Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

Maggie Rodriguez | Caterer & Wedding Planner

I started as a venue owner, renting my home to sweet couples looking for a more personalized place to say I do. I’ve always loved entertaining and my career was in fundraising. I thought what better way to evolve professionally than use my own home and my experience in events and entertaining to help couples celebrate their love! Read more>>

Chitra Prasad | Co-Founder & CEO

It was always. Read more>>

Linzi Martinez

With regards to a career, I have always been of the philosophy that you should absolutely do what you are passionate about so that you LOVE everyday of your life and don’t have that Thank G-d it’s Friday” restriction on your precious time. After earning my degree in communications in Canada (I am Canadian), and after having forgot what makes me feel amazingly purposeful in life, – inspiring, motivation and educating people to love themselves and their lives, I went back to school for Natural Nutrition and for a certification for personal training. I learned very early in part from being a competitive gymnast and coach that taking care of myself both physically and mentally was the key to my happiness, I understood that this was the root of self respect and confidence. Read more>>

Sandy Gerstein | Professional Organizer, Move-Manager & Concierge Project Manager

I had two small children and was involved with the PTA at their elementary school….first as VP of fundraising and then as President. After my tenure as President was over, I found myself with much more time on my hands, as well as a desire to contribute financially to my family. My neighbor had a Professional Organizing Business and one day when we were chatting she offered me an opportunity to assist her on some of her larger projects. I had not realized that my tidying and organizing skills might possibly help others! Plus, I still had flexibility of my time and found a purpose outside of my home and family! I assisted my neighbor for several years and then decided it was time to branch out on my own. With her full support (she even turned over a client or two to me!), Sandy Organizes You was born! As my family’s needs, and my own needs have changed, I have been able to grow and add services to my business. Read more>>

Miranda Johnson | Photographer

I knew what I wanted to do and how to do it. So for me, being my own boss and playing by my rules, was a no brainer. I took all my experience that I got from other jobs, good and bad, and figured it out. I knew there was a market for what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. So, I went for it! Read more>>

James Sehat | DJ & Entrepreneur

Well . . . It wasn’t something I thought I’d ever do. What i mean by that is that it was a process. Things that happened along the way which eventually turned into me starting the business. As a small kid, I remember going to McDonald’s with my parents. Sometimes on the wall, there would be a plaque with a guys’s image on it. At the time, I didn’t give it too much thought although I knew it was about the guy who started McDonald’s (Ray Kroc). In elementary school, I remember one day the teacher had a bunch of large sized cards with pictures on them of people who had done important things in different areas (such as entertainment, sports, civil rights, mathematics, science, business, etc . . .) These cards also had their names and a summary of their noteworthy accomplishments on them. The one that struck me the most was Walt Disney. Read more>>

Jennifer Ackrish | Licensed Psychologist

I have a Psychology Practice in East Fort Lauderdale. I specialize in treating individuals challenged by depression, anxiety, eating disorders and chronic/serious medical issues. I have created a beautiful and calming therapeutic space where my client’s can feel safe to process their emotions and feel safe to be vulnerable. One thing that sets me apart from others is that I am very hands on with my business. I answer all of my own calls and do all my own scheduling to ensure that my clients have a healthy experience with the least stress possible. I got to where I am today by cultivating and growing relationships with other health care providers in the community and by providing quality care to my clients. Building the business was not easy. I was starting from scratch and I had growing pains along the way. Read more>>