Our community is comprised of entrepreneurs, artists and creatives. What’s tough about all of these vocations is that there is no clocking in and clocking out. So what should one do – work all day? Never work? Work 9-5? Finding work life balance when you work for yourself isn’t easy, but it is important.

Owyn Porter | Illustrator & Creative

Balance has always been a struggle for me, I am either all in with my work, doing everything I can to make sure that The Happy Sea is productive and successful, or I am burnt out looking at flights to the nearest tropical island. Honestly, up until this year when the entire planet reached a screeching halt I struggled with balance. Throughout the months of March, April, and May The Happy Sea was in a complete flux as I know many other businesses were going through the same up & down ride. Read more>>

Caitlin & Darius | Event Planner & Designer, Graphic Designer & Interior Designer

Both of us came from working 9 to 5 at design firms and knew we wanted things to be different at Studio CDB. Living a healthy life is a priority for us, and that means balance. As a design studio, we try not to focus on 8 hour days or 40 hour work weeks, but rather getting our jobs done and done well. Keeping our schedules flexible allows us to eat healthier, hit the gym often, and take our dogs (Link and Boseman) out for walks. Read more>>

Melissa Gonzalez | Content Creator

My work-life balance has changed drastically over time. When I started www.mellystarz.com it was not a priority and was often put on the back burner. Over time, I began to focus more on it and lessened my hours at my night job. I eventually joined the ‘traditional’ workforce and completely lost all work-life balance as well as my creativity. My only focus was on building someone else’s dream. One day, I woke up and realized I couldn’t continue to focus on their dream and had to pick back up on my dream. Read more>>

Corhinn Brunot | Web Designer & Editor in Chief

Have you ever heard the expression “The grass is not always greener on the other side”? Well this statement is true. For a single woman living on her own I have to put emphasis on what’s important to me at all cost. My immediate family members are the most important beings that I have on this earth and they are my balance, they keep me grounded. I make it a point to spend time with them as much as I can even if we live in different cities. Not having a husband and children does not make things any easier either. Read more>>

Maria Medina | Minuteman Press Franchise Owner

I learnt the importance of work life balance the hard way after my first year of business. Having just moved to South Florida in 2014, I made it my goal to meet as many local business professionals as possible. This meant attending as many events as possible and marketing my business to the fullest. Unfortunately, I shortly found out this was a fast way to burn out. After struggling to keep up with all the events plus the added workload, I decided to sit down with my trusted business advisor (who happens to be my wife) and brainstorm some ideas as to how to stay on top of things. Read more>>

Undine Shorey | Musician & Writer

Work life balance is my goal for 2020. Before COVID-19, I was blessed with so many gigs that I felt a little overwhelmed. I was gigging every weekend and a few days during the week. Playing for 3 hours each night is exhausting especially if you have another job during the day. I was out more than I was home and it started weighing on me. I was beginning to miss family gatherings and outings with friends. I love what I do, but I didn’t want it to consume all of my time. In order to keep a balanced and healthy life. Read more>>

Anton Kirindongo | Brand developer & Creative Director

For many years I had a hustler mindset, “You sleep when you die” attitude. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. You actually accelerate your chances of dying prematurely by putting work over everything. Balance isn’t a curse to make your life miserable, it’s a necessity so that you can operate optimally. Miami has been adopting the pace of New York City more and more and many have come to believe that you were weak if you couldn’t put in 16 hours of work consistently. Read more>>

Josh Morgan | Restaurateur

The supreme balancing act we all strive to perfect between work and our personal lives is something that is at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis. We are all human, and as such, we all have different variables and factors that affect us on both mental and spiritual levels. With that said, it’s impossible to preach a “blueprint” if you will for work-life balance that applies to everyone. Certain industries and careers require tremendous attention and can take a toll on our mental health. My own career in the Hospitality industry is no exception. Read more>>

Sherrieka Othello | Dancer & Creative Director

My complete understanding of balance has changed over time. Before I would think balance was being able to do, “What I have to do” in order to be able to do “what I love to do”. However, it is entirely different, balance is an even distribution with all things that set your soul on fire. It is walking in perfect harmony with your wants and needs. You can’t have one without the other and it most definitely took me time to realize that. Read more>>

Betty Martin M.S | Therapist, Speaker & Author

My balance has changed tremendously over time while doing business.. When I first began I was a mother of one and a wife. As time went on our family grew and my career expanded. I learned that my children’s bedtime was the best time to send out invoices, information and work on projects that needed to be completed. I learned that balance came from strict guidelines and boundaries. The only way I could balance home life and business was to embrace setting schedules and understanding that my time is valuable so treat it well.. Read more>>

Giovanina Valero | Astrology

Well, definitely balance in life is everything. Personally, I think that we must prepare everyday through tools like yoga, meditation or painting, just to mention ones. The real goal is find the tools adapted to your lifestyle and turn little daily practices like your coffee in the morning into a rituals and moments to connect with yourself, with the present. I found in the Astrology a great way to know me and that’s for me the key to the balance. I’m mom of two so balance now is an effective perception and use of the time, my coffee time in the morning, a yoga class weekly, time to take a bath or self care, living one day at the time knowing that not all it’s gonna be perfect but I just flow. Read more>>

Jenifer Mangione | Marketing & Technology Executive

I don’t use the phrase, “work-life balance” because for me it’s simply “life in balance.” I don’t think you can draw a line down the middle of your life and say one side is work and everything else is not. Whatever we are doing, we are human beings interacting with other human beings. If you’re lucky — given how many people in the world are unemployed and living in poverty — a good portion of your time will be spent at work. If you’re smart, you’ll find ways to draw something positive from it. If you’re super-smart, you’ll begin to view your life with an understanding that every person and every situation you encounter, both good and bad, offers an opportunity for self-development. Read more>>

Elizabeth Paucar Harris | Patient Advocate

Over the years, my work life balance has become more important and I have made it a priority. I am conscious that if I do not balance my life between work and personal time with my family and for myself, I will not be fulfilled, healthy or happy. One of these would be in jeopardy if I do not make an effort and be intentional about balancing my life. While I love my career, I also love and need “me” time and family quality time in order to be successful with my work. I have a wonderful, supportive husband who needs me and also an amazing daughter who I also need to spend time and bond with her. Read more>>

Alyxa | Artist & Model

As I got older and had more responsibility, I managed my time a lot better. Before, I would just be lazy and chose to work on my music/craft on my days off. Now, I go to the studio right when I clock out of my 9-5. I went from working in the studio a couple times a month to a few times a week. I’ve definitely gotten a lot more motivated and dedicated. Read more>>