To pivot or to persevere? Or more bluntly – to give up or to not to give up? This is a haunting question, a question that has ramifications far after an answer has been chosen and it’s also a question that almost everyone in our community has had to face at one time or another. How do you know when to give up and when to keep trying?

Amanda Poznyakov | CEO, Entrepreneur, & Dreamer

At one point, it may be super easy to just give up. Life gets hard, situations and circumstances get hard, and we think the best way to get over it is to just let go of our dreams. I take every day with a grain of salt and always look at the bigger picture. I know what I want my life to be, the impact I want to leave on the world. I visualize it every day and that helps me move forward. The people that tell me I have impacted their life, that helps me move forward. At one point you just need to be specific about your dreams…never give up on them. Read more>>

Andrea Alessandrini | Content Creator/ Social Media Coordinator/ Freelance Photographer

Life is crazy, uncertain, and unexpected, but one thing I am sure of is to never give up. The most important piece of advice I have gotten is to never look back. I believe that moving forward is the key to success. Moving forward leads to better outcomes, better understandings, and more knowledge. Learning from your past is important and it is what will make you a better person. Giving up is not something that I have planned for myself. If things do not work out in my favor, I work harder or I figure it out. The struggles in my life have only made me become more independent and this is something I am extremely thankful for. Read more>>

Jade Mitchell | Non-Profit Founder | Graphic Designer | Photographer

Thee Vineyard Inc was created on the analogy of an actual vineyard and the act of paying it forward by operating in the fullness of your purpose. It is also derived from the scripture Matthew 20: 1-16, where it states that no matter the time of the day one starts working in the vineyard, he will receive equal pay as someone who has been there all day. Essentially emphasizing that the main focus is not when someone starts but their decision and act to start. It’s never too late to become whole and operate in your purpose. Each person has their own unique section of the vineyard. We believe their section is determined by their purpose in life. Our goal is to use our sections to help fill voids, nurture and encourage others into a space of wholeness so that they can, in return, operate in and use their purpose to do the same for others. Cohesively creating an endless grapevine of assistance, care, hope and love. Read more>>

NIURKA CASTANEDA | Founder AMOR umbrella

I grew up in Cuba. My family were a mix of entrepreneurs, soldiers and artists. My great grandfather was a “Mambí”, a rebel soldier that fought for the Cuban Independence against the Spaniards. My grandfather was a poet, that had a way with words. My parents were Cuban entrepreneurs in a system that it was not okay to be one. They all were very resourceful and very strong role models and why I believe I always have been driven, enterprising, creative and artistic. A little over a year after arriving to the US, I decided to serve my new home and joined the Army, in order to serve this great country. I wanted to do my part, give back and make a difference. It was one of the most rewarding and challenging decisions I have ever made. An experience like not other I ever had. The military taught me many new skills, like resilience, determination, and goal setting that serve me well even today. Combining my life experiences as a Mom, a writer and an enthusiastic traveler, and my Supply Chain management knowledge of more than 25+ years of technical expertise, my military skills, education, and experience. It was only natural to transition from the military to become a Multi-potential Entrepreneur. Read more>>

Matita Baquero | Founder of Matita’s Kitchen

Before starting Matita’s Kitchen in summer 2020, I had already been selling sweets locally in Weston but as a hobby. When the pandemic started, that hobby came to an abrupt stop, and all the free time at home led me to start selling the chicken pâté. For years, I always took my pâté as a gift for friend gathering and birthday parties and I always received the same comment “why don’t you sell this?! This is delicious. I guess the idea came from all the years of positive feedback and the free time at home. Read more>>

Amber Romero | CEO of A Creative Co.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I have more failed “businesses” than successful ones. Ever since I can remember, even as a child, I was figuring out ways to make money. I was the kid with a lemonade stand on the weekends, selling toys at garage sales, or figuring out how to do more chores than my siblings to get extra chore money. In middle school, I would always be the one to win the contest for fundraising because I sold the most chocolate bars. In high school and college, I literally tried my hand at every business… jewelry making, selling advertisements, working in an MLM (I don’t recommend this one), and even a photography business. So I have seen my fair share of “giving up” to reach for something better. Read more>>

Silianise (Cece) Moise | Owner of Refinedbysm/CEO of Beauty Without Borders, Inc.

I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs, so I’ve learned at an early age that giving was not necessarily a choice until you have everything to ensure that yourt bussiness succeed. There’s is abolutely nothing wrong with investing in dfifferent passions or dreams. Your vision or plan can change or maybe you are not as passionate as you used to be about this specific goal. I know society often tells us that giving us is a sign of weakness, but in this instance if you feel that deep down this is the right decision for you, just do it. Don’t give up because business is slow for a season. every opportunity is a chance to learn. No experience is ever wasted, so don’t feel bad if you want to throw in the towel, but make sure before you throw in the towel that this is what you really want to do. Read more>>