We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor behind their success. For us, success is about accomplishing your mission. For some, that mission might be changing discriminatory practices within their industry and for others it might be building a sustainable, profitable business to support their family. Regardless of your mission, we want to equip you with wisdom and knowledge from the community in the hopes of increasing the likelihood that you are successful in your mission.

Jena Langer | Photographer

There are many factors behind the success of my business. A few that come to mind are hard work, dedication, passion, discipline, and organization. The largest factor in my opinion is hard work. When I decided to leave my corporate job and start a business of my own, I knew it would not be easy. Work was not going to just fall into my lap, especially in South Florida where there are a multitude of talented and successful photographers. Read more>>

Jeremy Abramson | Human Optimization Coach & Podcast Host

Success is a very misunderstood concept. Most people equate success to money, followers, and external validation. However, I define success differently. For me, Success means taking committed actions every day to become the best version of myself. By embodying this mindset, I’m able to empower others to do the same, and fully unleash their potential. With this approach, I’ve helped thousands of people live lives with more gratitude, movement, and joy. They do this through my unique practices that focus on optimizing energy levels, heart health, and brain chemistry. Read more>>

Deisa Rivera | Event & Wedding Planner

The most important factor about the success of my brand I would say is that I always knew that my company would reflect my values, ideals and my vision. I was always very clear that my brand would reflect who I was as a person and as an entrepreneur. I was always clear that I will not be imitating or copying anybody’s style. I believe that the success comes when you find self love and acceptance and that is as well reflected in your brand. Just be you! Read more>>

Tiffany Joy | Singer/Songwriter & Performer

We believe in authenticity. That isn’t to say it’s always been easy creating and maintaining an identity. As artists it is our duty to constantly reinvent ourselves and it’s easy to get lost under the pressure of an industry that is so over-saturated by social media and the sheer quantity of artistic offerings. As songwriters, the inspiration and passion behind our songs have been what has guided us over the years and inspired us to stay true to the music. Read more>>

Kelly McElroy | Brand Designer & Illustrator

I’ve found success by embracing (and sharing!) my ‘out-of-the-norm’ way of thinking and appreciating the world. I’ve never seen things the way that others do, which used to make me feel like an outsider, but has now become one of my greatest assets as a business owner! I’ve always questioned and ultimately rejected the ‘old way of doing things’– whether it comes to design, running a business, parenting, personal style or anything else for that matter. As a designer, my job is to translate each client’s unique vision. Read more>>

Michelle Tricca | Portrait Photographer & Artist

I believe the following four habits have helped me succeed: AUTHENTICITY – I have to feel it in my gut. If there’s a hint of conflict w my core values as a human or artist, the project is not for me. THINKING OUTSIDE THE PROVERBIAL BOX – Just bc something hasn’t happened before or no one’s done it before does not mean you can’t be the one to do it. RISK TAKING – All accomplishments have a story … their own narrative of grit, overcoming, actualizing, raising your standards and ultimately succeeding. I’ve learned you have to take risks to move forward. Read more>>

Naylan Alvarez | Hairstylist & Creative Visionary

Integrity. Hands down! Read more>>

Cynthia Roy | Spiritual Reiki Healer, Tarot Reader, & Business Owner

The most important factor behind my success with my business is my passion! Passion for my business and helping others accumulate spiritual growth is my driving force! It is never about the money but helping someone ascend spiritually, find themselves, and transform them internally. Every single person I have come into contact with have all been through many experiences in life where they were low vibrational, lost, and unsure of the connect they had within themselves. My goal everyday is help those vessels find peace within themselves, spark light within them, and help assist them so they can help the next vessel! Read more>>

Jay Lana | Artist & Lighting Designer

Uniqueness, making something that nobody else is making; adding that special creative touch that only an artistic mind can accomplish. Read more>>

Meghan Maloof Berdellans | Marketing Consultant & Real Estate Professional

It is difficult to pinpoint a single most important factor, but if I had to pick the top two factors, I’d choose working ‘smarter’ not harder + authenticity. I truly believe that those two are necessary tools in order to achieve overall success. Read more>>

Carla Dilorenzo | Chef & Butcher

Quality over Quantity. When you provide excellent service, always reassuring your customers that what you are selling is amazing, and persistency are key factors behind my success. Honesty & Quality play a very important roll. Customers always come back when they realize that you weren’t trying to sell them a product, you were educating them on the quality and why you choose to carry that specific product. Read more>>

Doc, Sophee, & Miguel | Floor 13 Record Label

* Responding as all 3 members of record label Floor 13: Lucas Odparlik (Doctor Boom), Sophee Dukas (Sophee), The Audio Manipulator (Miguel Fernandez) Doc: “Floor 13’s main goal is to showcase global underground artists across a wide spectrum of club sounds, including lofi house, minimal tech, deep house, and more. Creating a tight network of culturally diverse creators, we keep our ears to the streets and our hearts on our sleeves, curating the label as a place for development and growth.” Sophee: “Sharing in our roster’s successes and happiness is key to us. Read more>>

Sonia Morales-Barros | Diagnostic Medical Sonographer

Persistence/innovation in the way is presented. Read more>>

Cynthia Cramblett | Owner

Looking at business challenges as mysteries that are solvable rather than defeating problems have always allowed me to embrace the pivot and stay pretty positive even when the outlook seems bleak. Read more>>

Sharon Lane Holm | Illustrator & WIP Writer

Never giving up. To keep moving forward even when there are times I think that I might never “get there”. By that- I mean not reaching the level of success I’ve expected of myself. (even though I have). Read more>>

Anilly Cona | Artist

The most important factor is definitely the DETERMINATION behind each piece. It takes a lot of focus to slow down in this fast paced world and listen to what your creative soul is pushing you to create. Read more>>

Caryn Lubetsky | Endurance Athlete

Whenever I take on a major race such at the 100 mile run from Key Largo to Key West or 135 miles through Death Valley in the worlds toughest foot race, I never approach the race as a whole. I break it up into small sections and only concentrate on that limited task at hand. Every race I run is to dedicated to raising funds for the Childhood Cancer Project and the strength of the children I have watched battle cancer pulls me through. I repeat to myself, “this isn’t hard, chemo is hard, this is a choice, no one chooses cancer.” Read more>>