We asked some of the city’s hidden gems to tell us about what they feel is the most important factor behind their success.

Denise Serrano | Founder & Creative Director

We continue to bring awarness around the modern fashion industry’s waste. Promoting more ethical and sustainable fashion habits and practices by continuing to rescue luxury excess materials and reuse these materials, through our circular fashion design strategies. We commit to decrease our footprint regarless our love for styling by building fun and versatile upcycled wardrobe. Read more>>

Shanique Javelle | Hair & Wig Supplier

I would have to say the most important factor behind my success with Upper Class Hair is the driving force behind the brand. I am extremely passionate about my company and seeing it grow. I strive to provide high quality extensions for Upper Class which i have sourced for years. Customer service and customer experienced is tailored to guaranteeing our customers are satisfied and purchase again. Upper Class Hair ‘s success is a direct reflection of effort, consistency, and passion. Read more>>

Daniela Labory | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger

This is one of the most common questions that I receive daily, and the truth is that there is no magic behind is constancy, hard work, and patience. It’s been 4 years in this journey of blogging that at the beginning started as a hobby looking to connect with girls that would like so much fashion and beauty as much as I do! Read more>>

MaryMagdalene Cohen | CEO of Blossoming Futures LLC

The most important factor behind my success as the CEO of “Blossoming Futures LLC,” tutoring company is my willingness to never give up no matter what is thrown in my direction. I have encountered obstacles throughout my journey of creating my business/ brand, but my mind is set on a goal and I’m not stopping until that goal is met. For example, I filled for my LLC through Sunbiz, on March 2, 2020, and literally two weeks later all South Florida (S.FL) started to shut down due to Covid-19. Read more>>

Keleisha Carter | CEO of Carter’s Creative Solutions & Real Estate Entreprenuer

Having the knowledge of doing something and actually accomplishing it is usually what stops some persons from achieving their goals. Developing a business plan was far from my mind, doubt prevailed and I made myself believe I was not capable of creating and growing my own business. Looking on my formative years, and not seeing anyone who was successful in this type of venture allowed me to think I would never find the help or support needed. However, I am a strong believer in having multiple sources of income, different from your main stream.  Read more>>

Kimberly Lubin | All about ADL hairbodylife

The most important factor to the success of my brand is my father. My business ADL is named after him, Appoleon Ducamel Lubin in correlation to my struggles with my Hair, Body and Life circumstances. Appoleon passed away in 2015 from a massive heart attack and it crushed our entire family. During his time on earth he instilled strength, knowledge, determination and his favorite word prestige into all of us. Read more>>

Matthew Capala | Entrepreneur, Author of “The Psychology of a Website,” Speaker, Founder of Alphametic, a Digital Marketing Agency in Miami

Being successful in business isn’t just about learning how to become a good networker or a superconnector. You need stories to tell. I realized this truth early in life. I’m a Polish immigrant who started out in America on the scaffolds of Manhattan. Construction taught me hard work, but I quickly realized that the Internet was my surest ticket to the American Dream. So I grabbed “Web Development for Dummies” and built my first website in 2004. Read more>>

Reina Kendall | Writer • Model • Public Relations

Throughout every aspect of my life, I Always come from a place of gratitude. In fact, by focusing on having an authentic, grateful mindset, I have found that it not only leads to humility and success but it creates an internal clarity that is healing. Gratitude is also a positive vibration. Positivity is contagious so the more mindful I am, the better I can be at helping others do the same and perhaps discover their own success whatever that may be. Read more>>