Society conditions us to believe that winners never quit.  Is that good advice?  We asked some brilliant folks how to know whether to keep going or to give up and try something new.

Maria A. Perez | Designer and Artist – Founder of by_map. a Hand painted Resort wear Brand

All entrepreneurship has challenges and moments in which you can think is not worth it to continue. However, if you do what you love and are passionate about your business, it will be easier to stay strong and persistent. Therefore it is important to start a business with purpose and passion. There is many people who at early age discover what they love to do, either because they have a special talent or grow in a stimulating environment. Read more>>

Leece Vanover | Color specialist (hairstylist

I think this is something we all struggle with. Giving up is one of the easiest things to do, you can get stuck in the mindset of “I am not getting a lot of engagement with my viewers, why did this post get more likes than the other, why didn’t they feature me” these are things that may run through our head from time to time. We have to realize that to keep going means that there will be flops and failures but we get up and go again. Read more>>

Daniel Ramos | Executive Chef/ The Butcher and The Bar

Luckily for me throughout my whole culinary career I have not had to make a give up decision. I consider myself extremely blessed that through every tough moment there has been a reason that led me to the next step. I cant even keep count of times that I was close to giving up on something. Sometimes I just could not get behind the decision and them all of a sudden something happens and for always the right reason. So for me I just keep going and never give up. Read more>>

Vicky Zimerfeld | Lifestyle Portrait Photographer

This question comes up very often in photography business. It’s a creative industry that is always changing, if you don’t keep up with the changes it could be easy to give up. I have always loved photography so much and can’t see myself doing anything else. I’m always learning new things, adding different services, working on personal projects with models and looking for motivation, inspiration all around to keep going. Read more>>

Kristin Barton | Founder & CEO of KISO Swim School Inc.

There are many factors that can go into this decision, yet one ultimately determines your path. This is derived from perseverance and the strongest inner feeling – hope. How far are you willing to go even when all roads seem to lead to brick wall? When an individual must make this decision, there are controlled and uncontrolled issues that play a role. As for me, as an entrepreneur, I have been hit with this contemplation twice since opening my business five years ago. Read more>>

Kristen Schneider | Ayurveda Practitioner, Author, & Yoga Teacher

I think a major factor to consider when deciding if one should persevere or surrender and move on is to consider the WHY. When i’m at an intersection where I can either keep going or move on, I ask myself, “Why am I doing this?” For me, everything I do needs to have meaning and a purpose. If the purpose is largely centered around success in business, profits, or material gains then I know I need to shift my focus. Read more>>

Felicia Guerra | Event Planner/ Designer

Well, I don’t use the expression “give up”. because for me nothing is impossible. I always think with a good dose of optimism .and also believe that human beings cannot stop. We are always evolving, be it material or spiritual. I see it as a cycle, a constant evolution. We live in difficult times where perseverance and the will to win must be present in our daily attitudes, so that way we can survive in today’s world… Read more>>

Shanteria Griglen | The Little Giant | Writer/Director/Producer

As long as there’s breath in your body you keep going! Giving up shouldn’t ever be an option. The journey to success or making your dream a reality isn’t going to be easy and I don’t think it’s suppose to be. I believe that the process is put in place to teach us humility, wisdom, endurance and and build our character. I’ve learned that it’s not about YOU, it’s about what God wants to do through you. Read more>>

Laura Saltman | Motivational Speaker, Intuitive Life Coach, Author of “The All” series of metaphysical teachings

“Don’t give up. Just let go.” That is one of the major lessons I have learned through writing my All books. It’s our own sense of urgency to create the very thing we feel so called to do that keeps us stuck in the nethers. We have such a passion we want to share or showcase and that very passion can lead us to desperation and not inspiration. When you let go and trust there is a greater plan it will come to fruition more easily if you “follow the yellow brick road.” Read more>>

Sephanie Coutoulakis | Gymnastics and cheerleading program director

Giving up isn’t a choice I allow myself to have. But what i do allow myself to do is learn, grow, and change. Trusting my gut and using experience definitely alters the way I approach certain goals or situations constantly. We live in a changing world, and have to learn to adapt and persevere through many different circumstances at any given time. I feel that if you do not learn to adjust, then that is when you get discouraged enough to give up. So I surround myself with a strong circle of support, push through, and keep going! Read more>>

Christie O’Connor | Owner of Christie’s Candles & Soaps

This is one of those questions that is like a roller coaster. We have been participating in some of the same large craft fairs for the past eight years and have had successful sales. Last September at one of our most profitable shows we sold about one quarter of merchandise than we had in previous years. We tend to question ourselves and ask ourselves “did we not have enough variety, fragrance, product?” And then we think that maybe it should be our last show and we should not even bother anymore. Read more>>

Jill Oscar | Professional Makeup Artist

I have given up so many times. I accepted the answer “no” from so many things in my life. I was told by someone when i was 21 and green in this business that working in Television is not a life for a young girl like me. I believed him! I went on for the next 25 years believing that I couldn’t do the career i really wanted. I had jobs that i hated. I couldn’t really find what made me happy. It wasn’t until i ran the NYC Marathon that something clicked. I actually pushed myself to finish something that was so incredibly hard. Read more>>