Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Symon Plante | Singer / Songwriter , Recording Artist

When It comes to risks, I think its most definitely vital in your journey of making your dreams a reality. They’re signs to show how bad you want something, also I feel it helps to shape you as an individual. I was always told that ” If you’re not uncomfortable, or scared in your journey, then are you progressing? Are you making it?” Risk taking in my own career has definitely been important in shaping who I am and what I stand for as an Artist. Being a Musician apart of the LGBTQ community. I always was afraid of expressing that side of myself (my sexuality) in my music/art. Even though I knew it was what would help me achieve complete creative freedom in my craft; I was still afraid of the risk of people not approving, better yet writing off my music entirely and not even giving it a chance. However, taking that risk of expressing all aspects of myself in my art has for sure helped me find more of who I am as an artist, and breathed a whole new life into my creativity. It was a risk that was most certainly necessary to take. Read more>>

Vanessa Molina Santamaria | Content Marketing Strategist + Creative Business Owner

Risk-taking is essential for growth. Sometimes, it can be easy to stay within our comfort zones, but I’m of the opinion that you must step outside of your comfort zone and do something scary every now and then to ensure growth and continued learning. That’s exactly how I felt when I made the decision to leave my executive position in the corporate world and launch my own business. And I’ve had to continue taking risks in order to grow my company and serve my clients well. My mom was a smart businesswoman and she instilled in me the drive and passion to succeed. When I was little, she’d always tell me not to say, “I can’t,” because I had to believe that I could do it — no matter what it was. Over the years, I’ve really come to appreciate her words of wisdom and they have carried me through some tough times. Nowadays, when I encounter a new challenge or self-doubt creeps up, I think of my mom and I tell myself, “I can do this!” I only wish she was still around to cheer me on. Read more>>

Victor Feria | Hospitality Expert | Property Manager | Luxury Service Professional

We’ve all been at crossroads between opportunities that have life altering possibilities along with huge risks. This time can be stressful, exciting and full of emotions all at the same time. Mine came with all of the above, and more. The challenge is determining what is the upside and downside of your risk. In my instance, I took a big risk when my back was against the wall, which I’ve understood is when my biggest ideas and plans arise. Previously, I held a position where I was comfortable and had zero risks, but the company was experiencing a turnover in ownership and changes where I did not see a personal opportunity for growth. This was my time! I was faced with the risk of starting something fresh, new, and go through the struggle of starting a new company which was a lifelong dream for me or remain in my comfort zone. Read more>>

COURTNEY MORGAN | World Changing Badass Creative

Calculated risk can be the difference between sailing high on the seas of freedom and clinging for your life in the midst of a perfect storm. It is the differentiate of the wildly successful, not in monetary measure but more in the true value of ones life’s accomplishments. As I trace back the path I have walked thus far in my thirty-four years on this earth I can truly attribute some of my most prolific and devastating moments to calculated risk….. and in times, the lack thereof. Being able to discern when the “juice was worth the squeeze” so to speak was not always a great talent of mine. Though I will say with ease that I have never been fearful of the unknown, even as a child. That lack of inhabitation and fear has made risk taking almost second nature for me in this lifetime. When I was young, I never really followed the crowds, I was always way more interested in what lay beyond the beaten path, I wanted to create my own path and leave a trail behind me for others to follow. Read more>>

Sophie Teixeira de Abreu | Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Had I had to answer this question ten years ago, I think I would have said: “I grew up in a safe family environment, where we take little risks, don’t like change too much, and simply work hard to get to where we want to be”. At that time I had a definite “risk averse” personality. I was mostly thinking small, thinking safe. Throughout my first career in cosmetics in London, in my twenties, I was always working hard and delivering, but in hindsight rarely taking any risk or confronting myself to situations I wouldn’t know how to handle. And I married just my opposite in that respect. A man who is constantly setting himself up for new, crazy challenges. 800 skydive jumps (I only jumped once from a plane with him, in tandem, the day after our wedding). Invited to the world championships of triathlon after just 18 months participating in triathlons. Read more>>

Stephanie Pina | Artist & Candlemaker

I believe running your own business or exploring any new venture, you have to come face-to-face with doubts and fears and decide what is worth the risk. The times I’ve been confronted with new opportunities, I’ve had to factor in and weigh the potential benefits and the possibility of failure, and how those failures would help me grow. Despite the chaos of 2020, I decided to take the leap and leave behind a secure office job to pursue The Fussy Goose full-time. Some days are harder than others, but I wouldn’t take back any choices I’ve made, because every risk I’ve taken has made me a stronger and more resilient person. My experiences alone have made this entire journey worth every bump along the way, and finding my place in this community to meet new and wonderful people could never be replaced. If I could give advice to future business owners or anyone looking to make the leap, you got this, you’re more than capable, and even your worst case scenario can be handled if it comes down to it. With research, hard work, planning, support and taking some risks, you can find what brings you fulfillment and joy, even during difficult times. Read more>>

Aroon Duncanson | Social Media Manager

I think having your own business is all about taking risks. Every day you take a risk and it’s something you have to get used to. It’s easy to get into the 9-5 mindset with a steady pay every week, but when you have your own business you have to continue to improve and expand, and each month your pay could differ from the next. So it’s always a risk, but it’s totally worth it. When I fully transitioned from my office job, to my own social media marketing company, Plastics Media, it was a scary risk, but I knew I was passionate about my business and I trusted that it would all work out from there. Read more>>

Quay Childress | National & International Award-winning Strategic Marketer

Mark Zuckerberg once said “The biggest risk is not taking any risk… In a world that is changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks”. Risk are a huge factor to success. However, I would extend that with saying, a “calculated risk”. For me, taking calculated risks has been such a driving factor in my life and career. I am personally very calculated, which has served me well. Though, I have learned that the ultimate equation is to add a “calculated risk”, with a sprinkle of “I have done all that I can do, now I am just going to go for it!”, aka, optimism. Throughout my entire live, I have come up with these ideas, wants and goals. For example, something that I would love to do to with my husband is open up a restaurant! Opening up a restaurant is a risk all in itself. The statistics aren’t pretty. Sixty percent of restaurants don’t make it past their first year and 80 percent go out of business within five years. Read more>>

Josh Acoff | Disc jockey, Artist, Actor, Record Executive, Media Personality and Entrepreneur

In my opinion, risk-taking is very important when it comes to being an entrepreneur really life in general. It is hard to grow while you’re inside your comfort zone because of this you must take risks in life in order to grow. Taking risk has played a very important role in my life and career, I have always gambled and bet on myself which has lead to the success ive had so far. Read more>>

Arabella Giancola | Writer & Home Baker

I believe that from the moment we are born, we are introduced to some of life’s many risks. One of the biggest risks that we take is the risk to live. I always thought that I was not a person to take chances but that I was a creature of habit, but looking back I find that I have been a woman who has taken risks that have come with successes and mistakes. This may be due to the way I decide to face my day to day, to do things with passion and we already know, where there is passion there are always risks. In my life, taking risks has been critical in all aspects of it. Ara Artisan Sweets is a result of risk-taking. After having to close my business of more than 10 years due to the pandemic, I found myself in the need not to think about it and thus avoid depression. It is at that moment that Ara Artisan Sweets was born and this new adventure began. Read more>>

Shantelia Selina | Artist | Dancer & Choreographer

Risk taking is a huge of my life decisions and career because if you don’t try you will never know. If you fail it doesn’t mean it’s over it just means you find an alternative route and that can be scary because it’s so unknown to us, however I believe in order to grow you can’t stay in places your familiar with otherwise you’ll block and limit your best ability. Risk is associated with fear but this is something we create in our minds with all these scenarios of why could go wrong. Why not think about all the things that can go right even if it’s scary you have to believe it’ll work out for you. Read more>>

Juan Jose Vargas | Artist

When it comes to my career, risks have been something I’ve always taken. You see when I decided to be an artist, I always had these subconscious thoughts that filled me with fear and regret. I was risking having a stable income, social life, and sanity as so much of my time would be spent alone with just my own thoughts, and emotions. So, even though that style of life can be considered unhealthy or even depressing, it was the risk I had to take to be able to actually do what I have always loved to do and it’s because of that, that I can say I’m happy. Success doesn’t come without its risks and sacrifices, but it’s the ones that are able to persevere through it all that can truly say they succeeded. Read more>>

Alex Pender & Gaby Ortega Girls Gone Boss | Podcast

Risks are essential and are part of growth in both life and career. Sometimes taking yourself out of your comfort zone may be a little scary at first but it can be a tool you can use to empower yourself and expand your knowledge and experience. There have always been many blessings attached to the risks we have taken in our careers and we are so grateful for them. Read more>>

LEEBETSY CHARON | Craft Accountant

Risks are important when it comes to your life/career because it forces you to step out of your comfort zone. This was a huge role when it came to deciding to become a full on entrepreneur and open up my business. I always had the comfort of a steady paycheck being employed and the thought of not possessing that was risky, especially since I’m a mother of 6 children. Having mouths to feed and providing a roof over their heads is priority. I took that leap, took that risk and it was the best decision I ever made to date. Was it easy, no . . Did it happen overnight, no. I worked extremely hard, balanced a full-time job, my business and motherhood to get to where I had built my business to the point that I felt ready to move forward full on with it and quit my job. I’ve been able to grow it more and more ever since, 3 years so far. I couldn’t have done it without taking a risk. Read more>>

Eli Acevedo | Pastry Chef/Co-Owner

On July 1st, 2019 my husband and I moved from Coral Springs to a tiny town in the middle of nowhere Florida and signed on the dotted line to become restaurant owners. We thought that was the biggest risk we would ever take, Then on March 17th, 2020, we found out through an article online that all Florida restaurants and bars had been shutdown. And just like that our world was flipped on its head. We had to let go of our wonderful staff which had become like our second family. We had two options, we could do to go orders and/or family to go meals or follow suit with neighboring restaurants and shut down for two weeks. We decided to take the risk and remain open, even adding a seventh day in order to make any, if at all, extra income. Our daily sales were dismal, a few times the phone barely rung and we were exhausted. But we never stopped. Never stopped paying our bills or rent, never stopped working and most importantly never gave up hope. Read more>>

Abby Jerome | Ceo Of Ceotribe

For me, when it comes down to taking risks I always say to just do it! I rather know that I at least pushed myself towards a goal I wanted oppose to never moving at all. Taking risks throughout my life/career has gave me a different type of confidence and trust within myself and God to just go after any and everything I put my mind to. If you believe it, envision it and work for it; there is nothing that can stop you. Read more>>

Al’Laiya Proff | Founder, Editor-in-Chief of Da Crb Digital

The thing about taking risks is that even if it doesn’t work out in your favor, there’s a sense of fulfillment in knowing you tried. I’ve always been the type of person who played it safe– I always followed the rules, I always did what I was told, I wasn’t really the person to make waves. Now that I’m a little older, wiser, and experienced, I see how important it is to make those waves. Taking risks is what life is about. I took a risk when I decided to create my brand, and its paid off since. Every time I send an email, or pitch an idea, I’m taking a risk. My work doesn’t exist without that. There are some days that are better than others, but that just comes with it. It was necessary to bet on myself to help me figure out what I truly wanted out of life, and I’ve been taking risks ever since. Read more>>

Tinevimbo Chimwaza | Entrepreneur & Financial Services Professional

I view risk-taking as a calculated effort toward a goal. Risk can be rewarding, it can be hedged, or it can be detrimental. I have been in banking for over a decade and my career was all about taking risks and hoping for the best. I left someone else’s dream job to pursue entrepreneurship and started my company, Bantu Coils. In regards to my business, I made the decision to build the company debt free so I’ve had to make some tough decisions along the way. This meant having to forego certain things and taking on additional roles/responsibilities that could otherwise have been outsourced. I feel as though in your life journey you chart your own path and it is best not to compare your journey to other people’s life journey. Risk has taught me to “chew the meat and leave the bones” but never allow indecisiveness to stop you from reaching your potential or goals. Read more>>

Odadson Joseph | Artist & Company Owner

Risk taking is something that I wake to every single day. Certain times it came in the form of not knowing where my next check would come from but still invested what I had into my craft and into my business. My thoughts on risk taking has always been that it’s what separates the ones who become great and rise above from those who settle. Read more>>