Starting a business is a commitment and requires dedication, resources and sacrifice. We asked some of the rising stars in our community how they thought through the idea of starting their own businesses.

Lorena Hernandez | Founder & CEO Netsaluti

Netsaluti is a family-owned business and its stellar project is which was created with the purpose of providing both the general public and medical specialists, a space for functional medical (health) content, with current and updated information on diverse areas of medical and health research, novel treatments and information related to health in general. It has been a long process that has taken many years from its conceptualization to its development, Read more>>

Paulina Pagés Yabur | Co-Founder & Director of Mi Menina

Mi Menina is a dream me and my partners envisioned over a year ago. A dream that, even though it seemed challenging, we were excited to pursue. It all started with the desire to bring the best of Spanish children’s fashion to the United States and potentially the rest of the world, offering the best quality-price products to our consumers. Read more>>

Ashley Brown | Event Planner

I started my event planning business in the middle of covid lockdown when events were basically illegal to even host. To the outside world it must have been the craziest business plan they ever heard. To me, the lockdown was the push I always needed. With so much uncertainty in the world at that time, I had the overwhelming clarity that it was time to take my leap. Read more>>

Oleg Klovatskiy | Entrepreneur/ Real Estate agent

I have worked independently since very young age. I can say the same about my wife Elena. Basically, we always have been entrepreneurs. When we have moved to the USA we had to start our lives “from the scratch”. But there is a saying: at certain age you don’t start from the bottom- you start from experience. We’re sure, that if a person knows how to make money, the one can do it in any country and under any circumstances. It wasn’t a question either start our own business or not. It was a question of time. Read more>>

Jaclyn Willms | Personal Trainer & Posture Therapist

I have also been a person that thought outside of the box. Creating new methods, solutions and helping others live a healthy happy life has always been my passion. I had worked for various company’s owner by various types of people and the common denominator was I was constantly working on a strategy on how to buy the business or execute the service better. Starting my own business was a no brain after multiple failed attempts at executing my own ideas under someone else rules if you will. Read more>>

Nailim Milian | Craft enthusiast and Good time curator

I worked in accounting for over 15 years. When the pandemic hit I realized how much my mental health was suffering from being unfulfilled in my current job. I took a step back and made a list of everything I needed to feel satisfaction in my work life. Creativity, growth, time flexibility and inclusivity. Where just a couple of items on my list. I also wrote down all of my skills. I quickly realized that I needed to create my own path and so Crafts and Drafts Miami was created. Read more>>

Sofia Garcia Sanchez | Conscious Photographer

I think I’ve always wanted to do big things; both for myself and for the people around me. I’ve always been into creative and artistic pursuits, so Photography, for me, was a step in the right direction towards creating a reality where I would get to be expressive, but also have super dynamic days. To be honest, I don’t think I thought I would be a full time freelancer, a business owner, or ‘my own boss’ this early on. Read more>>

Alejandra Mattey | Travel Agent & Community Manager

Well, the truth is, I consider that it has not been such a difficult process for me in this case because I had been thinking about embarking on my own path for some time, however, I spent 3 years working for companies within my professional field. Which I consider, that taught me much of what I know today. 4 years ago I got pregnant from my second daugther, at that time I was working as a manager in a cinema, however, despite the good income I obtained there, the country’s economic situation was already beginning to fracture, and my situation was quite sensitive about my pregnancy and for this reason I did not continue working there. Read more>>

Dennis Dean | Photographer / Creative Director / Curator

I came to Fort Lauderdale for a job as General Manager of the Fort Lauderdale Players, a theatre company supported by the City. It was a great experience working in the theatre community here, but I soon realized that I was mesmerized by photographing the surrounding locations and the beauty of people here in South Florida. I decided to make my hobby my career, and Dennis Dean Images was born. I have been incorporated since 2001. Read more>>

Debbie-Ann Myers | Creative Director Knitted Queen by Deb

I am a marketing and pr practitioner by profession, however I found that I needed an additional form of income to assist me financially. I needed to save.
earn passive income and feel passionate about it. Using my hook was an easy set up, I had the skill since I was 15. I applied my marketing skills to promote the business in social media and other platforms. Read more>>

Natasha Sharma, Psy.D | CEO NKS Therapy, Author, TEDx Speaker, Media Personality

Honestly: My thought process behind starting my business (NKS Therapy) was: I don’t want anyone to be the “boss” of me but me! I had worked for a few years in the corporate world, and although I enjoyed working with teams, I wanted to be in charge of my own work, and the direction I was taking it in. I also switched careers before starting my own business (from corporate marketing to clinical counselling and psychotherapy. It’s more common in the counselling therapy field to be self-employed, or in “private practice.” I knew I wanted to go beyond a solo practice though, and create a full-scale clinic that can support the mental healthcare and education needs across Canada. Maybe even beyond one day. Read more>>

Michelle DaRin | Jewelry Artist and Designer

I had an aha moment when I had an art opening in Graduate School and people wanted to purchase my jewelry, and I realized I could actually create a business doing something I love! Read more>>

Andie Monet | Business Optimization Expert

When I started my first business, it was out of necessity. I didn’t have any income. I was homeless. And I had no idea how I was going to survive. That was 35 years ago. Since then I’ve started many businesses. But there are 2 reasons that I reasons (for myself) that I have my own businesses. First, I don’t want anyone telling me, nor do I want to feel guilty about my children being sick or wanting to attend one of their events. My family is a priority. Second, I bust my butt when I work, because that’s just who I am. If I’m going to put 110% into anything that I do, I might as well get paid for my efforts, value, knowledge, skills, and amazingness. Read more>>

Priscilla Rojas | Film and TV Producer | 1st AD | Director

In April 2016, I earned my Master’s Degree in Film Production at Full Sail University located in Orlando. I moved to Miami, in the same month, because a few months before my sister and I made two TV Shows Pitch to a regional TV Network, which they like the idea, the projects and how we structure them. So we start looking for the hosts, the crew, which most of them were undergraduate students from Full Sail, build the sets, and start writing the scripts. Read more>>

Jameela Muhammad | Natural Hair Enthusiast

My thought process was doing something that I would not get tired of and did on almost an everyday basis. I really wanted to do something that would benefit other daily routine and lifestyle. Read more>>

Erika Boom | Athlete & Entrepeneur

I started FITMAMA out of my own personal need to find fitness apparel that would fit me right. 7-8 years ago, there was not alot of options in the market, and I saw an opportunity Read more>>

Dr. Kreshay Caswell | Educator, entrepreneur , mom, and wife

The thought process behind starting RK Photobooths came while planning my husband and I’s wedding . We wanted to rent a photo booth for the reception. There weren’t many to choose from in our city , so the rental fees were inflated . After doing a little research for a couple of months, we decided to purchase our own. One booth has grown into us owning 4 different booths now and doing multiple bookings a day. Read more>>

Alexander Korda | CEO/Founder

I decided to start LoveLostManhattan — a unique swimwear brand for women between the ages of 16 to 24 — after repeated conversations with my peers that led me to discover a major gap in society and the marketplace within the fashion world. We are living in a time where social media expectations have come to dominate women’s perceptions of themselves and their feelings of self-worth. Countless young women still say that fashion and modeling spaces have not welcomed them or given them positive experiences. Read more>>

Christina Parsons | Owner ReWynd

ReWynd, was something I’d started thinking about back in 2018, but outside of a logo and a passion for collecting vintage clothes, and housewares, it was always just something in the back of my mind. I think at the time I viewed it as something I’d eventually get to when things slowed down but not any time soon. ReWynd was the when kids get older so I can take a step back and downsize plan. At the time my day job as owner and CEO of DAS Group, a digital marketing agency specializing in franchise systems which I ran for over 10 years. Read more>>

Erin Donahue Tice | Abstract Artist

When I started my own business, I was looking at it as more of a creative and therapeutic outlet to give me a release from the daily trials and tribulations of motherhood. I had just given birth to my second son George, and had two sons under two. It was a hectic and crazy time, and I had stepped away from my thriving career in public relations to focus on motherhood. I quickly realized that I needed to do something creative during the little downtime that I had in order to let my mind relax and to find my identity again. Read more>>

Darrius Cappah | Videographer / Video Specialist

My thought process on me starting my own business mainly sparked from me creating small formed content of all sorts and distributing them too social platforms and change the content up bi weekly too keep the longevity of my business present. Read more>>

Raul Hernandez | Comedian, one of the founders of Dade County Comedy

It’s funny; none of us thought about where Dade County Comedy would be today. It all started in a parking lot, late at night. The three of us (Alex Tarno, Mike Dabba, & Raul Hernandez) were frustrated with certain aspects of the comedy scene here in south Florida. We came to a point that we needed to take it upon ourselves to change the culture for the better. Read more>>

Louise Vongerichten Ulukaya | Founder of Mon Coeur

I was a new mom and looking for sustainable clothing options when I realized there weren’t any that fit the bill, so instead I created Mon Coeur. Mon Coeur is a truly sustainable clothing line for babies and kids that is not only good for the planet but also cute and comfortable. As a mom I didn’t want to compromise on style or comfort in order for the brand to be sustainable and benefit the planet. Read more>>

Meghan Browning | CEO & Co-Founder, #1BEST TOILETS

#1BEST TOILETS was started out of a need to build a business that we could wholly own, and pass down to our kids. We didn’t want to work in specialized spaces anymore that were tied to our specific intellectual property, or skillset. We wanted to start a business that was operationally predictable, allowing us to hire people to do jobs as we grow – versus us having to do everything ourselves. Besides, this is America! Be your own boss! Read more>>

Jathy Garcia | Jathy Garcia

My personality is of an independent, self-starter entrepreneur and after brainstorming with my partner, who already had a good 10 years of industry experience in plumbing, we realized a real need for a woman based business that offered Plumbing, Hvac & Electrical services. While we came up with our business plan we thought about how people had a misguided view of the workers in the trades. Most think of heavily set men with butt cracks & dirty shoes & tools. Yet I knew if we simply placed some structure & parameters we can be known as the boutique service business for this type of industry. Read more>>

Andy Rangel | Owner @ Tint World Doral & Yacht Broker

The answer is in the question; ‘your own’. I didn’t necessarily get tired of making other people money, because they paid me for it and they paid me well. I got tired of making other people money on other peoples terms. Not only did I want financial freedom, which I had, but I also wanted personal freedom. Personal freedom, what does that even mean? That means when I FaceTime my family and my son says ‘Dada can you come home?’, I can leave the office and go see my son, no questions asked. Read more>>

Nakia Robinson | Author & Wellness Enthusiast

I wanted to have creative control. Be able to tell stories that are relatable to everyday people. Read more>>

Maria Crimella | artist

It was a process, one thing led me to another. I never thought I would have an embroidery project when I started studying fine arts. But I do remember a change of thought that made me move forward with more confidence in my own project and that was understanding the wide variety of artists that exist. I was taught that artists work alone in their workshops with their works, once I freed my mind and allowed myself to be an artist whose works are part of garments, everything unfolded in a more organic way. Read more>>

Dely Ramirez | Business Entrepreneur

I always love jewelry, I started selling basic stainless steel jewelry, meeting in person with different people, throughout a selling platform, I even traveled to Lima, thinking if I could import from other countries. I have always been a risk taker, because if I don’t carefully jump into the pool, I would have never learned to swim. I started enrolling in a Local Florida College, for Accounting Classes, but I obtained a business diploma instead, I always been good and like so much computers and math. Read more>>

Ja’Dor Galore | C.E.O

I was super excited when I choose to become an entrepreneur. However, once I set into the role I had no idea where to start. I knew it was a struggle for me getting started which is why I created Millionaire Marketing. Millionaire Marketing assist with business start up for beginners entrepreneurs. Read more>>