Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Tatianna Wright | Founder & CEO

As a young woman growing up, we were conditioned to believe that in order to be successful, and desirable we (society) had to conform to these standards that were set forth by society. We created a list of things people had to possess in order to be considered beautiful. I want to change that, in fact I want to completely dismantle this ideology that in order to be beautiful, you must look like this so called standard of beauty. NO MORE! Here at Traplashes & Co. we want to shake things up, we aim to create a safe haven for individuals, no matter what community they reside in to feel loved and appreciated for their work, and their individuality. A place where creatives can be just that, creatives. A place free of labels and a place for individuals to feel free to be whatever and whoever they choose. We are 90’s and Space Themed cosmetics brand serving beauty and inclusion for all. Read more>>

Mirtha Ojeda Petit | Teacher & Seamstress

Due to the 2020 pandemic, many parents found themselves with their children at home. Some enrolled in virtual classes, while others did not. These parents were who encouraged me to start my business, Mirope Teaching Services. My thoughts were to provide support to those families during uncertain times and to facilitate meaningful learning experiences in their homes. Read more>>

Apollonia Ponti | Dating and Relationship Coach

“I wanted to help as many people as possible. I wanted the independence of building my own legacy and business.” Read more>>

Diana Frias | Professional Wedding & Family Photographer

I have always wanted to be my own boss, but fear has held me back a lot. I became a single mother at the age of 21, so a lot of my time was placed on working a full time job and getting a college degree. Because of this, I felt like I did not spend too much time with my son. Fast forward to 13 years later, I have become a mother for the second time and I knew I wanted to be more present in my baby girl’s childhood. I have always loved photography and have been doing portraits and weddings as a side hustle for about 10 years. So when the opportunity presented itself, I didn’t let fear hold me back and decided to start my own business as a professional wedding and family photographer. Read more>>

Helena Jose | Creator

I reached a point where I wanted freedom, not only in the sense of creativity, I wanted the freedom to organize my time/days. To be able to travel, enjoy birthdays, special occasions, and be present for my family. That’s the real wealth for me. When I started 2oz Miami Bar Magazine I knew I wanted to use all my expertise and connections into creating a business I felt passionate about, To bring to Locals and tourists the ultimate Miami’s Mixology guide. To bring to new Brands a platform they could use to introduce themself into the local market, to create unique experiences and events through the year, and share relevant information about the Miami Bar Scene. Read more>>

Vanessa Perea | Actor and Etsy Shop Owner

I had initially began painting my own lighters for fun, I was looking for another creative outlet to spend some time on and that’s what came up for me. After painting two lighters I realized how much I enjoyed it, and decided it would be a good idea to open up an Etsy shop. As a full time student, finding a part time job can be incredibly stressful, so being able to start my own business has been incredibly rewarding. Read more>>

Serge Dorsainvil | Cinematographer & Editor

FREEDOM! My time working for creative agencies was great, but I always wanted to chart my own course. I believe in my creativity & vision and the positive impact both can have on others. I have pride in my company, knowing that the content I’m able to deliver for my clients helps them tell the story they need the world to see. It feels great knowing that I have a hand in that process. Read more>>

Alexia Apostolidi | Chef, Restaurateur, YouTube Cooking Show Host, Owner of Chef Alexia’s Cooking School, E-Cookbook Author, Product Developer

My thought process behind starting multiple businesses starts with my desire to offer unique services and products to serve the market. My mind is always focused on the customer and a shortage in the market of something I would love to have. For example as a college student I realized I didn’t know How to cook and What to eat to maintain a healthy lifestyle. When I attended Culinary School I was able to consolidate my knowledge to make it easy to learn How to cook in only 7 days. My online cooking school is focused to all individuals of any age that would like to cook more and are struggling daily. It helps save money, time and share amazing memories while being proud!. Read more>>

Claudia Knowles | Owner Iron Compound Gym

My husband and I met over 5 years ago. When we met, he already owned a landscaping, construction company that is still doing well today. I was working 2 jobs to make ends meet and was so tired. After a few months of us dating, he asked me, “What do you really want to do?” “I want to open up a gym.” Little to my surprise, he was already looking for a place to open up a small gym. The hardest part was finding the right location. One day my nephew reaches out to me and tells me that his old karate school had closed and it was up for rent. We decided to look at it, only 1900 sq feet but we decided to take it. We had a few obstacles, such as Hurricane Irma in which delayed our opening. We opened in October of 2017. We did not want to be like the typical commercial gym so we decided to get specialized equipment, Monolifts, competitive benches and deadlift platforms with the bars meant for those specific lifts. Our bars are 65lb Squat bars, 55Lb Bench bars and 45Lb deadlift bars, but we also have other bars to accommodate all types of lifters. Read more>>

Taknighis Beauvoir | Writer

Not wanting to work for someone until I am 6o, so I decided that my brand will be my retirement since I love pop culture and sneakers. Read more>>

Carlos Sotelo | Builder design

My thought process behind starting my own business was creating something different and that could stand out from the rest that already exists, providing a service of excellence where we could accompany our clients in the whole process and provide them a rewarding experience. For me, the most important was that I could provide all the services related to all the design process, so the client not had to worry about looking for each specialty separately. Read more>>

Fabienne Rousseau | Visual Artist, Entrepreneur

I often work on my own so self reflection is common practice. I want my line to be an accessible & fun way connect to my third eye vision. The thought process behind starting my own business sounded more like a pep talk to myself. I was aware of all it would take from my end, time, effort, investment, the endless learning curve. I said look Fab, you’re a badass! If anyone can pull this off, You can! Let’s make the gear you’ve always wanted to rock! Let’s create sick art pieces personally designed and curated for a streetwear & accessories line. The possibilities are endless – lets go! So I went into research mode and taught myself how to work digitally on the iPad through the Procreate program, i experimented with various vendors & sample options, etc. It was a tedious, frustrating, and rewarding process. To date, I’ve created a robust line up of merch with my artwork on it from giant bean bag chairs to umbrellas, stickers, athletic wear, home goods, beach towels, and apparel. Read more>>