Artists and creatives face innumerable challenges given that their career path often doesn’t come with a playbook, a steady paycheck or any form of safety net. It’s definitely not easy and so we asked a few of the artists and creatives we admire to talk to us about why they chose to pursue an artistic or creative career.

Dorita de Guerrero | Artist & Accountant

officially I have a degree in public accounting, painting has been my great passion, however I always kept it in the background, until 5 years ago, where motivated by a health problem, I decided to share my passion, my paintings with the world, for I started my artistic endeavor through instagram. Read more>>

Naomi Phelps | Wedding and lifestyle Photographer

I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, honestly. I knew I always had more of a creative mind and that I was obsessed with photography, but when I mentioned the subject of doing this for a career to people, there was always such a negative response. Read more>>

Dianna Grace | Sculptor

It was my only choice. It has been a natural progression of following my gut. As artists we’re told that a career in the arts is a risk, but I was concerned about how I wanted to live my most honest life. I came to the conclusion that life is too short and I was not built for a career in an office. Read more>>

Dawn Rhys | Dancer, Belly Dancer & Classical Ballet

Being an artists isn’t really a choice, it’s a calling that drives everything you do. Every choice you make somehow leads you to this. Read more>>

Florencia Clement de Grandprey | Self-taught Mixed media Figurative Artist

Before I decided to take the leap of faith and embark on my artistic adventure, I had many other occupations, including that of a tour guide in Spain, English tutor in Italy, airline pilot in the UK and designer and make up artist in the US. In late 2014, already in my 40’s, and at what I consider one of the lowest points of my life. Read more>>

Britney Cooke | Cultural Worker

I have always been into working with creative mediums since childhood. As I grew older and continued to use art to express myself, I began to learn about how important art was in a revolutionary sense. Now, I want to use my art and creativity to educate and provoke thought. Read more>>

Diego Nossa | Multimedia Artist

I don’t feel we pursue an artistic career. When we’re driven by passion we just can’t stop creating and this takes us into this creative path. Read more>>

Anna Goraczko | Visual Artist

I’ve found joy in going to school to pursue my MFA, making art on my own, and sharing with others in private lessons. Art has always been a part of me and when I persist in the field, I continue to be fulfilled and inspired more than in any other job I’ve had. It feels like it was something I was meant to do. It gives me purpose. Read more>>

Matt Speck | Artist & Designer

As a kid I went through a lot of tough times and situations, and I think everybody does, but I used art as my escape. I’m a big component of mental health and expressing yourself and being true to yourself. I believe each person needs that escape from reality, for me it was sports and art. Read more>>

Julius Espiritu | Cinematographer & Musician

In my life I’ve realized that I want to impact people and all of their senses… Emotionally, spiritually, and physically. I originally started producing music at a young age and found it a powerful tool to take people on a journey and invoke emotion.. I found that videography is the perfect outlet that combines music and visuals. Read more>>

HonoRebel | International Recording Artist/Writer & Producer

I perused being an Artist/Writer/Producer and CEO of my record label so that I’m able to be the voice of the voiceless and to spread my message of positive energy across the globe. Believing is the eve of receiving. You can create anything your mind conceives, just believe and you will receive. Read more>>

Teresa Frazee | Artist/ Writer

In my studio, I am alive, elsewhere I simply exist. Yet certainly, it was not my decision to pursue the Arts. Rousing to be materialized, “the calling”, was already chosen for me. Sequestered by compulsive artistic potency, instinctually led by an inward light guiding me home, it was not a matter of want. Read more>>

James Roan | Recording Artist

Well I love the arts and the freedom of being creative by telling my story. Putting my thoughts into art forms with words/songs and watching them come to life in sound. Everyone has a blank canvas, its just a matter of what picture you choose to paint. Read more>>

Ayesha D’Mello | Indian Culinary School and Dinner Events

If someone told me 20 years ago that I would be pursuing a creative career and owing my own culinary boutique, I would have never believed them. After earning undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Computer Science and an MBA, I took the path of a corporate career with Silicon Valley software companies. Read more>>

John Gunn | Artist, Author, Film Director / Producer, Music Producer.

My artistic / creative career began after a very dark and depressing time in my life. In my late teens and early tweantys I was a avid photographer and digital artist. I was also a Police Explorer and a Air force ROTC Cadet with a life goal of serving in the U.S. military and a career in Federal law enforcement. Read more>>

Jamere Eggelton | Photographer

I remember telling myself after changing majors in college from nursing to studio arts, that I would never sit behind a desk all day. After changing my major, I saw the term career differently. I saw it in a light that made me more excited. My schooling still had the art history and basics but being at that age, kind of clueless what to do after it all. Read more>>

Nikki Carmela Peters | Makeup Artist/ Creative Director

In my early years, I had worked retail, worked an office job, worked in a bar, but none of which stimulated me creatively. I will never forget when I was 20 years old, working at an desk answering phones Monday – Friday 9-5 and miserable and my dad said to me, “you are far too talented and creative to sit behind a desk”. Read more>>

Steven Baboun | Artist

At a very young age, art was always part of my life. For me, art was a way to escape trauma and pain. As a child, I used to write a lot– creating worlds and characters, transporting myself to kingdoms I created. I felt empowered when I used to write and imagine other worlds that celebrated people, that knew peace, that made me feel okay, that made me contemplate on the state of my planet. Read more>>

A N A I S Camacho | Brand Specialist & Art Curator

I pursued a creative career because I was inspired by my mother. She’s a seamstress/designer, so I always was around her creating ideas into magical pieces. I was fortunate to learn from her and she really opened my creative mind. Read more>>

Rebecca Vaughns | Known as Butterfly ~ Poet/Spoken Word Artist

In actuality, I didn’t choose a creative career. It chose me. What I did choose to do was believe I could make it work. It has been an unforgettable 18 year journey, especially, this year 2020 found me on the porch of uncertainty. This year was slated to be one of my best years ever as a full-time poet~spoken word artist. Read more>>

Tremaine “Tre” Young | Guitarist

My career path as a musician kinda chose me. I had plans of being a math teacher since middle school, but I fell out of love with that. Music has saved my life in so many different ways, from being the source of income to help me get in and finish college, to being the thing that I turned to when I’m down and depressed and had no one to talk to, it was there and got me thru. Read more>>

Lola Stapff | Image Coach

My passion for fashion comes from my mother, she was a top model for many years in Punta del Este Uruguay, love for fashion began with her. Read more>>