We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Britinii Bouie | Entrepreneur & Business Consultant

Most people start boutiques thinking it’s easy. They think we just get a model, put on the clothing and make the sale. Which is not the case lol. You have to have a plan, you have be strategic. Read more>>

Nora Villalobos | Social media content creator

I think a lot of people don’t realize how much time social media actually takes, and I’m totally not complaining! It’s fun, but sometimes it does feel overwhelming when there’s stuff that has to be done and it has a timeline. Other then that it’s super fun I enjoy, but it is super time consuming, and I feel like if I had a full time or even part time job aside from my social media jobs I would not be able to do everything that I do. Read more>>

Sofia Karam | Actress, Content Creator, Influencer and Model

I would say that one thing that outsiders are probably unaware of is that there’s a lot of “competition.” Its not exactly easy working in the entertainment industry because everyone wants the same thing. You need to work hard, and be dedicated. You need to show up for castings, be yourself, stand out, and continue working. I love being in front of the camera, but I also love the behind the scenes! Which is why I decided to get my Bachelors degree in Broadcast and Emerging Media. It allows me to know everything about being in front of the camera and behind a camera. I’ve been told plenty of times to quit. But, I had to remind myself that I can do anything I set my mind to. You can be anything you want to be. As long as you believe in yourself and work hard. Read more>>

Bad Habits Tattoos | Tattoo Parlour

For many years throughout history, our industry has been discriminated and carries a negative stigma. Corporations still look at the tattoo industry based on what it was in the 60’s. Then, the industry which had been mainly reserved for men, known for its criminal, prostitutes, and gangs. Tattoo culture began to shift by expanding to new clients in the 90’s and slowly became more of a commonplace. Female tattoo artists started to make their impact and tattoos shifted to become more modernized for it’s time. Celebrities made a huge impact on the industry which made tattoo shops a more popular place to be. This is when the tattoo culture became more “acceptable.” Fast-forward to today, tattoo artists are more artistic, developing and specializing in different styles, more professional, and changing the industry all together. Read more>>