Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Kayla Taylor | Beauty Care

My thought process was simple I was dealing with eczema and other breakouts dealing with my skin. I was constantly looking for products to make my skin appearance smoother and blemish. So I decided to make my own product from scratch in my mother’s kitchen. After a few days of using my creation and the immediate change to my skin, I had epiphany and wondered how many others are stuffing from skin conditions and needed my magical potion. Read more>>

Vanessa Bauer | Owner of Rukus Cycling Studios Coral Gables

After a long career as a director, choreographer and professional dancer, I immersed myself in fitness. I found the fitness community, especially in Miami, to be supportive and encouraging and really a big family. Having a love for cycling, opening a cycling studio just felt right. Read more>>

Alan Phillip | Photographer and Business Coach

Starting a business has so many pros and cons! More pros than cons, and that’s why I decided to start my entrepreneurship journey! When starting, nothing makes sense and everything may seem overwhelming. Clarity, finding out your true purpose in business and life will help you keep going. Many quit, but I can tell you that after being in business for 9 years, it is worth it. I started my journey, because I wanted to have freedom, make my own schedule, determine my days off, have financial freedom, and much more. Believing in yourself and your abilities is the number one step! Deciding and taking action is number two. Not everything will go the way you want it to go, but there is beauty in failure, and there is beauty in asking for help. Don’t be afraid to ask a mentor how they do things, or even take a workshop in your field to get ahead quicker. Set high goals, set a budget, figure out your expenses, and be consistent with showing up for your business. Read more>>

Andi Albin | Owner/President of REMIX PR, Award-Winning Publicist

Going as far back as high school, I’ve always had an interest in owning something of my own. I tried a gift basket business during my school years, and in college, I started a babysitting circle that did really well for me until I shifted into marketing. I’ve had other businesses that have failed, and ultimately I landed a killer corporate gig with Live Nation that was fun, but it wasn’t my passion. When you work in the corporate world, even in the entertainment industry, it’s easy to have your ideas and creativity stifled due to policies and just operational procedures. I knew I could do better on my own and offer services that were needed in the entertainment industry and by entrepreneurs looking to add ‘flare’ to the digital space. It took some time and a lot of personal and professional development, but I’ve never been happier having the freedom and the ability to ‘do my own thing.’ I wanted to redeem my past failures and do something I could truly be proud of- and REMIX PR is just that. Read more>>

Daniela & Camilo Uribe | Founders of Infrequently Found

Infrequently found was born on a casual night speaking about the pandemic effect and how it’s been hard on the individual creators we have loved and supported for years. Not only were we looking for a way for us to make a living, but we wanted this company to have a purpose more than just profit. We wanted to support other entrepreneurs, support creatives, and unique minds who have struggled during the pandemic and who deserve to have their products be known internationally. Our jewelry, handbags, home-décor, hats and leather goods have so much more meaning than handcrafted beauty, they represent dreams, career and job opportunities, individuality, empowerment, and sustainability. We also knew that we could offer the consumer something out of the ordinary, something very special and distinctive. The consumer demand has been evolving and consumers are wanting a more unique, exclusive, and conscious shopping experience and products, we are able to deliver that. Read more>>

Maria Victoria & Renée Beauchamp Estrella | Co-Founders

Maria & Renée: For both of us, it went beyond starting our own business. It was an idea that we could not put to rest. Maria, personally, considered herself an entrepreneur and was waiting for that concept that did not let her sleep at night. For Renee, it came as a need to create, and similarly, found something she saw in her every day life as an essential need. Where we came together the most was to found this company on the basis of transparency and communication. It still is a key aspect of our business. For us to stick to our values, it needed to be part of our core. We needed to think about the why and what the driving value is, and if this value can push us the whole way through. We wanted to create a bridge between the hard-working women that provide these services and the equally hard-working women that need and want these services in their day-to-day life. We wanted Basic to be all about your daily needs and how taking care of yourself is one of them. Read more>>

Alexandra Marciello | Owner, Designer and Lead Planner

Throughout my late teens and 20’s I was such a busy body. While attending FIU I also enrolled in a makeup artistry school, filled in as a second shooter for weddings and events with some of South Florida’s best photographers, volunteered at art museums for events, worked as an event manager for the Hilton brand and the list goes on. I found that I always excelled in managing people and directing logistics. I went on to hold some top tier positions in the event world. At one point, I opened a venue and quickly turned it into one of the most popular venues in the area. While all my experience through the years was valuable and rewarding, I realized that much of what I accomplished had to do with my personality, drive and genuine care for my clients. So, to be honest, I decided to stop making other companies tons of money and set out to build a brand that I could one day pass on to my own kids!. Read more>>

Jeff (Jazz Royce) Alexander | Co-Founder, Host, & Producer of The Roots MIA

We had this itch to start our own show, because we were ready to finally start something that felt personally meaningful to us, that we could also call our own. Pretty much, the idea of just having full control of an idea we’ve always been interested in pursuing. Read more>>

Gabriel Salazar Andrea Stevens | Photography/Videography

Our thought process behind starting our own company really happened when we found out we were having a baby. We want him to understand the value of working for yourself and to see his parents doing something they love. I have worked with my family for years doing event photography & videography along with editing. I have always wanted to branch out on my own. We decided to create O. Motion Productions which is a full service production company dedicated to producing content using the highest quality technology. Our goal is to provide superior service to our clients in both business and life events. We can create a beautiful project out of anything a camera can do. We are always looking to set a great example for our son. This even includes our company name. The O is for Oliver. We want him to be proud that his parents are taking the initiative to be entrepreneurs. Read more>>

Adrian Gonzalez-Arredondo | Irreverent Ideologue & What Not

After exclusively playing music for over a decade as a means of living, I realized perhaps it’s something I’m good at, so why not approach it as a business venture?. Read more>>

Woody Supplice | Fashion Designer

My thought process was basically realizing my vision and also to indulge in something that I love. Read more>>

Tiffany Dorsey | Travel Food Blogger

My thought process pertained to nothing other than the extreme passion that I have for dining. We all have to do something to provide a living for ourselves. The way I see it, you might as well get paid for something that’s going to give you fulfillment beyond the monetary aspect. Read more>>

Professor Doctor Sanjay Rout | CEO (Research, Advisory, Author & Coach)

You never sincerely understand while an concept for a enterprise goes to strike. You can be working in a nine to 5 process, wondering what to do along with your existence after which all at once you get a mind wave. It is probably that you are taking walks the streets shopping, out with your own family, riding for your automobile after which a lightbulb moment will hit. Every budding entrepreneur and a hit commercial enterprise proprietor will tell you when they get those money to and the way it made them feel. You begin to suppose that this may be the viable possibility that will help you emerge as your very own boss and make that change. But, how do you cross from idea to enterprise? How do you’re making it show up? There is a not unusual notion process behind starting a enterprise, and the identical things will probably be take into account by way of any potential enterprise owner. Read more>>

Fiorella Marquez | Mental Health Therapist & Advocate,

Healing, Helping, Impact. All I ever thought about was how much I wanted and do love helping people. I wanted to create a safe space for others while I educate and advocate for mental health. My goal has always been to be able to connect with others whether it is through posts, our podcast episodes, therapy sessions, events, and workshops- the goal is to help… One way or the other. Read more>>

Seymone Jackson | Wife, Mom & Owner of MADExSJ

As a new business owner, I would simply just say “Create Your Own Lane” ! This is literally my motto for everything in relations to how I’m building my business inside and out . Don’t focus on what others are doing and how they are doing it because your path, the way your business will be built is based on what is destined for YOU. Some people grow faster than others, some people struggle more than others, but YOU can’t let that stop or slow you down because you’re trying to “Fit In” or you feel obligated to take the same steps the next person has. Last thing I would say is always bet on yourself meaning, if you need to spend a little more to get the better quality of a product or even more quantity so you know you supply is there, then do so. You never know what can happen. It’s better to stay ready rather then get ready. Read more>>

Einath Bach | Upcycle Fashion Designer

Transmutation, COVID times and the necessity of reinvent myself. Read more>>

Kelly Ann Freire | Owner of Real Talk Cross Stitch

I grew up within a small family business. My parents have owned a very successful bike store, Bike Tech, in Miami for 35 plus years! Strong work ethics and this nonstop, always push yourself, stick your neck out mentality has been the driving force to Real Talk Cross Stitch. I knew when I opened this up I would have full freedom both creatively and in decision making. What’s better than doing whatever you want the way you want it. Sure, not all decisions are winning ones, but I love to know I’m pushing myself out of the comfort zone on my own terms. Owning your own business (whatever size) is no walk in the park, but knowing its yours is very rewarding. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out. Read more>>

Elizabeth Colazo | Artist

Starting to make art just when I arrived to this country, was more than anything the decision was to stay connected to my essence, to my passion, you know, if you stay firm in what you want and want to do, one thing leads to another, the security and the tenacity of wanting to grow in what is mine, was and is the constant impulse, I just started doing what I loved, showing myself and that opened the doors to different possibilities. Read more>>


Melissa Meredith | Owner, Content Creative, A Digital Content & Branding Agency

Content Creative was launched out of a need that I continued to notice in the marketing and creative industry. Typically speaking, companies would either hire a consultant, hire a creative agency, or hire a marketing agency. The consultant was brought on for strategic or planning purposes to then hand off that strategy to the agency, creative or marketing. But then, the challenge was that the consultant basically wasn’t involved in the implementation process. Additionally, marketing agencies were highly focused on data and strategy while creative agencies were focused solely on creative. The two were rarely discussed together and most companies lacked the budget to hire both. They also lacked the bandwidth or resources to handle the job, project, or ongoing work internally so things were never done or executed in the way that the consultant had put together from the beginning so dollars were being wasted. At Content Creative, we fulfill a few different needs. Read more>>

Valeria Stoyanova | Brand Strategist

What was the thought process behind starting Splash Marketing? The demand for social media exposure. Any small or big business needs to look good online nowadays. Best known beats best quality. This is how it all started…. When I was a realtor in New York City, the firm I worked for noticed my great marketing materials- graphics, pictures, videos..etc. The broker who owned the firm asked me if I could help the team with social media. I was happy to accept the offer because this is truly what I enjoy doing! Fast forward moving to Miami almost 2 years ago, I had to start from scratch and create my own agency. I always been an entrepreneur at heart, I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. It took me some time to build my network, but with the help of a few local women entrepreneurs my business started growing! Now the Sky is The Limit. Read more>>