How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Gaspar González | Filmmaker, Founder of Hammer and Nail Productions

When people talk about ‘risk,’ what they usually mean by that is just leaving their comfort zone, doing something they haven’t done before. By that definition, risk-taking is essential to evolving — as a person, as a filmmaker, as a company. For Hammer and Nail, our documentary production company, that might mean taking on a project that is different from what we’ve done before. If you’re not seeking out those kinds of opportunities and challenges, you’re not going to grow creatively, and you’re not going to grow your business. Read more>>

Ryan McGrath | Co-Founder & Creative Director

Risk has always played a huge factor in my career as an artist/designer and entrepreneur. I’ve learned to accept failure as a reward, making any decision, less of a risk and more of a chance to experience and learn. The only chance you’ll have at minimizing your risk, is to have experienced it before and to have gained the knowledge from that experience. Read more>>

Girls Who Do Interiors | Multi-Disciplinary Creative Studio

Risk-taking is every entrepreneurs middle name. There’s financials, relationships, and the overall concept of never escaping your business. The sleepless nights worrying about clients or those “did i reply to them?” midday panics, the socializing and being asked “hows your business doing?” just when you started to wind down – it’s the risk of never being able to turn off. However, these were all risks we were willing to take when starting GWDI. Read more>>

Izanna Levintova | Founder & CEO

I’ve always been a strong believer in taking a chance or taking that first step. I grew up with a sense of fearlessness, which is odd because both my parents are the opposite. I’ve never been afraid of doing something new, meeting someone new, or going somewhere new. Fear is such a conditioned feeling in society today and it seems to always hold people back from improving their lives, whether that be professionally or even personally. Read more>>

Taylor Walker Sinning | CPT, HypnoBirthing Educator, Pre/Postnatal CES, Influencer

I am the person who always had a backup plan for the backup plan. After college, I entered the workforce as a professional dancer. Dance afforded me a full scholarship to college, the opportunity to travel the world , dance on the MTV VMA’s , SNL and back up for artists like Pitbull and Taylor Swift. With that said, I also understood that my dance career would come to an end and I made sure to set myself up for the long-term. I aquired a Master’s Degree on K-12 Physical Education. After teaching for a couple of years, my now husband proposed and I left the world of teaching and my life in New York to move to Portland. Read more>>

Natalia Morrison | Licensed Acupuncture Physician & Holistic Healthcare

Taking risks plays a big part in my life, it gives me the space to play and explore my limits. How far can I push myself out of my comfort zone, trust my ability to keep my head up, and trust my legs to stay strong and keep me standing. I push myself to take risks every day because I want to live a full and creative life. I don’t want to stay in one place. I want to see what more I am capable of? And the rewards are always great – experience, knowledge, and self-awareness. Read more>>

Imari Golden Wade | Artist of “New Golden Emperor”

I’ve always been a risk taker.. I was the child that had to feel in order to learn. Lol. But once I got older I realized all those risk I choose to take as a child made it much easier for me as an adult. Same strategies, just more meaningful situations. Like survival. You gotta take risk if you want to survive in any atmosphere!! Read more>>

Elle Rude | Interior Designer Entrepreneur

When it comes to risks, I jump and let the net appear! Honestly I believe the root of my fearlessness stems my faith, and from having a loving supportive family that always encouraged me and pushed me to believe I could do anything. In the back of my mind, I have always known, that no matter what, I will be OK, and that nothing is really failure as long as I try. I reflect a lot on how things play out from my decision making and often times I see exactly where the silver lining is from the “risks” that did not pan out as I planned. Risk taking has been the fuel for driving my career forward or UP! Read more>>

tan Sherwin | Welder, artist, entrepreneur

I personally believe without risk there is no growth in life or career. When you learn to except risk as an option of growth then making risky choices becomes habit. No matter the outcome of the so called risk you have takin it is still always a learning experience. There are pros in every situation we go through in life and career. As long as we learn and move on from our results will it pay off in the long run. Without taking risks or “living on the edge” I would not have the talents I have now or the discipline to use them 100 percent outright. Read more>>

Piervalerio Vignola | PIZZACINI Corp. Co-founder & CEO

Risk is a must! I see it as the willingness and vehicle to advance in life. I have had to take big risks to be where I am now. One of the reasons why not everyone is an entrepreneur, or successful, is because not everyone is willing to exit the comfort zone and push the boundaries. I see risk as a challenge towards myself. Can you achieve this? This triggers my motivation, intelligence and energy to get where I desire to be. I see risk as my companion for success, I embrace it and not I’m not afraid of it. Read more>>

Christian Rodriguez | Entrepreneur

Risk Taking has always been something I’ve been super inclined towards. As I was in the last years of my Profesional soccer career I realized I needed a project that I could put my creativity to work in and that’s how Toca Sox was birthed. My whole life was all about soccer I just ended my 8 year soccer pro career and I did everything and took to craziest risk to be able to make my dream come true and I think the root behind all those risk was because I truly believed in myself. When it came to starting a business I had a deep conviction that I could do it and if I went all out for one area of my life I’m going to do it for my brand. Read more>>

Luciana Pampalone | artist

Without risk there is no gain. That goes for both pro & personal life. It’s always uncomfortable to take risks or chance, because of failure, But only through failure do we learn life and business lessons. Read more>>

Kristian Battle | Mompreneur ; Creator

Whew…starting a business is a risk itself. Let me tell you. I worked for a decent company prior to becoming an entrepreneur. My pay was pretty good, and it was constant. I knew every day what I was going to do. It was safe. The pandemic changed that. I discovered that even working for someone else, as safe as it may seem, it is still a risk. Someone else has the power to change your livelihood. So, the question I had to ask myself was which risk was I willing to take. I chose entrepreneurship. I prayed for this. I remember asking for guidance. I knew this is what I wanted to do, I just needed approval. I clearly heard God tell me to go for it. Read more>>