There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Edgar Henao | Dj

EFX spends his time traveling to cultivate the global platform he has created in places like to Paris and Switzerland and has taken the skills and his knowledge to produce what the people want to hear. Despite international success, EFX seems to take it all in stride and keep himself humble. Read more>>

Randa Alami | B.S., NASM CPT, FNS, CES I Owner U-KRAVE Fitness

The most important factors behind my success have been passion and perseverance. Without passion, there’s no drive to persevere and without persevering thru the unavoidable ups and downs of owning a business, you will inevitably fail. Leading my business with passion and purpose keeps the flame to my drive lit every single day. I am fueled by the opportunity I have each day to make an impact on so many. I believe my business to be a transaction of my passion and energy. My vibe has truly attracted my tribe which has grown substantially over the last six years. Throughout all of life’s trials and tribulations, I’ve always left my problems at the door and whole heartedly led my members and clients with a positive attitude from an infinite source of passion and gratitude to do what I love. Read more>>

Mike Miller | Tattoo Artist

Everybody’s idea of success is different from one person to the next. For me, being successful is only justified by whether or not I’m happy with the work that I am putting out. And me being an artist, like most other artists, we are our own worst critics. So I don’t think there’s ever going to be a point where I think “OK this is good enough, we can stop here and relax a little bit…” for me it’s about looking at the last tattoo/drawing/painting I did and thinking “OK how do we go up from here?”And the only way around it is by having a great work ethic in my opinion. If I’m not actively tattooing, I’m drawing, painting, studying tattoos, Reading tattoo literature, watching tattoo documentaries, literally anything that I can to not only inspire me but to push me to the next level. I think as an artist complacency is your biggest enemy. The minute you think your work is good enough is the minute you start to deteriorate. Always try to be better than the day before. Read more>>

Gabriel Rosario | Wedding Photographer

Anybody can take amazing photos, but connecting with your subject is the most important skill a photographer can have. Eye contact, assertiveness, making them laugh, encouraging them toward intimacy. A photographer must be able to make anyone feel beautiful and special. Read more>>

Mia Villasante | Founder of Mi and Colette

Loving what I do and creating an environment that attracts authenticity and confidence. I want the girls, the clients and myself to leave everyday feeling fulfilled and proud of what we have accomplished. This reflects when helping build a brand for others and for myself. You have to be able to share who the brand is, what they believe in and why they will have an impact on your life. In order to develop this message, we have to build a connection with the client, where we get to know each-other well enough that we know their voice. That story will only translate through transparency and it will be rewarded with abundance. What I love the most is watching a project from inception to evolution. It’s especially rewarding when we align with founders who believe in us to share their story, their product and their image. The relationships I have created and the founders that have put trust into us is what makes me feel accomplished and fuels me to wake up every morning. We are just getting started. Read more>>

Bryon Rizzi | Fitness Consultant

The most important factor in our success with BRP Training is how we strive to build Long Lasting Relationships with our Family.. Once you are a “Client” and start the Process with us, you become our Family.. I was always was told long ago from my Mentors and Helping hands coming up the Ranks “People don’t care how much you know with this service until they know how much you care” We value Relationships and Community along with Health and Wellness to the highest standard. Read more>>

Grace Ilunga Nkulu | Legal Advisor & Entrepreneur

As a legal Advisor, it is always a great experience to meet new business owners. They are the reason why I started my brand. Helping small business and entrepreneurs achieving their dreams, is the purpose of my company. I believe that the reason why my brand is growing is having authentic connections. I favour human connections with all my clients because i know that behind every business there is a creative, hard working man or woman. Read more>>

Jamil Martinez | Filmmaker & Photographer

Intuition has been the most important factor behind every success I’ve accomplished. It is what waves the solution to problems in an almost effortless way. The problem I used to find myself in was that I couldn’t hear my solutions over the panic of worry in my mind. What if I can’t figure this out? How can I live with this problem? Will it get worse? I would constantly replay the worries in my mind to the point where there was no answers, just problems. The solution to tapping into my intuition, I have found, is to have fun. The people who get the highest level in a game are the ones who love the game. They take on the challenges because it is fun. Seeing their character level up, acquiring new missions, getting better gear. It becomes intuitive, pressing the right button at just the right time not because it makes sense but because it just feels right. Pure flow state. Read more>>

Coast & Mingle | Luxury Picnics and Events

The most important factor behind our success has been focused on building a brand that serves. Our picnics are designed to bring a slice of heaven to our guests, we do that through providing customized service. Once our clients book with us we have several touch points with them before , during , and after their picnic experience. This allows us to be in tune with their vision for their event. When we say we are a brand that serves, not only do we serve our clients , but also our community. A portion of our earnings are donated to local non profits and organizations that are near and dear to our hearts. Some of these organizations include the the American American Association and Naples Junior Woman’s Club to name a couple. Our success has been driven by the exceptional service we strive to provide our guests. When you book a picnic experience with us , you gain a luxury picnic experience but also a friend along the way!. Read more>>

Benjamin Holland | Makeup Artist, Hairstylist & Monster Maker

The most important factor behind my success is hands-down the support system that surrounds me. I am fortunate enough to have friends and family that support my creative endeavors. Someone once told me that “if the people that you surround yourself with don’t support you, then surround yourself with new people…” and that stuck with me. Read more>>

Nancy Verdule | Noire Lux Beauty Bar CEO

The MOST important factor behind my success is GOD. Without him giving me the idea to even start the business I wouldn’t be where I am today. Having faith and trusting God when he showed me through dreams what was to come down line has definitely been instrumental in how I move and all my decision making in all that I do. Read more>>

Marjay McMillian | Founder & CEO

The most important factor behind any success is providing a service or product that is in high demand. Then, mastering your craft and remaining consistent. Read more>>

Crystal Knights | CEO | Business Owner

The most important factor behind the success of my business is simply giving myself permission to be authentically me. No matter what other businesses are doing, I don’t compare myself to them because I created my own path, so I remain true to myself and stay in my lane. Read more>>

Eliana Ghen | Actor | Producer | Writer

The most important factor behind my success is the fact that I never took “no” as a reason to quit or stop. In fact, the reason that made me push on TikTok and social media was the fact that I was getting so many “no’s” in the industry of acting. I wasn’t hearing back at all on auditions, so that was key to push me towards my success, since I had no where else to go except make something for myself that didn’t involve me relying on a company, director, or producer to say “yes.” I said “YES” to myself. Also what helped me so much was the fact that my husband Marshal was so supportive, and the days I would want to quit, he would say “NO,” and it made me say “OK,” I committed to this, and I AM NOT QUITTING. That internal dialogue was the catapult for my success. It’s so important to have people that believe in you, sometimes even more than you believe in yourself. Read more>>

Milan Vracaric | Holistic Healer

The consistency with doing daily holistic health rituals. Read more>>

The Underground Miami | Online Platform Supporting Local Miami Music

We believe that the most important factor behind our success with our platform, The Underground Miami, is the community. Before creating The Underground, we have been supporting the local Miami music scene for a long time. We would attend events and actively promote the bands that we fell in love with. Through this community we were inspired to create a platform that would continue to encourage the assembly of local music-lovers while promoting the music scene. The overpowering sense of community has motivated us to grow as a platform hosting events for the community by two proud members of the collective people. Read more>>

Carline Dorsainville | Lash and Brow Professional

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is patience!! If I would’ve given up when I wasn’t getting booked I would’ve missed out on key opportunities which boosted my brands exposure. Read more>>

Laura Moran | Certified Wellness Coach

Success is something that can be measured in so many ways, and it has a different meaning to each of us. In my case determination and perseverance are the key, also the passion for what I do. Some people give up when things get rough, and don’t continue chasing their dreams, I enjoyed the journey every day. Read more>>

Alexa Rosario | Realtor — Institute for Luxury Home Marketing Member

You know how they say, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?” I disagree with that — I believe that it’s not who you know, it’s who knows you. I remember when I started selling real estate, I was 19 and looked like I was 12. I saw a quote that stuck with me — lack of credibility is only temporary. Since then, I went out of my way to actively focus on building my credibility and my network. Historically, networking that’s just focused on shaking hands and slinging business cards may have worked but I believe we’re entering a new age in business that’s focused on relationships and impact. I truly believe that those relationships and my love for making a difference in the community are heavily responsible for helping me grow my brand. Read more>>

Janelle Richardson | Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, Vocal Coach, Educator

An important factor behind my success and brand is consistency with my being a positive impact to those that come in my presence. My goal and purpose in life is to make others feel good about themselves and their vision. Read more>>

Gladlyne Hamilton | Lifestyle Photographer

There are so many great questions! I am in love with this process already 🤩. The most important factor behind my brand is authenticity. I feel staying completely true to who I am and my passions attract the clientele that best resonate with me. This approach keeps me from the trap of gimmicks and the need for constant rebranding. Read more>>

Zack Metcalf | Co-Founder & Chief Hawaiian Officer

Co-Founder & Chief Hawaiian Officer of MNKY Hawaiian shirts! Wow has it been a journey to say the least, from the moment that we had the idea at a small apartment in San Francisco, to now a 2nd line of 10 MNKY shirts launching this summer and a great team to back us up! I think a few of the most important factors behind our success has been 1.) continuous learning, 2.) constant drive and 3.) word of mouth marketing from our customers when they wear our modern MNKY Hawaiian Shirts! Continuous Learning – When we had the idea about starting MNKY, Billy, our Co-Founder and I were working in the Pharmaceutical & Investment Banking industry at the time. With little to no knowledge about how to start an apparel brand, the first questions we had for ourselves were… Well, what is next? Do we start an LLC? Do we find a designer? Do we find a factory? What do we send to the factory once we want the shirts created? So many thoughts went through our minds about next steps and where we should start. Read more>>

Stephen Haigh | Artist

One factor that seems really evident and above all others in my personal success, is belief! It’s the driving force that births possibility, precedes success and is the enemy of failure. Belief is life and one of the few things I can control! When the phone isn’t ringing and the work isn’t moving, the seemingly natural response is to pack it up and give in. The feeling is so easy! A belief in myself, my voice, my work, in the possibility, is what pulls me through. Without a continued belief in my pursuits, none of it would materialize or become possible. Read more>>