concierge physical therapy practice, to work 1-on-1 with clients and identify the root cause of their physical symptoms. By working individually with my community, as well as hosting mobility and meditation classes, I help them move and feel better as fast as possible. Physical and emotional pain plagues our world more than ever, especially during these challenging times. Read more>>