We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Mike LAVECCHIA | Founder of Grain Surfboards

It’s always been very important to us to stay true to our original goals and values. Building the best surfboards we can, by hand, using traditional methods combined with local and sustainable materials has always been our core mission. Read more>>

Nanyamka Smith Thomas | Design Service

The most important factor of my brand is my supporters. Without them nothing is possible, I appreciate them so much. Read more>> 

Anita Tillero | Creative Director

The most important factor behind the success of “Anita Tillero” has been the support of the successful people who surround me every day, experts in the area of the music industry and that is never enough for me, I always seek to improve myself, criticize myself and nurture myself from the examples of the success of colleagues I admire. Read more>>

 Louize Fiore | Attorney

I sincerely owe the success of my brand to the community around me. When I first started Aequibelli Law and The Bellimori Foundation, I knew I was going to have many obstacles as new businesses do. Read more>>

Kevin Huntting | Leadership Coach I Founder of Leading KINDER™

Put simply – belief and purpose. My belief that we can create a kinder and more compassionate world. It’s my North Star and it is the one thing that I constantly come back to when I am feeling disengaged, stalled, or stuck. Read more>>

Dante Vargas | Grammy Winner, Producer & Musician

The most important thing in my business is the precedence, having the discipline, and always evolving in the arts which for me is music. NOT losing the essence of richness in music. Read more>>

Jimmy Everett | Executive Chef/Owner

The most important factor behind the success of Driftwood has certainly been the people that we involve ourselves with. Everyone from our team members, purveyors, producers and repair technicians to our community and our guests. Read more>>

Joe and Kristin Merrill | Educators and Authors

For us, we believe authenticity is the key to it all. To be successful in any type of business you need to be relatable and have a connection with your audience, When you speak, share or give advice it needs to be “from the trenches” so to speak, and we feel like we do this. When we share on social media you will see the good, the bad and all that falls in between. We are in no way perfect, and we embrace those flaws and love turning them into learning opportunities. Read more>>

Alaknanda Nabar | Founder of Family of Light Holistic Center, Certified Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach, Energy Grand Master Teacher

Family of Light Holistic Center was born out of a personal story of an incredible transformation & family healing of our Founder Alaknanda Nabar. She started her Holistic Healing Journey at the age of 18 which was triggered by her father’s death after struggle with cancer. Read more>>

Vivianne Guarisma | Founder & Chef

The most important factor has been putting all of my intentions and love into what I created, and I believe that’s something that people can perceive. Read more>>

Sheila Szulanski | Jewelry designer & metalsmith

Finding the right path to scale. Balancing marketing and operations considerations, new product development and bringing existing products out there, experimenting and managing the day to day, prioritizing projects while keeping your voice consistent. Read more>>

Crystal Romero | Custom Cake Artist

The most important factor behind my success would be my mission statement for Baked By Crissy, “To connect and build relationships with others while serving within our community”. Read more>>

Bella Chauni | Owner & Founder

There are several factors that are responsible for our success, a few includes, being a brand that has an outstanding reputation for authenticity and quality, and definitely having confidence and staying focus. Read more>>

Emily Ames | Online Course Coach + Mentor

I’d say there are three philosophies that have served me well in my business: Read more>> 

Chelsea Bressler | Digital Media Marketing Manager & Business Owner

The most important factor to my success thus far in my career has been my ability to network and grow my business network by creating connections and building relationships with people in and outside of the marketing and hospitality industry. Read more>>

Elle Mawardi | Founder & Entrepreneur

For me, building personal relationships with my customers, many of whom are repeat customers, would have to be the most important factor behind the success of Beauty & The Board. Read more>>

Steven Blackett | Global Sovereign Brands Ambassador and Reality Tv star on TLC & Discovery Plus network

Very interesting question and I believe many struggle with this answer. For me it’s staying true to yourself. It’s quite easy to become someone else because they have provided a blue print that’s accessible, However, the world has already seen that and absorbed that persona or brand. Read more>>

Jackie Salcedo | Experience Creator, Live Event Producer, & Investor

The most important factor behind the success of SheLife has been self-less growth while giving back new valued experiences to the LGBTQ+ community. Read more>>

Izabela Bos | Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Simply Luna

When creating the brand, Simply Luna, we wanted to ensure this was not just a brand or logo everyone remembered. We wanted a sense of community, acceptance, and confidence that the brand could introduce into our Luna Babes wardrobes. Additionally, we wanted to ensure every Luna Babe had our value of unity in what they did, how they felt, and what they cast out to those around them. Read more>>