We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Gargi Ghugare & Caitlyn Bloch | Co-Founders, Studio

Right from Studio’s inception, sustainability has remained the heartbeat of our brand. Our collective experience working in the fashion industry exposed us to the harmful effects it has on the environment. In an effort to avoid contributing to the damage, we’ve embraced the practice of slow fashion and every Daysuit is made with eco-friendly Lenzing Ecovero fibres. Read more>>

Dr. Ilene Cohen | Licensed Family Therapist & Author

I hope that by counseling people, I can help them grow more into themselves. Maturing can allow people to live more from their values than on autopilot. I believe we create a better community and world by taking a closer look at ourselves and asking ourselves if we are genuinely living based on our principles or automatically reacting to the world around us. Read more>>

Jaylee Zeno | Licensed Esthetician | Certified Body Sculpting Tech

My business was created with others and their needs in mind. I wanted to help build confidence in people because it’s something that can make or break you. People who exude confidence tend to be recognized more. I know that shouldn’t matter but this is the world we live in and we cannot turn a blind eye to how vicious it can be. With that said, my business was created to help people with issues and concerns they may have. I started the skincare and cosmetics line to help those who want to enhance their natural beauty and didn’t know how. Read more>>

John Buckley | CAŌBA Program Director/ Founder & Unity Coalition I Coalicion Unida Vice President

CAOBA helps our community as well as the world by diminishing the stigma around same gender loving men of color. An empowerment, leadership building and social incubator program with inspiring speakers, themes, creating safe spaces where we can be authentically & organically educated & encouraged. CAŌBA strives to build Camaraderie, Trust, Pride, Social Ties, Friends, Family & Tomorrow’s Leaders, TODAY. Read more>>