How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Will Adams | Musical Artist and Songwriter

I never shy away from taking risks. I’m an optimistic person so I learn a lesson from every possibility that comes with the risk. Although this mentality has cost me a lot of money, there has never been a true waste of my time. There has always been a silver lining in my journey. Most times there’s a blessing in disguise so I see things from a glass half full perspective. Probably the main reason why I have handled risk-taking so well is because i practice manifestation frequently. I’ve seen everything that I am going to accomplish so whatever lessons that I learn along the way are only bringing me closer to my goals. You have to have unmovable faith and a super solid foundation in order to succeed in such a cutthroat industry. Read more>>

Sheterria Elliott | International Model, Influencer, Young Entrepreneur

When it Comes to Risk taking I feel as though it can be the difference between reaching that goal and staying stagnant. Risk taking will be the difference between the birth of your success and the demise of your procrastination. In my life/career risk taking is what woke me up, and allowed me to see that success does not come easy nor overnight. Read more>>

Destiny Goode | Model/YouTuber

Risk taking in my opinion is one of the most scariest thing to do cause you’ll know we know if the outcome will be worth it or not. However, it definitely played a part in my life/career. I risk loosing my job multiple times for photo shoots, castings & all the other opportunities I had to participate in to become a model. In other words, I feel like if you don’t risk it, you’ll never know. You have to take risks sometimes in life in order to strive & never forget to have faith & put your trust in God, leave it in God’s hands. Read more>>

Hilary Kutik-Snyder | Blogger, influencer & Model

I view taking risks as something positive. I view taking risks as a growth & learning opportunity. When I think about “risk taking” I think about the time when my husband & I most recently when on a 25 mile hike for 3 days/2 nights with another couple. Going on that hike with my husband & friends was out of my comfort zone. If I am being honest, more than 1/2 the time I was worried about running out of water & not being able to get to the next spot. Read more>>

Andrew Brittingham | Personal stylist for men and women & interior decorator

I think that in our lives it is very important to take risk Because it challenges and strengthens us through our own personal journey. One of the biggest risk I took in my life was changing a 16 year career in bank management to follow my passion in fashion as a personal stylist, having no experience at all. My family thought I was out of my mind to leave a stable career and take a 70% pay cut in my early 30’s to pursue an industry I knew nothing about. And now, it’s been 5 years, and I’m making the income I would be still making as a bank manager and then some and I’m the happiest ever being able to share my personal esthetic with others and assisting them to discovering their own. Read more>>

Hoss | DJ, Producer, Funktasy Director

Risk is pretty much part of every entrepreneur, dreamer and ambitious individuals’ career and life journey. If you want to win, you have to take risks. As a musician, I risked it all by diving into an industry which is quite difficult to get into in the first place and also with our ever-changing world being impacted by the digital evolution it made it even more of an X-factor. I started my professional music career in 2010. The same year, I launched Funktasy Records and Magazine. Did I have an in depth knowledge of the music industry? No! Was I the best producer or DJ? Far from it! But I believed in my beliefs, worked hard and learned from my mistakes. The great thing about the internet is we can easily watch the growth and movement of our partners and competitors and from time to time reverse engineer those tactics and apply it to our career and company. Read more>>

Lanie “Lux” Ferrans | Jeweler and Bespoke Artist

Risk. Risks are exciting. Taking risks in business is the only way to move forward or even succeed when speaking from a “creative” business perspective. Without taking risk in the arts field, you won’t get far. And I think this is true even when applied to other forms ov business. For us, we had to dive all in. It was all or nothing. I mean, I could alway go back and get a “real” job but for right now while I got the guts to do it. DO IT. Risk taking within the established business is important and exciting as well. Read more>>

Carmelie Jean-Pierre | Cytometry Analyst by day, Swimwear Curator & Pole Instructor by night

Being a private person, I am more inclined to keep a lot to myself in order to protect my business and my career. When launching Naked Rebel, I quickly learned that I had to ask for help and to not be afraid to ask for exactly what I want. Had I not taken the risk of stepping outside of my comfort zone by being clear and direct I would have made my life more difficult and missed out on key pieces that align with the vision I have for Naked Rebel. Read more>>

Landy Munoz | Healthcare Business Owner

Taking risks is by far one of the most difficult thing you can ever do or learn how to do. For me working in health care things are always changing. I began with my mom running a staffing agency shortly after we moved into Home Health and later branched out into therapy. Deciding to take the risk and branching out into those new sectors is what has led to our success; within healthcare, it is very important to be able to provide as many services to clients as possible. Risk always has to be assessed and weight out on whether it can be worth it or not but for me, as cliche as it sounds, I’ve found that going with my gut and making those decisions is more often than not the best thing to do and has led to lots of growth in my business. Read more>>