Our mission is to help shift the balance of power between big business and small business in favor of small business, so we’re often trying to get conversations going around topics that affect small business.  One area where small businesses are potentially at a disadvantage is technology because so many tech companies are focused on “enterprise” level tech solutions that are out of reach for many small business owners.  Our hope with this piece is to get a conversation stated around tech and small business, so we asked local entrepreneurs about the role tech plays in their business.

Karen Lustgarten | President/Creative Director, Multi-Media Works

Video production is a good example of an industry that’s both a creative art and a science. A well-produced professional video involves art at every phase for the finished piece: creative planning, storytelling, storyboarding, artistic editing and editing decisions. The production and post-production phases include the science, which is the ever-evolving technology to produce a video and then market it online. Read more>>

Lauren Goldblatt | Teacher and Co-founder at KickstartReading.com

With kids my favorite spots are going to the beach and parks. In Boca Raton, we love going to Sugar Sand Park. They have a great indoor and outdoor area for kids along with a Carousel ride. For nightlife, we go to Atlantic Avenue in Delray Beach. There are so many great restaurants to choose from. Read more>>

Jen Jovan | Mixed media artist and purveyor of malarkey

This is an endlessly fascinating topic in the world of art as our collectors begin to become younger and more tech savvy, wanting to find and purchase art online AND have digital content to accompany it. Tech is now the single largest factor in my art business! Juggling multiple selling platforms, website, social media, video content and narrative content require discipline, constant learning and trend-watching. Read more>>