Starting a business can be terrifying. Weighing the pros and cons, the risks, and other considerations can be so overwhelming that often promising entrepreneurs stop before they even start. We asked some phenomenal entrepreneurs about their thought process behind starting their own businesses. Our hope is that by making the thought-process less intimidating we can help more folks think through whether they should take an entrepreneurial leap.

Antwon Lindsey | Film Producer & Writer

Creating A38 Films, I wanted to ensure that the services and content we create would always be in the interest of changing people’s lives. By creating content that compassionately connects with our clients and viewers, we can inspire them to contribute peace to the world and assist with healing the souls of so many that continue to suffer. Read more>>

Veronica Romney | I Help Ambitiously Frustrated Entrepreneurs EXECUTE Strategies To Grow Their Online Businesses.

I wanted to start my business because I wanted to create a life that would center around my family. And when you are working for an employer, especially an employer who doesn’t have the same family values as you do; your life, your schedule, and your family schedule are kinda at the mercy of another person. So the biggest inspiration for me in taking on all the tasks and starting my own business is so that I can have that freedom – and it’s not just financial freedom but time freedom and the freedom to do what I want, for who I want and when I want, So, I’d say my biggest motivation behind starting my own business is my family; my husband, and my kids. Read more>>

Michael Font | President, Co-Founder, Resident Director

The thought process behind creating ShakeSoundCo was pretty simple. I, along with several other performers in the South Florida theatre scene, were missing the theatre post Covid. A few of us also were craving to perform some older works of theatre. We originally had begun as a play reading group on Facebook, reading works both new and old in small little groups. However I saw an opportunity to become something greater and create a new company out of our weekly readings. Luckily for me, two friends, Sam McCue and Lindsey O’Neill, both decided to come aboard for this crazy idea. We all three went into it not exactly with a business mindset but more so of filling a need in the South Florida community. Read more>>

GERALUZ | Artist

Starting out my own business happened organically. I was making art because that is my calling in life, my artwork became in more demand by companies and organizations. That alone led me to take a more serious business approach to my artistic practice. It was definitely something new, and a challenge as a creative interested mainly in making art. I worked on it like a new skill, and now it is part of my process as an artist. Read more>>

Brooke VanSchaick | Ceo and Designer at Flora Creative Co.

Growing up I knew I always had the goal of starting up my own branding studio. I just didn’t know when I would have the courage to do it until I was let go of my job in early 2020. Once the pandemic hit I started working on my freelance career. I started to see the vision of my business and so I went in head first. I grew slowly but I consistently started to post of instagram and I even hired a coach and it was the best decision I made last year. Starting Flora Creative Co. has been so much fun for me. I can be my true self and attract those dreamy clients who also love my style. I have worked every day towards this goal on being successful and making a full income off my business. Without being let go last year, I’m not sure when I would have made that ultimate leap of faith to go after my dream. Read more>>

Jenny Sanchez | Yoga, Meditation, & Retreat Guide

I have always worked for myself which I know made my thought process behind our retreat business so special. I wanted to create an experience that would get people way out of their comfort zone (out of their heads) to create space for new tools and ideas that they can take home with them and apply to their busy lives…all while having an amazing time of course! Owning busy yoga studios, I know first hand how you can get so lost in a busy routine, how life can become stale and uninspired. I have been traveling to Patagonia for the past 10 years, and each time I left I realized how much more open I had become…how much more space I seemed to have. Travel does that in itself, but there is something extra magical about being so immersed in nature. And travel paired with hiking, yoga, meditation, food, no planing necessary, and all done out in Mother Nature, really creates the space for a shift to happen in peoples lives. I wanted to offer an experience that starts in Patagonia but really never ends 🙂. Read more>>

Edson Jean | Founder/Cultural Guardian

Bantufy started to mend the lack of representation of Haitian, Caribbean and Hispanic communities in popular media. We wanted to shift the paradigm of the independent film industry and put the power and autonomy in the hands of the filmmaker. Read more>>

Naty & Michelle | Owners of Oliver & Juliet

During the pandemic we both dedicated our time to think of how we can contribute to the global environmental crisis. Having children who constantly outgrow clothing the solution was simple. A children’s consignment store. It was a business that a addressed the topic of sustainability. Also It cater to today’s shopper who is smart and is looking for a great deal. Buying second hand not only reduces the amount of clothing in our landfills, it extends the shelf life of these items but it also our prices are the best part of all 50 to 60% off retail price. Read more>>

Aida Estiz | Pilates Studio Owner

In 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and needed a bilateral mastectomy as part of the treatment. At the time I had a very demanding high-level corporate job and my three kids were very young. Once I was able to restart physical activity I chose Pilates as an integral part of my workout routine. Pilates helped me regain mobility, general strength, and flexibility and was key in helping me regain stamina, confidence, and an overall sense of well-being. In that moment I knew that I wanted to learn Pilates to be able to teach and help others experience the benefits the method has to offer for healing processes like the one I personally experienced. The transition from corporate director to studio owner was a process of a few years which led to the opening of Alma Pilates in Doral in September of 2016, at the five year mark of being cancer free! Alma Pilates is Contrology taught from the soul, the classical method, the authentic Pilates as the creator Joseph Pilates intended it. Read more>>

Chris Kertesz | Truck Driving Instructor

My thought was that i wanted to be not only financially more secure for my family, but to also have more flexibility to enjoy my family time as well. I also wanted to create a space in this market that people could afford and enjoy. Read more>>

Annmarie Clinton | Salon Owner, Trainer & Master Natural Hair Stylist

There were different stages in my thought process behind starting my own business which led me to where I am today; so it’s hard to tell one without telling the other. My first stage was at the age of 24, while working in accounting and customer service at an airline in Jamaica – Air Jamaica. At this stage, I was inspired by a fellow co-worker to move in a direction of preparation when she asked me the question, “What are you doing here?” “What do you mean? I work here!” was my response. Then she laughingly explained herself, “I mean, you are so gifted with your hands in doing hair, and so creative in helping the ladies to do their make-up. Have you ever thought of starting a career in hair and skincare?” At that moment, a seed was planted. I knew I had the passion, especially in doing hairstyles and haircare, but I didn’t see the purpose in venturing in that field which was merely a hobby…… well, not until my then-co-worker planted that seed in me. Read more>>

John Bennardo | Videographer, Editor and Owner of Immaginé Video Productions

The thought process was, “hey, I could be getting paid for this!” Throughout adolescence, I was always the guy with a video camera in his hands, taping parties and any activity that rose above the norm. The more friends learned of my skills and passion for what I was doing, the more I’d be asked to film their special moments. When I delivered a custom-edited video for them to enjoy, they were beyond impressed. Noticing how other video professionals in the area were charging fo the same thing I was doing for free, it just made sense to turn it into a business. I had some business cards and promotional refrigerator magnets created, and I handed them out when I was shooting. Things picked up from there. My business was always the freelance type until around 2004, when I decided to incorporate, have a true business name, and really begin to market myself. It’s a decision I’m glad I made. Read more>>

Jessica Muniz-Collado | Media Composer & Music Career Consultant

Over the years, I’ve encountered many musicians who have given up on their aspirations of having a music career. This could be because they feel lost or unprepared for the challenges that come with the industry. Other reasons were because they did not have the support from family or friends so they believed the negativity surrounding them. I truly do believe that it is possible to have a sustainable music career. I have one and I want other musicians to have one too. Our goal at NIZCO MUSIC is to help musicians compose their careers to their own B.E.A.T. Read more>>

Caitlin Burroughs | MBA Student & Endurance Athlete

I am an ultra runner and have always loved granola. The processed store bought granola was making me sick on my longer training runs and races. I decided to make my own. Read more>>

David Stewart | Photographer + Academic

To have something as my own source of income in the event that a I am let go from an employer. Also something to pass to future generations in my family. Read more>>

Yonaida Correale | Art Dealer

My relationship with the art world started as a child. My parents instilled in us an interest in taking us to visit Art Museums in our Hometown Caracas-Venezuela. My older brother and I, we have always been linked to art in any of its artistic expressions, as well as music, organ classes and four were our favorite musical instruments, we also liked to paint pictures. I remember that my father bought us Paint Kits and we let our imaginations fly as children, those pieces of art still decorate my parents’ house. Over the years, my interest in Art was reinforced in me when I began to travel around Europe and kept the tradition of visiting Art Museums, and even something that for me has become a ritual, consists of visit all the churches that come my way, during my long walks in the new cities. I love learning the history of the Church, contemplating its architecture and admiring it ad nauseam . In 2015, I visited for the first time the beautiful Museo Correale di Terranova in Sorrento, Italy, which, although small, aroused my interest in art even more and I was left with that feeling of at some point doing something related to and for the art. Read more>>

Chrisnatha Derosier | Certified Life Coach for Professional Women

Starting my own business was and still is all about freedom. Freedom to help as many professional women as possible in their life and business. Freedom to use my skills and expertise to assist the effectiveness corporations. Freedom to empower other women to truly discover the Masterpiece within themselves. There are 5 main ways that starting my business has changed my life. As a business owner our businesses change us for the better. We become a different, better version of ourselves as a result. Here are the main changes I have experienced. Tenacity I feel that I can do anything. I am resilient. Because over time, I have had to become tenacious to keep going. Trials have come, hard times, unexpected circumstances – but through it all I kept going strong. I did not always feel like pressing forward, but I had to be the master over my emotions. Self-awareness I am so much more self-aware because of this journey of entrepreneurship. I know what my strengths are, my areas of opportunity and how to recognize what the business needs. Read more>>

LaTish Roach | Event Producer

I saw a need in the area of kids fashion that was missing. I wanted to create a business where I could help promote small business designers, boutiques and brands as well as kid models. There are so many kids that want to model but don’t know where or how to start as well. Also, I believe in showcasing diversity on all levels and I knew this platform would be perfect. There are so many kids that’s interested in fashion shows and were none available. I wanted to create that space, make it creative, an experience and a place lifelong friendships could be made. Also, brands with very small budgets needed a space to get their designs showcased as well. The recognition, publicity, opportunities that have been given to any individual that have participated in our events have been huge. We have created a trusted and fun environment for kids to be who they are in the entertainment world. Read more>>

Jamie Kolnick | Founder & CEO of Jam With Jamie

My life’s goal was always to be on Broadway. My mom told me I came out of the womb singing and she said I had the highest pitched voice- “almost annoying” (thanks mom). I sang and acted through my childhood, notice I left out dancing because I am NOT a dancer. Repeat. Not a dancer. Remind me to tell you about that time I did a dance call for the show “Chicago” and ended the audition in a double lunge instead of a double split, it wasn’t pretty. Alas, I was a performer and as a child I performed at a local children’s theater in Miami called “ Actors Playhouse.” A Christmas Carol, Babes in Toyland, and Aladdin were just a few of the shows I performed in.  When I moved to NYC after graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, I started working in children’s theater again- you might know me as the Velveteen Rabbit at The Players Theater? No? Anyone? Crickets. Hey, it was $30 a show that I didn’t have before so not nothing! Clearly that wasn’t paying the bills, and I was a horrible waitress so I started teaching children’s music classes at a private family club in Soho called “Citibabes.” Read more>>

Cherolyn Davis | Women Empowerment Enthusiast & Entrepreneur

“I’m not saying I’m gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world.” – Tupac Shakur Since 2013 My mission in my business is to inspire aspired entrepreneurs who have dreams and need support. I’ve always had a deep passion for building a community of women, a community of “black” women supporting, empowering and encouraging each other rather than competing. My thought process was simple: To tackle the hardest thing first… and the hardest thing for me was to get black women to understand and know “We are not enemies against each other and we are not at war” and we can go further together and lastly, to get women to understand how to turn their passion into profit, their passion into their profession and do it collectively. Read more>>

Kerry Barnes | Paint & Sip Owner and Instructor

I was working a 9-5 job and knowing I could do more on my own. I owned a Bar in NH and we used to have a Paint and Sip person come in monthly to do Paint night and I loved every second of it. So when I moved back to Florida I decided to check into doing this in my area. At the time no-one else had started it within a 30 mile radius of me. So I went for it! I started out doing home parties, restaurant’s, and other locations. Fundraising was a big thing for me. I also used this for raising funds for local pet rescues, horse rescue, sports teams and other local people in need. I felt not only could I give back to the community I could add a little art into everyone’s life. This is how I came to use the tag line “Art for Everyone”. Read more>>

Evan Leaphart | Founder, Kiddie Kredit

I saw firsthand how difficult it can be to raise capital to start a business, especially with bad credit. I was confident there were many young aspiring entrepreneurs like me with great ideas but didn’t have the access to a business loan or line of credit. I wanted to change that. Read more>>

Yvette Spicer | CFO/Administrator

Some people call me a serial entrepreneur as I have had various businesses including two hair salons, a clothing boutique, and an ice cream parlor featuring exotic tropical flavors. Starting a home care agency was not an easy decision for me. Especially, after leaving a twenty-five year career with a multi-national investment banking firm in New York City behind. I desired an enterprise that was much more fulfilling. Sonder Home Health was the first business enterprise that became very personal to me. In 2012, I had a life altering experience that helped catapult me into this industry. A vein had ruptured in my brain leaving me with significant physical and cognitive deficits. Thanks to the many kind and compassionate care providers who took care of all my needs – driving me to physical, occupational, and cognitive therapy appointments, cooking meals, bathing me, and sitting with me for hours sometimes just holding my hands. I knew everything would be all right. They gave me back my independence. Read more>>