Success. It’s something we dress for, strive for, work towards. We wish it upon others as well as ourselves, but what is it? What is success?

Britani Lynn | Personal Trainer

Hands down the most important factor and constant has always been God. He has helped guide me, push me and has shown me trust, love and patience that is un matched. Being a personal trainer if you don’t love and trust yourself how will your clients? My clients are the motivation that always keeps me going to want more not only for myself, my family but my business and for them. I feel so blessed and grateful to do what I love everyday. Read more>>

Marina Bargouti | Interior Stylist & Home Decor Influencer

To me, Success is a result of an individual’s hard work, personal goals achievements and the level of satisfaction. It’s impossible to define Success in one sentence. Some people find success in their happiness, some measure it by their wealth, source of income, professional achievements or, if it’s not even enough for them, they want power or fame. Many people look at success as a result of a healthy lifestyle, loved family or well educated kids. Success is also an actual process, for those who enjoys it the most! I’d say – Success – is all of the above and so much more! But most importantly, there must be a great balance between all of the factors. You can have the most loving partner/spouse and kids, but still feel empty and not complete as an individual without having personal growth. Read more>>

Alyssa Gruber | Yoga Instructor

Connection and authenticity. The community that has built up around me & my business is incredible! In my yoga classes I like to make sure people feel comfortable & confident to do as little or as much yoga as they need for their body and to try to only focus on what happens on your own mat, or your little rectangle of happiness as I like to call it. There is no pressure to look or dress a certain way or morph in to a perfect Instagram looking yoga pose that is not safe. I offer options for varying levels and will definitely kick it up a notch when I see people excelling and can be challenged more. Most importantly, after every session I chat with the people who come to the yoga class. I think all of that builds trust and a community. Read more>>

Luna Medina-Wolf | Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Group Private Practice Owner

The most important factor behind our success is the team work between my husband an I. Together, we divide the work between the administrative side, his strength; and my strength of clinical skills and networking. When we built our group we wanted to reach as many people in the community and have available mental services for all. We complement and support each other by trusting one another to make the best choices for the business. Read more>>

Marc Anthony Cazanas | Health & Fitness Specialist

If I had to choose one factor that has had the biggest impact on my success I would have to say it’s my unrelenting passion to better others, not only in health & fitness but in life in general. Committing to change and creating a healthier lifestyle takes discipline and commitment. These changes become solid habits which translate over to real-life, the way one handles life’s challenges, their daily mindset towards personal goals and their confidence to take on new tasks. Which in turn translates into a better quality of life for anyone I impact. I’m huge believer in energy feeding energy. Read more>>

Giselle Martinez | Chief Baker & Owner of Vegan Schmegan Bakery

The most important factor behind Vegan Schmegan Bakery, or any restaurant/bakery business’ success, is its customers. Our customers have been extremely supportive of us since before the pandemic; but now with the increasing collective anxiety about our future, when we would think that the support would wax and wane, it has increased ten fold. We are incredibly indebted to our customer base, and we thank them every time we get the chance to because they’re not just helping a 27-year-old female entrepreneur, they’re also helping my team and their families. Read more>>

Emily Taffel | Founder of Mugsy, a PR and Marketing Consultation and Management Firm

The success of Mugsy is based entirely on the authenticity of the people who work here. There is no pomp and circumstance or corporate stereotypes at our firm. We are REAL. Our clients really get to know US and we truly get to know them and their business, allowing us to consult on a deeper level about what we know will lead to the results they want. Add to that the incomparable work ethic and expertise of our team and we reach consistent success for Mugsy and our clients. Read more>>

Rikki Rincon | Digital Strategist/Vice President of BellaGeneration Hair System

The most important factor in my success has been an over-the-top commitment to self. I never stop pushing myself to not just succeed but to perfect each task before me. I personally feel obligated to raise my bar of expectations before expecting it from others. This form of drive and commitment has worked for me throughout my career. A super high attention to detail and follow through with clients has also been a major factor to my success. The success of our brand, BellaGeneration Hair System has been driven by our CEO|Founder, Miriam Marsh Sifuentes, a relentless businesswoman and visionary to have developed a 4 level vegan original formula providing a level for all hair textures. Driven by perfecting the formula, all similar strategies have been applied towards ensuring our brand is inclusive and appeals to the masses and not just one segment of the marketplace. Read more>>