We had the good fortune of connecting with Edgar Miguel Abréu and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Edgar Miguel, what makes you happy? Why?
What a laden question! Honestly, I don’t always know what makes me happy. I’m in constant pursuit of my daily happiness. Often, I feel like a butterfly caught in a constant pendulum of metamorphosis. I probably shouldn’t be so histrionic, but it’s my truth. I am a tenor after all! Jokes aside – I do my best to wake up every day and be grateful for my life and for living the life I’ve chosen. This is particularly hard to remember when I feel like I haven’t accomplished much. Giving myself a pat on my back is a necessity that I need to remember more. I am also grateful for my family and dearest friends who’ve accepted me for who I am. Sounds simple but it’s not and for this I am happy. Most importantly I am happy to make music every day. I am lucky to teach great students and perform for audiences of all sizes year round. I guess it’s okay to live in this pendulum of metamorphosis as it’s my truest reminder that I am alive and living in my truth and on a path I’ve chosen! I’ll accept this ever evolving process I call my life. What makes me happy and why? I am happy to wake up every day and crack my daily cocoon to embrace both the sun and moon and all of its challenges accompanied by great people and music.

We’d love to hear more about your art. What do you do and what do you hope others will take away from your work?
I’m ultimately an interpreter of music. I take others compositions and do my best to bring their pieces to life per their suggestions and my current state of mind. I’m always evolving mentally and emotionally, and I try to add some of those elements towards my music. I guess you could say performing music for others is therapeutic. I hope audiences can find authenticity and accessibility in my performances. I want everyone to allow themselves to forget about the stresses of their lives when they come and see me. Escape with me.

What do you know now that you wished you had learned earlier?
First piece of advice is to work. Work every day harder than yesterday. The school systems at any level don’t equip you with the reality of what the world is like. It’s not all as glamorous as it seems. It takes hard, relentless work to even scratch the surface and it takes even harder discipline to remain. Next, throw self-doubt into the trash! There is no room in this profession, quite frankly in life, to let one’s’ insecurities show. Yes, we all have them but the world and powers to be will always want to use those against you. Work those fears out and don’t bring them to the forefront. Plus, if you don’t like yourself or the job you’re doing how do you expect to convince others of your talent? Ultimately for me, it’s not about my fears or doubts, it’s all about the music, my unhealthy ego must disappear and take back to seat to the music and emotions being expressed. The effusive manner in which music has enamored me is what I hope to emit to others. Let the best of you be what the world sees at all times.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
South Florida has many great spots! My favorite restaurant is J. Alexanders so I’d have to take them there. Their artichoke appetizer, steaks, salads, and warmed carrot cake are second to none. Now one of my favorite places is the Alchemist in Wilton Manors – they have the best coffee and sliders in town – a must go to anyone. If you’re in Miami I beg you to visit Luis Galindo’s Latin America #2 – you will leave full happy and wanting more. We also have live theater happening all year round right here at the Broward Center, Adrienne Arsh Center, and American Airlines Arena. Finally, Hunter’s has THE BEST karaoke in town. Literally so many songs, you can change the key, and some legit great singers!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
I want to thank my parents, brother, friends, colleagues, and adversaries. And once again, thank you VoyageMIA!

Website: www.edgarmiguelabreu.com
Instagram: instagram.com/emusicala
Facebook: www.facebook.com/edgarmiguelabreu

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