Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Ian VonderHaff | Artist

The most important factor behind the success of my art has been the people. The people who have supported me, the people who have encouraged me, and the people who have been honest with me. Some of the most important milestones in my artistic career have been the result of people advocating for me on my behalf. People do not forget when you support their goals and ventures and will reciprocate the support later down the line. Read more>>

Dr. Linette Rivera | Endocrinologist / Aesthetic Injector & Laser Specialist

My name is Dr. Linette Rivera and I am double board-certified physician in Internal Medicine as well as Endocrinology and Metabolism. I am the co-owner of Bella Mia Medical Aesthetics in Tampa. If I had to pick the most important factor behind my success it would be… MOTIVATION! Motivation makes you work harder, keeps you focused on your dreams and helps you overcome any obstacle along your path to success. I knew since I was a little girl that one day, I wanted to have my own medical clinic. Read more>>

Karina | @TanaPlace

One key to our success is to have real conversations about our struggles. Being a parent to a child with a disability is an emotional roller coaster that not anyone can understand. Speak to parents like us and in both languages (English and Spanish) helps us connect with our deepest feelings and keep us motivated to help our kids to achieve all their potential Read more>>

Rosario Oyhanarte | Narrator and podcast hostess

I’ve always loved storytelling. Ever since I was a little girl, I would sit around the family table (I am one of 7 kids) and tell stories to the whole family. When I opened my Instagram account, I started sharing book reviews, lifestyle and travel posts, but it was when I told the story of how I met my husband that the account really grew. I believe that people enjoyed the story but, most of all, they enjoyed the fact that they could relate to me in the role I took in the story; ever since then, women from all Argentina write to me seeking love advice and relationship tips, and my Instagram account has continued growing into a podcast and an app. I was also able to publish two romantic novels thanks to that. Read more>>

Rachael Annabelle Yong | Founder of Gullie, Ex-Googler & Photographer

Gullie is a lifestyle relocation assistant enabling anyone to move effortlessly and make any city feel like home. This free-spirited lifestyle is something I have adopted while building the company, and with the remote work culture today, I’ve learnt that it is possible to grow aggressively on a professional and personal level, while experiencing the world. It is also something many people aspire to do and hence resonate with our mission of making any city feel effortlessly like home. Read more>>

Swiss Da body | Fitness Enthusiast , Pole Athlete , Calisthenics Athlete ,Fitness Model

I think consistency is the number one factor when you want to succeed at something. Preparation and hard work can lead you to success but only if you are consistent with your habits and not afraid of working hard for your goals. My mother always told me to live by the 3 p’s : Always be passionate, persistent and prepared, and since then I’ve always tried to challenge myself mentally and physically at whatever I do. Read more>>

Gray and Johnson Art | Multidisciplinary Collaborative Artists

It’s difficult to come up with just one important factor that has led to our success within our business/brand, because we rely on several components to help guide us. As collaborative artists, we come to the table with different life experiences, approaches towards creativity, styles of work, skill sets, business knowledge and most importantly the understanding that we must do our own research and due diligence in order to be successful in our business and in life. We came up with the acronym: “SMASHIEEQ”. (pronounced-smash-ee-que) to remind us that success comes in all different ways and its never done alone, acknowledging all of the help we received and continue to receive along the way. Read more>>

Angelica Peterson | Entrepreneur and mother

The most important factor behind my success would definitely be being successful. My brand is centered around securing my daughters future. I know if I’m successful it allows more doors to open for our company. I would love to see my brand grow and stay strong. Being successful will secure Avery’s further and allow her to break generational curse and continue the business as she gets older. Read more>>

ANA RIOS | Holistic Pet Therapist

The most important factor behind Da Cura Pets’ success is to do everything from my heart and express my genuine love for all animals. It is my sincere interest to develop a balanced, joyful and healthy relationship with all my clients and its owners. Read more>>

Nicodemas Nimmo | Photographer

I have struggled to compose an answer for this that doesn’t sound cheesy or melodramatic in my own head, and I’m not sure I’ve succeeded, but here goes. I love people. Upon taking the time to truly see the people around you, recognizing that every individual walking by is a fully-formed person, loaded with thoughts and feelings and hopes and dreams and fears, a lifetime of stories and all the things, this realization kindles an urge to seek out and better understand those stories. Read more>>

Tara Loera | Beauty services, making woman beautiful

I have to say staying consistent, believing you can do this with determination. I also worked a 9-5 job and was able to run my business on the side as well. Was working 16 hrs days and no days off but it was well worth the sacrifice to be my own boss and work for myself. Between body sculpting and being a master trainer and winning awards from my results and being successful. I also do Pmu ombré brows, hyaluronpen, spray tanning and have an Etsy shop with lip line iLikeCandy. The success of my brand I have to say is from the support of my friends and family and the social media and internet presence. Read more>>

Jennah Lear | Brand Strategist, Blue Loui Studio

The most important factor behind my success, or anyone that is going after something bigger, is vision. I truly believe that our vision + big dream is divinely gifted to us and I like to tell my clients: “I can teach strategy all day long, but I can’t teach vision. That has to come from you and your heart first. My two cents: dream bigger than your comfortability level. Read more>>