We had the good fortune of connecting with Tohni Style and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Tohni, what is the most important factor behind your success?
The authenticity is a big factor. The ability to share who I am with my passion for Lifestyle, Vintage, Interior Styling, Real estate through TohniStyle blog.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
TohniStyle is a Lifestyle brand my business consist of as a lifestyle blogger, interior styling, real estate and vintage curator. All things unique I am passionate about. As a business woman I also have the opportunity to try different investment opportunities. I love this side of entrepreneurship. I enjoy discovering new gems around the city to share with TohniStyle subscribers.

TohniStyle blog is a lifestyle blog. A stylish guide to home, lifestyle, beauty and fashion. Our blog started in 2011. It’s a interactive blog with great content. One of my favorite page on the blog is Spotlight where we share local businesses and their passion.

HomeStyle Decorators is my Interior Styling company. As a certified Realtor & RE Stager I saw how there was a need for interior styling.  It’s a extension of what I do for Tohnistyle creative styling and lifestyle design.

As a Realtor I also saw a need in the Real estate market for our interior services. It has helped us build a successful business. Helping clients from refreshing to staging their homes and decorating is a rewarding experience. I am grateful for our dynamic talented team.

(See our latest kitchen design in Lifestyle magazine for HomeStyle Decorators.)

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
I love our city of Fort-Lauderdale

TohniStyle guide for a great girls’ trip to Fort-Lauderdale. Our itinerary for one week starts with breakfast at the Village End on Fort-Lauderdale Beach they have the best waffles 🧇 and scenery of the ocean. Walk the beach pier and people watch. The art of people watching is cool!

Plan a trip on Brightline to visit my top vintage boutiques. Spend time together lounging with a good book in stylish vintage caftans. Slide to a delicious dinner at Albertes Haitian Restaurant.  Take our boat out for a ride down millionaire row for major scenic motivation. (Did this once with a group entrepreneur friends see on Tohnistyle blog.) Head to Miami for Faena hotel for nightlife. Then head to Versace Mansion for drinks. (Perfect for photos) Kitchenetta for the best Italian food. Dessert at La Cake my favorite pistachio cake they have very unique desserts. Tacos & margaritas at Lokos Tacos and wrap it up the last day at YelloFl for Vegan food lunch. 

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Having a strong foundation growing up was a critical part of who I am today! I am proud daughter of Derozin ABC Jean & Acela Jean. I learned my fashion sense and love for tailored clothing from my parents. Our family business owned a successful tailor and dressmaking business. My parents also taught me everything about business as well as being authentic and never to compromise my character. Something money can’t buy. I had many strong women in my childhood that taught me about what it is to be a lady. How to carry oneself with style and grace. I like to thank Ms. Jackie, Mrs. Gennie, Mrs. Joe, Mrs. Christine, Madame Maselia, DeDe and many more.

The neighborhood superstars that I saw that showed organic style and confidence. This helped mold my own style. Shoutout to Yank, Nikki, Money, Red, Susie Durm. These women are some of the spectacular women that helped me become who I am today and few more. I am grateful for my beautiful adult friends that are now my extended family. We have been there for one another from the toughest and joyous life experiences. Gratitude to Monique, Annette, Tameka, Barbara, Mrs. Katherine, Fabienne, MaShawn, Tari, Javia, Sade, Keiana Armani, and few more. My family is the backbone to my heart and me showing up. Especially, my amazing husband Richard, kids Josh & Paxton. I have 3 brothers & 2 sisters and very grateful for them and my family. My loyal TohniStyle Instagram tribe is always extended community.

Some of my favorite books are 48 Laws Of Power, Think & Grow Rich.

I like to thank myself for showing love to my passions and letting TohniStyle blossom into a lifestyle. Being the best human being that I can mean a lot to me! And knowing I didn’t shxt on anyone to be where I am today! 💁🏾‍♀️

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