We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today.  Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Christine Handy | Author, Model, Motivational Speaker, Humanitarian, Breast Cancer Spokesperson

Christine Handy Author of Walk Beside Me, motivational speaker, Model, Humanitarian, Executive Producer. When I was going through chemotherapy several years ago, one of my friends said, “People are watching you so choose wisely how you want to react to this,” and she was right. People watch to see how we respond and react to trauma, suffering, pandemics, viruses and on and on. These moments are opportunities to model to others how to handle these important and difficult seasons in our lives in an uplifting way. When I stepped out of my own pain and decided to serve others first by leading with courage not only did my life change but others did as well. After I completed chemotherapy I wrote a fictional novel about my life called Walk Beside Me and subsequently became a motivational speaker. Read more>>

Alexis Guini | Podcaster, Realtor & Investor

I don’t see Exito y Finanzas as a business. It is more like a hobby were I am looking to share my knowledge and the knowledge of the people that I interview on my podcast “Éxito y Finanzas Podcast¨ to the Latin community in the U.S and in Latin America. I want to increase the entrepreneurial spirit and the importance of personal finance in our community. Read more>>

Cristyle Egitto | Foodie, Businesswoman, Writer & Mom

EatPalmBeach grew out of wanting to help local businesses. It has always been a goal of mine to support local restaurant owners and culinary talent, focus on the positive, be a cheerleader for entrepenuers, and connect others to create a collaborative community. Over time philanthropic ventures have grown out of the blog from becoming a committee chair for Palm Beach’s Taste of the Nation benefitting No Kid Hungry to sponsoring local organizations like ChasenTailz and giving back through opportunities like Quantum House and #SavePBFood. Through my personal experience with Hurricane Andrew I have taken on an active role in natural disaster relief efforts in South Florida. I think it’s important to use my platform to be a beacon for my community, to bring awareness to important causes and support efforts that better our area. Read more>>

Sten Garcia | Co-founder

As a non-profit, our mission is to build a strong and successful community of creative business owners. At the core of our networking organization is an educational component that serves as a conduit for successful business practice. We further our mission by cultivating a culture of right-brain individuals that feel confident and prepared to turn their talents into a properly established entity. Read more>>

Bridgette Larcada | Owner/Curator

I’ve always had a passion for the creative. After graduating from design school + then working in the industry for some time, I loved being creative in different aspects the specific jobs entailed, but I never felt fully fulfilled. THE PULL was born out of a need to feel like what I was doing had a greater purpose outside of a little retail therapy for my customer or simply a creative outlet for myself. THE PULL enabled me to reach back to my roots – being born and raised in South Africa, I was constantly looking for a way to stay connected + give back. We started sourcing home goods + accessories + wearables only from Africa. The creative behind the products had to be an artisan or an independent designer. Read more>>

Claudia Rhea | Founder of Four Winds Natural

The idea of bringing a new concept Beauty Store to Florida in which beauty is seen from within and not from the outside was quite revolutionary. The term “Inner beauty” was hardly heard before in Boca Raton, unless you were talking about spirituality. We opened a store that is 100% natural, introducing products that were transformational from within, bringing awareness to our clientelle in that beauty must be addressed from within. With that in mind, all our complimentary Outer beauty products are 100% natural, made in small batches, from the most pristine and wholesome ingredients. We are bringing knowledge about the benefits and ingredients of the products and brands that we carry, along with a lifestyle of wellness everyday. Read more>>

Jasmine Molin | Public Health Professional & Artist

Hippie Queen Artwork is about self-expression. Self-expression is shown through self-refection and being able to be honest with yourself. It is healthy to be self aware when dealing with emotions since we are around so many different stimuli. My business is pushing the ability to reflect and become more aware of self through art. I hope to build this platform that brings more people in to express thoughts and feelings through art just as I have found for my own art. As a public health professional and mental health advocate, I hope to impact individuals on finding healthy ways to express and allow a space for that expressionism. Read more>>

Armando Zuppa | Banjo, Mandolin, Guitar and Ukulele Teacher

I opened Penny Lane Emporium because I noticed that there was not a music store and a music school focused specifically on the Americana tradition. My goal was, and is, not just to provide music lessons but also to preserve the Americana/Folk tradition in South Florida. The focus of Penny Lane Music Emporium is therefore that of inspiring young and old people to learn more about the Americana musical tradition through the sale of instruments that belong to such tradition like Banjos, Mandolins and acoustic instruments in general. This tradition is so community driven and south Florida was really missing a place for that tradition to be celebrated. Penny Lane Emporium does just that and I am very proud to have created you a unique place where you can learn, listen and shop all aspects if this homegrown music tradition. Read more>>

Connie Siskowski, RN, PhD | President and Founder of AACY

Our nonprofit, the American Association of Caregiving Youth (AACY) is the first and only organization in the US solely dedicated to raising awareness and finding solutions to reduce the negative and enforce the positive ramifications of family caregiving by children and teens. It serves an otherwise unrecognized population of children who sacrifice their academic and personal well-being because of home family caregiving responsibilities. This often includes caring for more than one family member who has a chronic illness, injury, is elderly or who has a disability. The responsibilities range from personal care and assistance with mobility to household tasks, translating, managing medications or medical equipment and providing actual medical care such as tube feeding or suctioning. Read more>>

Empress Layla | CEO, Photographer, Muse

Empress Media Group LLC specializes in providing multidisciplinary talent with media content from photoshoots, print editorials, music videos, and film reels. Empress Media Group LLC prides itself in our feminist approach to professionalism as well as establishing diverse portfolios that showcase Talent’s unique brand and personality. We embrace talent’s creative input and plan according to their interests. Read more>>

Hannah Hayes | Owner of Seven Swim

I’ve always felt that companies should do more to add environmental and/or societal welfare goals to their business structure. Businesses push back or say it’s not possible for them because switching to other supply chains or materials would decrease their margin too much. However, aside from just the morality of it, I honestly believe consumers now will invest more in something that has purpose and societal benefit behind it. Therefore, you make up the margin in quantity or a slightly higher cost of goods. That being said, when I began my swimwear company, I knew from the start that I wanted to use sustainable materials and a fair labor supply chain – even though I didn’t know much about any of it then. I was able to find an amazing factory in Brazil that’s 100% female owned and operated. Read more>>

Royal Gunter | Chef & Co-Owner

I feel our business is helping the community by being the only reliable food source in the Boynton Beach Brewery District, operating six days a week at Due South Brewing co. During these times, everyone wants to get back to some sort of normal, share great food, a couple of pints and a few laughs. Hanging at your local brewery and enjoying fresh craft food and award winning beer has become a daily custom amongst locals and the neighborhood. We strive to do our part in the world by becoming a stationary food option in the community by lowering our carbon foot print, utilizing recycled pulp trays and paper liners. We even went as far to take on a up-cycled project with our current Shipping Container Kitchen, which sits on site creating a mock restaurant. Some folks don’t realize how much gas and emissions trucks and generators produce. Read more>>