Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Dr. Becky Rucker | Owner of Physio Movement & Performance, Physical Therapist, & Pilates Instructor

I never thought I had what it took to run a business. I was a physical therapist who loved her healing profession of working directly 1-on-1 with clients. I definitely had not gotten into the PT profession to run a business. The thought of owning a PT business actually terrified me. Marketing, sales, budgeting, projections, growth strategies – I had no experience or knowledge in business and it seemed like another world. Read more>>

Lizbeth Herrera | Artist Manager & Event Curator

I was tired of adding so much value to someone else’s dream/company with very little appreciation. I know my worth and what I am capable of accomplishing so I decided to apply all of that energy to myself and my dreams instead. I want to be the type of business owner that employees remember for the rest of their lives. I love helping people in general and my goal is to enrich the lives of others through my company’s vision and accomplishments. Read more>>

Sarah Wragge | Holistic Nutritionist + Wellness Coach

I spent most of my youth in and out of doctor’s offices with chronic digestive and health issues. It wasn’t until my late 20’s that a holistic nutritionist made the connection between the foods I was eating and my symptoms. By simply changing my diet, the health issues I had battled my whole life disappeared. This is the inspiration for Sarah Wragge Wellness. Read more>>

Mike Diamond | HOUSE agency co-founder & DJ

When it come to HOUSE, the agency I’m a cofounder of, we basically wanted to step into our own creative space and create opportunity. We both had worked for agencies for a few years, plus a lot of freelancing outside of that, and it was time for growth. We wanted to learn the in’s and out’s of being business owners and also provide opportunities to creatives we saw were being overlooked by the industry. Read more>>

Yaya O. | Maternity, Newborn, Family & Personal Branding Photographer

I have the spirit of an entrepreneur. My entire family consists of business owners which has given me the courage to pursue something that I have always been passionate about. My husband and I want to start a family in the next couple of years, and I have always said that I wanted to stay home and raise my babies. Having my own business allows for flexible scheduling and gives me the opportunity to chase my dream. We get one chance at life, and I don’t ever want to look back on it with regrets. Entering the last year of my 20’s means it is time to get serious and just go for it. Read more>>

Kristina Saltzman | Founder

The four of us started Soléi Sea because we saw a void in the flip-flop and causal sandal market—none were both comfortable and chic. Living in South Florida, we had tried so many pairs and never found ones that could easily be worn all day, from beach to dinner and everywhere in between. Developing our own line came out of a casual conversation two of us had in the car about how uncomfortable flip-flops are. It came to us quickly—that we should do this ourselves, bring something to the market that didn’t already exist, a new take on an old classic. And who better to build a business with than your best friends?! Read more>>

Eriel Stirrup | Owner, The Earring Effect

I’ve always been adamant about multiple streams of income, but it’s equally important for me to spend my time doing things that bloom my passions. Over the years, I really focused on things that I enjoyed and collecting statement earrings has consistently interested me. It started with my grandmother’s collection of earrings. Even as a small girl I would go through her jewelry and try on her earrings. As soon as I was old enough to, I started searching thrift stores and boutiques for my own. After her passing, I inherited her entire collection. It’s still one of my most cherished possessions. Read more>>

Adriana Machado | Founder at Briyah Institute

Having worked in governments and very innovative companies such as Intel and General Electric, I learned very early in my career that innovation matters. So even before defining the business model, I knew it would be related to innovation connected to a higher purpose. Since I had also learned as an executive to look for and apply best practices, I came up with the three pillars for creating the Briyah Institute: innovation, practice and purpose. Read more>>

Milda Aleknaite | Mixed Media Artist

Art has always been part of my life. I went to art school as a child, and then in college I studied art for my bachelors degree. When I moved to the states it felt natural to follow the same path and keep my own identity by continuing to create. I have worked in different industries but always have had a hand in the art world and have been selling my work for over a decade. It’s not that I wanted to start a business, but people became fond of my work so it was a natural transition into the business side of art sales. Enhancing people’s spaces with my mixed media pieces is my favorite part. Read more>>

Lissette Sevilla | Owner & Manager

When I immigrated from Nicaragua, I cleaned offices for my first job while going to school. I always told myself that I would save money to start my own business. I would visit the flea market and do my own research on what sold the most. I realized that men’s, women’s, and children’s underwear was a good place to start because it is always in demand. So I decided to open my own booth and open my business with selling under garments at the flea market. Soon, I was able to open my own retail store and expand my inventory to not only underwear but body shapers, socks, swimwear, etc. Body shapers became the most profitable and main focus of my business. I made many connections from my manufacturers and was able to design my own shapers under my own brand. Read more>>

Suzanne1 Kludt | Founder of Glass Cardinal – A USDA Certified Organic CBD Company

That’s actually an easy question to answer! My family had experienced unexpected and tremendous loss over a period of a few years (not to mention the COVID-19 pandemic that we all faced) and myself and my two daughters found our physical and mental well-being completely out of balance. We’d heard about CBD products for health and wellness and believed in marrying Eastern and Western medicine together, so the hunt was on for which products to try. WOW, there were so many! With hundreds of variations, ingredients, and claims – it was mind-boggling. Read more>>

Holly Walker | Writer & College Student

Well, when I started my business, it was during the pandemic. I had a bunch of free time, and a typewriter handy, so I brainstormed ways I could use it. I’m studying creative writing at my university and thought it would be such a good idea to create a business around my passion for writing. So, I decided to sell poetry and try to get my writing out there. I started on Twitter, and it went up from there. I really wanted people from all over the world to connect with my work, and because of social media, there was a bunch of people that did! Read more>>

Juan Navarro | Artist/Writer and Owner of the Goblins Heist

It’s the classic argument that happens in one’s head, where you think, “Am I going to live for just a paycheck?” No, so I haven’t really for seven years, and even before that left ludicrous Advertisement and Design jobs because I didn’t want to be in an office, or an office environment. I was very depressed while making perfect money. So then I knew it wasn’t about the money but how I was spending my time. The money you make, but time? Nobody makes that. Read more>>

Jaclyn Milford | Brand Strategist & Founder

I started Women of Wall Street because I wanted to make a difference. Women of Wall Street has at its core always been a movement. The brand was created to defy stereotypes, challenge norms and create space for individuality in replacement of uniformity that executive culture had required of women for so long. Times are changing, and it takes brands like ours and so many others to continue to push the narrative and build strong alliances between powerful women, while understanding the basic needs for community. Read more>>

Dr. Maritsa Yzaguirre-Kelley, LMHC | Wellness enthusiast, Life Coaching, and NLP Trainer

In my adult career I have only had one job. I don’t want to say that it was a terrible job, but it definitely was a terrible experience for me. I did not feel appreciated either by my employment by the way I was treated or in the way I was financially compensated. It was in those moments of working over time, pushing my brain and body to the limit, with little to no return that I decided working as a full time employee was not for me. I made the decision that I could have a bigger impact, more time, and make more money on my own. Read more>>

Emina Gavric | Wedding photographer

We were always very creative and loved taking photos of each other, my husband’s mom is a professional photographer and he grew up in her studio so photography for him was as natural as breathing. After we got our son we decided to start investing into making that something we can both do full time. I worked a 9-5 in IT and decided not to quit that job until we both make double my salary in a month which actually happened quicker than we expected. The goal was to have more freedom and time with our son. Being able to take him with us to some of the destination weddings we do and show him the world is a dream come true for us. Read more>>

Frances DeLaune | Owner and Designer of FaerieThings

The best way i know how to teach is by example. I wanted to tell my son that he could do anything he wanted when he grew up just like any other parent. And the only way i knew how to show him this was true to was to achieve my own goals. Teach him anything can be possible with hard work. Read more>>

Astrid Rodriguez | CEO & Owner of Divine Taxes USA

Divine Taxes USA was birthed from the dream to democratize the Tax Preparation Services industry. Services that are usually expensive, overpriced, and follow unethical practices. Divine Taxes USA aims to educate taxpayers on accurate tax planning and filing. We believe that an educated community builds leaders that can guide our upcoming generations. When DT was created, it was clear to us what our mission was. Our core values of transparency and ethical services shaped our views and established our business roots. Read more>>

Carmen Castillo-Barrett | Executive Director & Science Educator

I’ve always wanted to be a science educator, which sounds simple enough, but my style of teaching and learning doesn’t always necessarily fit into the traditional classroom. My style of science is often messy. Sometimes (a lot of times) it’s loud with excitement, or quite with careful concentration. After many years in the traditional classroom, I took a step back to explore what it is I really wanted to do. The answer was quite simple. I wanted to offer a more engaging way to connect with science. Read more>>

Jazelle Pierre | CEO of JazySocks

My thought process behind starting my business is all about comfort. With all that’s been going going on in the world, when I started my business I took into consideration the fact that we don’t take the time for comfort and relaxation often enough, we were forced into with the pandemic hitting because of being quarantined. I realized how much comfort, relaxation, self-love and self care is needed at this time. Read more>>

Marissa Stephens | Sensual Intuitive Mentor| Healer, Psychic Medium, Astrologer, Dancer, Artist & Beauty Therapist

Freedom; just freedom to do my own thing where it makes me feel happy & those around me. I feel everyone can tap into what they love to do for themselves, it’s just finding what makes them feel good within themselves, play and have fun with it; so for example let’s say you are someone who loves to create art, that in itself is your own abundance you are tapping into, your own freedom to do what you love, create & make money. Freedom is an inside job; creating my own Freedom can not only make difference in my life but it can also make a difference with the people I know around me. Read more>>

Odalys Hernandez | Interior Designer

I’ve had my own company most of my career. This time around with House Of Odalys it was a bit of a sink or swim situation but I set myself up for success. I chose not to see it any other way. Six years latter I proved myself right. Read more>>