We love asking the folks that inspire and excite us about what inspires and excites them. Check out their responses below.

Maritza Benson | Art Curator & Circus Enthusiast

Growing up in the diverse culture and colors of South Florida have inspired how I look at the world and continues to inspire me in my pursuits. I was lucky to experience a time when the arts and culture where beginning a new renissance. I enjoyed seeing artists, poets, and musicians who had a way of expressing themselves authentically. I was inspired to get involved with the arts and am now a curator. Read more>>

Claudio Roncoli | Artist & Director

My last series of works is called Empty Project. It is about how cities were changing from cultural / social habits to just commercial habits. Before, cities were built around a square where people socialized, where neighborhood clubs were important, they were spaces where you could meet your next friend or partner. In these times, new cities are built from shopping malls, where consuming is the most important thing, where if you cannot buy a coffee you cannot socialize with anyone. Read more>>

Tina Paul | Photographer, Archival Historian & Activist

My Inspiration comes from my surroundings and how I relate to them. It can be a place, a person or an object or an idea to explore within the depth of feelings and what is seen. When you see beauty, you define that beauty, it is in sadness, history, nature, and in my life today in Miami. There is beauty in most things we see and experience so it is about how we connect in each moment. As a photographer, it can be the “decisive moment” or a memory that resurfaces. Inspiration can be found everywhere and it is part of our relationships. Read more>>