We’ve always believed that forming a strategy is impossible until you’re clear on what your values and principles are. Without values and principles to guide you, making decisions can seem impossibly difficult. Given how important setting values and principles is to decision making we asked folks we admire to tell us about the values or principles that matter most to them.

Sofia Perez | Model & Podcast Host

The most important value in my life is to be positively radiantly yourself. Growing up you can get caught up with trends and cliques, just wanting to feel like you fit in. Wanting to fit in sometimes can strip parts of yourself that are unique. Doing things by your rules with a good mindset can completely change the path your life is going on. You can never try to be someone and succeed because they are being themselves. Once you realize this and start to explore yourself it’s like if you, we’re underwater and finally came up for fresh air. Read more>>

Nitika Ahmed | Certified Life Coach and CEO of Total360Coaching, LLC

The power of purposeful living and the importance of knowing who you are. When I was in college I was in an abusive relationship that completely destroyed me mentally, physically and emotionally. On July 2nd 2019, I called my mom to help me. I packed my bags and flew back to Seattle, WA. I thought that removing myself from that toxic environment would be good but, in actuality I escaped the abuse but I was left with the damage, I did not know who I was anymore I wrote out a list to figure out who Nitika is. I wrote down what I liked, disliked, loved, what I valued, who I wanted to become. Read more>>

Destynee Galloway | Content Creator & Small Business Owner

Authenticity matters to me most across all areas of my work. From my social presence, to my small business, and my daily interaction in life- I want to be as transparent and honest as possible. Having some type of social media presence means that I have people who look up to me and keep up with that I’m doing. It’s so easy to make social media your highlight reel but my goal on my platform is to share my life. The good, bad and ugly. Read more>>

Blackdaliah | Photographer

Something I value is respect for others and yourself. I’m all for originality and being true to who you are along with respecting others for who they are. I pride myself in treating everyone with kindness. This includes clients , potential clients , business partners , studio owners etc. I respect others time , knowledge, beliefs, policies and procedures. I treat people how I would want to be treated . So I give a lot of grace . However at the same time I don’t tolerate disrespect. Read more>>

Dawn King | Journey Navigator & Author

The principle of serving others matters most to me because it is at the foundation of what I know is my life’s purpose: to navigate the rough waters of grief and many forms of loss. I’ve served as a ministry leader, special education facilitator, K-12 teacher, college instructor, grief support group facilitator, real estate agent, and supplier diversity manager. In each role, my primary focus was to help others. The most memorable experiences consist of opportunities to serve people during some of their most difficult times. Read more>>