The Decision Makers Series is one of our staff’s favorite because decision making is a topic that so many of us have studied deeply.

Ramon Mas | Artist

Art provides me the opportunity to share the voice, feelings, thoughts, and movements that I find difficult to put into words. By using a visual medium, I feel that I can celebrate these thoughts and bring them life in a new way for the world to enjoy. This desire to share my inner self, my inner voice, my inner thoughts and stories is by far the most important driving force for my desire to explore this world we call Art. Read more>>

Denise Hart | Licensed Massage Therapist & Owner

The single most important decision that I made that contributed to my success was the fact that I wanted to own my own time. I am a mother and friend to many. Those relationships need nurturing just as much as my business does. Running my own business affords me the freedom to make time for the people and the things that I love. Read more>>

Daniela Estrada | Digital Media Producer & Floral Designer

One of the most important decisions I’ve made since I started my business was to be authentic, to be completely myself and reflect that in my brand. I wanted that when people see my arrangements can recognize them because they are so unique, they are so “me” . That’s something that I try to reflect in every decision I make which also means rejecting jobs that didn’t align with my brand and what I believe in. Entrepreneurship can be so intimidating and knowing my worth has helped me so much, not accepting free gigs and knowing that the right projects will fall on my lap when they have to. Read more>>