TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Alicia Williams, M.S.L | Professional Development Trainer, Speaker and Coach

The Most Important Factor Behind the Success Of My Business and Brand There are two factors of which I attribute the success of both my business and my brand. The first and most important factor is Service. Most business owners go into business and start brands solely for the purpose of making a profit. While this is a valid reason, it is not usually one that births lasting success as your business decisions will be fueled by your ability to earn income. Therefore, because of this money drive, if you are selling a product or rendering a service, you may not be concerned about the product or service quality or aspects like customer service as your aim is to make a profit. And to ensure that regardless of the economy you are still profitable, you might begin to cut corners which will eventually shorten the longevity of your brand or business. Read more>>

Roberto Dangond | Architectural & Real Estate Photography/Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success has to be the fact that there has not been a day, for the past 14 years, that I don’t wake up excited to get out there. Thinking of whatever project I’m booked for that day, the artistic challenges that may arise, and finalizing it with excellence, all ignite my drive. I am very fortunate to have found a business that I love every aspect of it. That passion has lead to the success of my brand and it has surrounded me with the group of people that are part of our company. I could not have accomplished where we are now without them. Perseverance, team work, communication are some of the key factors of our brand success all fueled by a fire to create. Read more>>

Doug McCraw | Founder, FATVillage Arts District

The most important factor behind the success of FATVillage is building a world class team. We have built an extraordinary team by aggregating very talented people who share the same vision and passion. This covers a number of different disciplines including arts, technology and business resources that are shared across our organization. We have extensive social outreach and arts programming that features prominent national and international artists. The result has been the FATVillage brand which is nationally trademarked and has become a cornerstone of the arts in South Florida. Read more>>

Catherine Fox Milian | Bridal Boutique Owner

The ability to change, pivot, and not be scared of change has been a big part of the success of our 51-year-old business. I’m not one to overthink things and I think that’s been an important part of keeping our brand relevant in a changing retail landscape – we’re never afraid to try an idea and see what happens! Read more>>

Marlye Gonzalez | CEO and Founder

I firmly believe that the key factor behind my success and the success of my business is that it’s been directly impacted by the passion and limitless love I placed into building it. Reality is, everything done with love always flourishes. Weather is business, friendships, relationships or anything in general. When done with love and dedication success is inevitable. I built my business with the vision of helping families cope, accept and find the right resources for the many children facing struggles developmentally.  I as a young mom experience this process myself. The journey wasn’t easy, but I sure learned a lot of things along the way. Taking it from my own struggle; I made it a mission to become somehow an advocate, and before I knew, I was in my way to build what today is a multimillion dollar business and serves many families and children in our community. Read more>>

Manny Macedo | Woodworks Design & Creation

My business is built on relationships, Like any relationship, trust needs to be built, we always keep our clients best interests in mind every step of the process. We make sure that every interaction with our clients is a pleasant one and we strive to deliver the best products using the best materials available. The work speaks for itself and people love to talk about it, It’s safe to say that 80% of our business today are either repeat clients or word of mouth referrals. Read more>>

Mina Agnos | President and co-founder of Travelive

Persistence, transparency and people are the keys to our success. Continuously putting in the hard work, taking baby steps forward and evolving both personally and as a team every day will result in big gains over time. Furthermore, building a team of smart, curious, energetic, and loyal individuals with a broad spectrum of strengths and interests who are passionate about the goals and vision of the company and are not afraid to share their ideas will always ensure forward momentum. Last but not least, we always carefully listen to feedback from partners and clients in order to grow and improve. We learn from our mistakes but also make sure we celebrate our wins. Read more>>

Daniela Misrahi | Interior Designer

The most important factor for my success is that I built a strong brand based of myself. Born in Argentina, Buenos Aires and through many years of work in Miami, Florida I managed to generate a nexus that perfectly represents the local population where I solidified my career in the world of interior design. I was able to interpret the needs of the local clientele by introducing the latest European trends with the Latin touch and warmth that represents me. Read more>>

Rachael Russell Saiger | Fashion Director

I believe an open line of communication and honesty are the most important factors that have led to Miansai’s success. From my experiences, trust and respect are earned when one follows through on their word and does what is right rather than looking for an easy way out. Speaking up for yourself, being direct and sincere are all important attributes that strengthen your growth. Read more>>

Barry Sanders | Insurance Agent

The success of my brand is based on ethics and integrity in how I run my business and the way i live my life. I always act as if my clients were family members or my own children. I have refused business when asked if I can match a quote, when I do not think the coverage is enough. Each workday morning, I put out an inspirational message on my FB page. I believe in putting positive energy into the universe and hoping the good will come back to me. I also spend time working as a board member on a local charity and also am a current president of my insurance association. Giving back to the community in which I work and live is very important. Read more>>