We asked some brilliant folks from the community to talk to us about how they think about risk and the role risk has played in their lives and careers.

Deborah Magdalena | Community Ambassador – Performing Artists – Cultural Curator

As early as I can remember my passion has always outweighed any fear of risk taking. I traveled to Paris, not knowing how to speak French to finish out my college senior seminar. I left NYC at the peak of my acting career to move to Miami so I could be closer to my family. Surprisingly I somehow managed to still have a thriving acting career. I moved to LA by myself, I chartered into the world of spoken word without ever being truly exposed to it. I proclaimed to be a producer before I even knew all that it entails to be thorough and empathetic one. Whatever I wanted to do or try I simply just did. That is a trait I totally credit for making me the artist, mentor and director that I am today. Yet this little thing called COVIOD 19 has changed that. Read more>>

Kayci Johnson | Fashion Entrepreneur

I am firm believer in taking risk because I never wanted to be a “what if” person. Risk taking takes a lot trust and faith in the unknown and that can be very terrifying. Majority of people would rather live in their comfort zone and I too was one of those people until I decided to take a leap of faith. At the age of 19, I dropped out of college to run my fashion boutique full-time. Some of my family thought I was crazy for making such a bold decision, but I learned that risk taking is the foundation of being an entrepreneur. The choice that I made to become a full-time entrepreneur was a huge risk, but it is the best risk I have ever taken. Betting on yourself shows an immense amount of faith and trust in yourself and your vision. Entrepreneurship opened me up to taking more risk in my personal life as well. Read more>>

Keristan Ebeniro | Owner and creator of The Side Chick Boxx

I have always been someone who loves to explore the possibilities. Life is a risk. Nothing is guaranteed or certain. So why not try? So in my career, I am always excited to roll the dice. Read more>>

Patricia Posner | Journalist and Author

Risk is an essential ingredient in my recipe for success and for enjoying life. When I moved to New York from London, for instance, I did not know anyone in the U.S. and did not have a job lined up. Someone else might not have made that move because they feared not finding work or worried about the difficulty of making a new life in a strange country. I did find work, first in freelance modeling, and then in the fashion industry within a few months. Also, I met creative and wonderful people in those early days of settling into Manhattan, and a handful of them have become my very closest friends through the years. It is not just risk in terms of personal decisions, but also I think it is important to occasionally shake up your work life. Pursuing new ventures and getting out of your comfort zone is often risky. Read more>>