We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Ben CHILDS | Proffessional Musician

There are a lot of people working in music and there is a common misconception that you have to “make it”. This is a fallacy. Plenty of people, myself included make a living in music and the secret for me and many others has been being able to turn my hand to multiple aspects of music. I play paid gigs, teach music lessons, record bands and MCs in my home studio and also record a weekly podcast. Not only do all of these things provide seperate income streams, they also inform and help each other. The people I meet in one aspect of my working life can be useful in another and the skills learned in one help with the others. Read more>>

Jasmine King | Hairstylist & Entrepreneur

The natural hair care industry has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years. Success in this industry requires knowledge, faith, patience, and perseverance. One thing that others may not know about this industry is the rigorous testing and preparation that goes into the development of each product. Products containing herbs and essential oils requires much research, testing and trial and error to form a safe and consistent base. We wanted to ensure prior to launching that our products would yield the results we desired. Read more>>

Temia Gardner | Healthy Hair Therapist/Author/Coach

One thing about the beauty industry outsiders are unaware of is the work load. As an entrepreneur first then a hair stylist. We are constantly creating on the back end and on the front. We have to be there to make sure that the ball keeps moving. It’s a very overwhelming and demanding field. Read more>>

Merle Liivand | Find about Miami Mermaid and her Viking Beauty Secrets

We are European company in Miami and US. That also means that we bring high quality knowledge from Europe. Our products are certified by french company called EcoCert. That means that Our product ingredients have to be listed . And that is already big diffrence. In America only 30 ingredients are banned. In Europe over 1300 ingredients have banned. This is the way how many cosmetic companies are not transparent with their brands.As a customer I think this is so needed because Every human should know what they putting in their body. Read more>>

Sarah Akiba | Fashion Stylist | Creative direct | Entrepreneur | & Philanthropist

There is so much about running a non profit that people are unaware of. So many small details, logistics and forms that need to be done in order to make sure it is regulated. Being super organized is one of the most important things when running a non profit! The giving aspect is definitely the best part, but the logistical part is of such importance and not the most fun. Thats the part that people don’t get to see. Also, there is a lot that goes into giving back. People rely on you, call you at different times of the night, hard situations that can’t be shown via socials is very hard. You have to really be there for people when you give them your word. Its not only the cool events and the schools, its everything that comes with that! My students rely on my day in and day out, and so do their families. Read more>>

Maleah Wilson | Yoga & Functional Movement Teacher

“Yoga, Oh I can’t do that,” she replies with a passing of rejection on her face. “I’m not flexible enough” the inflection in her voice is disappointed and reluctant but it’s her go to answer because it’s the easiest. This is a common answer for so many people in the West. Yoga is portrayed as this workout for the skinny and bendy holding contortionist shapes with soft gazes of peace upon their face. Unrealistic and misleading at best. What no one really tells you is that flexibility, physically and mentally is a by-product of a yoga practice. Yoga Asana (poses) is a practice of many of the same shapes and movements done time and time again in various flows. These poses ask us to do some interesting and often uncomfortable or unfamiliar shapes in the body. This challenges us to be present and pay attention; we are observing ourselves in motion. The mat is our mirror. When we step on the mat, we set down the titles that we carry: mom, dad, sister, bestie, co-worker, boss etc. and we cultivate a relationship with our true selves. I mean, have you ever listened to the sound of your own voice in your head? Let me tell you, mine hisses criticism and judgment. Read more>>