We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Johanna Desrosiers | Photographer, Digital Artist& Entrepreneur

I am inspired by my parents. They came to the US chasing opportunities. And they created their own lane. Being a first generation Haitian American is a big factor in my life, I understand why my parents came here and seen the sacrifices and struggles we had to face as a family but to see how my parents pushed through no matter what, how their sacrifices and created their own salaries, and watching them living the life they manifested, prayed and worked hard for. They created the life they always wanted and that inspires me everyday. Their life story taught me to use my resources, to always keep learning and there is nothing I can’t do. Read more>>

Brittany Millner | Photographer, Graphic Design and Social Media Manager

Inspiration is what keeps me going everyday. The biggest thing that inspires is seeing my fellow creatives succeed. Whether they captured the perfect shot, landed a new client or received the social media engagement they’ve dying to get, it inspires me to keep working hard and find new ways to be even better. Read more>>


A very interesting question…. During my evolution performing as a Magician/Mentalist I have come to realize that almost anything can be a source of inspiration, therefore I would say the right piece of”information” at the right time could be a source of inspiration… That piece of the puzzle that was missing for your next routine or your next show. Of course that information can come in many ways, and obviously also from a human source . Society in general is inspiring and the way we evolve and our patterns. One of my main sources of inspiration is human nature, and that can translate into many different aspects; for example I love music, the way it evolves thru time and its many different genres. Read more>>