We had the good fortune of connecting with Sabrina Harris and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Sabrina, what was your thought process behind starting your own business?
My guided pathway into entrepreneurship was illuminated through divine orchestration and intervention, especially as it relates to birthing our 501(c)3 non-profit organization House of Loveillionaires Inc. © 2020. My initial professional career inclination and passion were devoted towards the fashion industry, as I had envisioned the feminine boss moves, power of social influence, the flashing runway lights, in addition all of the transformational and exciting allure of New York City since I was old enough to remember, and I was determined. While I have been blessed with a intuitive eye and talent to create, it was the power of God’s divine calling upon my life combined with several life-changing experiences that would eventually help me to triumphantly overcome, completely re-direct the trajectory of my life, and catapult me into a realm of thinking, understanding, being, and doing that I never knew existed. I have forever been fascinated by people, relational interactions, and the understanding that we can evoke powerful and intense thoughts and feelings within others around us merely a gentle look and/or a soft yet meaningful touch. I have prayed often for a peace-filled, stress-free, harmoniously balance life, and I have nurtured a strong desire to be still, listen to people in their most emotionally-chaotic, dysfunctionally-charged, and isolated states to help them somehow better process cognitively, feel emotionally, and to adapt more efficiently and effectively as it relates to their behaviors. With this in mind, when I advanced to graduate level studies, God clearly revealed to me while waiting in the Registrar’s Office at Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL) that Counseling Psychology was to be my field of study, I would excel in this particular discipline, and that in addition to my emphasis on business during undergraduate studies, I was to also gain credentialing in the area of leadership. As a resilient and victorious survivor of a drug-induced date rape (resulting in pregnancy), and acute/chronic/complex traumatic exposures inside of a domestically and abusive relationship into marriage that expanded over (20+)-years, I gained first-hand insight and understanding as it how intricate, multi-dimensional, complex, and adversely impacting violent victimization and traumatization typically are, and great faith and moral conviction, I was led to establish and maintain a safe haven (House of Loveillionaires Inc.) back in 2013, designating a place where survivors are embraced, encouraged, guided, and supported through their healing, recovery, and restoration journeys. As an extension of the House of Loveillionaires Inc., we have been able to establish a talk show platform that emphasizes mental wellness, positive psychology, sacred spaces, life re-definition, psychoeducation, social skills development, in addition to increased positive relational interactions

Can you open up a bit about your work and career? We’re big fans and we’d love for our community to learn more about your work.
I have been unspeakably blessed with many evolving opportunities over the expanse of my 34-year professional career that room would not permit me to entirely list here; however, I will sum it all up succinctly by offering that I have been educated, nurtured and inspired by some truly amazing, humble, gifted, and blessed spiritual advisors, educators, professors, mentors, managers, supervisors, and positive role-models.

Transformational is the single word that best describes me as a person, professional, leader, counselor, and spiritual advisor. I subscribe to the humble notion that as a collective part of humanity, we are responsible for each other; therefore, whatever we develop within ourselves should be selflessly shared for the betterment of those we are blessed to connect with. My entire expansive professional career has been devoted to public service: social service, public safety, education, mental health, crisis intervention, advocacy, entrepreneurship, grassroots initiatives, and I have intentionally and strategically positioned myself to be of service, empowerment, inspiration and support to others.

Professional counseling and mentoring have been my long-term community investments (particularly for youth of all ages) yielding many positive and unforgettable returns. I have been blessed to be a dedicated conduit through which individuals evolving from crisis situations have received the continuum of professional intervention, trauma-informed care, and the ongoing support needed to transformationally address their crisis situations, trauma, mental health, recovery, wellness, stability and future advancement needs. Biblical scripture teaches us that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, which emphasizes the need to positively develop and evolve through the pathways of psychoeducation, spiritual conditioning, holistic healing, and committed positive change, in addition to experiencing continuous re-births to realize one’s fullest realm of potential. One of my daily goals of objectivity is to help others realize the best within themselves, the same as others did for me, and to remain an integral part of realizing a better today and a brighter tomorrow for our society as a whole.

My professional career expands three decades to include: public service, business administration and management, quality assurance management, frontline supervision, medical services, professional training and development, professorship, entrepreneurship, public safety, professional mental health counseling, crisis intervention and support, trauma-informed psychoeducation and care, holistic wellness approaches, child welfare and victim advocacy, empowerment coaching, intercultural competence training, motivational speaking, in addition to the infusion of art and culture into her mission work as dedicated humanitarian, philanthropist and community activist.

I am two-time graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University (FL) having obtained a Masters degree (MS) in Counseling Psychology (with a tri-certification in Mental Health, Addictions and Marriage and Family Therapy) in 2008, in addition to a Masters degree (MLD) in Leadership in 2015. I am currently in the final phase of doctoral studies, and I am slated to graduate and officially publish with an Ed.D in Counseling Psychology and Supervision Spring 2021 for which I am unspeakably excited – GOD IS GOOD!

I am currently Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director & Advocacy Strategist of the “House of Loveillionaires Inc.”, a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization utilizing psychoeducation, activism, advocacy and community engagement to primarily educate and motivate mature women, teen and adolescent girls to positively gain and maintain control of their lives. This “cutting-edge” ministry engages a multi-faceted approach towards goal accomplishment: psychoeducation, trauma-informed workshops, empowerment forums, social projects, professional counseling, healing circles, holistic wellness, documentaries, online trainings, self-help resources, and so forth.

I am also the Visionary, Host & Producer of the “Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Show”, a multi-dimensional Internet-based talk show platform that was strategically designed to unveil, highlight, explore, and emphasize “solution-oriented approaches” addressing important societal topics such as: mental health awareness, trauma-attending, soul healing spaces, positive psychology, holistic wellness approaches, faith-based centeredness, self-help resources, victimization, traumatization, healthy relationship dynamics, proven coping and healing strategies, self-help and support materials and resources, and far beyond. We also softly launched the social awareness project, No One Knows Our Truth But Us, which highlights and explores life-defining and controversial societal issues in an empowering, thought-provoking, and solution-oriented manner, and we have major plans for this particular forum come January 2021.

I know indisputably that it was God’s plan and will for me to evolve into a transformational-servant leader who would spearhead business endeavors, grassroots-level initiatives, and socially-conscientious projects that would all collectively lend to the betterment of humanity across the board. As a resilient and victorious survivor of a drug-induced date rape (resulting in pregnancy), and acute/chronic/complex traumatic exposures inside of a domestically and abusive relationship into marriage that expanded over (20+) years, I gained first-hand insight and a forced understanding as it how intricate, multi-dimensional, and adversely impacting violent victimization and traumatization typically are. Subsequently, with unwavering faith, firm resolve, and a guiding moral compass, I was led to officially establish and oversee a safe haven within our community symbolizing a “protected space” where victorious survivors are embraced, encouraged, educated, protected, and supported through phases of crisis stabilization, multi-dimensional healing processes, trauma attending and recovery, in addition to holistic restoration of their greater selves.

A “pearl of wisdom” that I would like to impart into every reader’s mind and heart is to diligently seek to understand your purpose for being on this earth, accept your divine assignment and ordination from God with reverence and humility, and devote every fiber of your being towards obediently planning, preparing and executing with precision and intentional excellence that which you have been purposed to do in this life. A close friend inquired of me recently as to what I believe my life purpose to be, and I non-hesitantly answered with the following statement…”My life purpose is to educate the masses through endowed wisdom, discerning and intuitive capabilities, intellectual growth and development, and experiential life teachings. It is my obligation to promote understanding, acceptance, healing, recovery, and wellness in every facet of our human existence, to help dismantle and eradicate dysfunctional generational cycles, in addition to helping orchestrate restorative and transformational healing for the traumatized, victimized, and mentally-challenged from all different distinctions and walks of life.

I honor Iyanla Vanzant as two of her famous phrases of guiding wisdom have become the daily mantras for my life work…”Call a thing a thing!”, and “Do your work!” We cannot heal that which we refuse to face, and we must wisely and conscientiously be willing to advance our way through processes that will lead to positive mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual breakthroughs. It’s time to heal mind, body and spirit so that we can live our BLESSED LIVES!

Let’s say your best friend was visiting the area and you wanted to show them the best time ever. Where would you take them? Give us a little itinerary – say it was a week long trip, where would you eat, drink, visit, hang out, etc.
I currently reside in beautifully eccentric South Florida where swaying palm trees, gorgeous beaches, art-infused tapestries, pulsating nightlife, fine wining and dining, and non-stop entertainment are the customary way of life. If I were your designated tour guide for a week, we would check-in at the Mounts Botanical Garden (West Palm Beach) for a morning exhale with Mother Nature to include a picturesque photo shoot. We would enjoy a delicious brunch at Benny’s on the Beach and at John G’s, we would venture to the Wynwood Art District (FT. Lauderdale & Miami) to enjoy beautiful murals, inhale culture and shopping, we would stop by the Vizcaya Museum & Garden (Miami) for mental and visual creative stimulation, and we would visit Bayside Marketplace (Miami) for a late lunch and stroll. We also would visit the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel (Ft. Lauderdale) for am enjoyable evening and overnight stay, we would visit the Uptown Art Gallery (downtown West Palm Beach) to sip, paint and elevate, we would enjoy a serenity exhale at the Morikami Japanese Garden (Delray Beach) to include lunch on the deck, and we would visit Singer Island Beach (Riviera Beach) for a cost-free therapy session by the water’s edge. We would take an “all-day” excursion to Key West for some fun in the sun, we would drive through Lion Country Safari to enjoy the exotic animals and scenery, we would visit the Everglades for an air boat ride, we would take the tour boat ride on the Jungle Queen to include dinner, and we would go shopping at the Wellington Green Mall, Palm Beach Outlet, and Palm Beach Gardens Mall. We would take a tour of glamorous Palm Beach (to include shopping on Worth Avenue), we would visit The Breakers Hotel for lunch, we would go biking and engage nature walks, we would enjoy a spa day with the works, we would enjoy a picnic nestled in the park, we would visit Juno Beach and exhale ocean side, and we would enjoy delectable dining experiences at the Cheesecake Factory, Longhorn Steakhouse, Capitol Grille, The Olive Garden, The Melting Pot, Bimini Twist, McCray’s Backyard BBQ, Dutch Pot Jamaican Restaurant, Saitos Japanese Restaurant, and Frigates Restaurant. just to name a few.

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All praises are due and given to my Heavenly Father who is first and foremost in my life. I daily honor the “queen warrior” living powerfully within me, and I openly acknowledge her (which is me)…I love you unconditionally Sabrina Harris. I too graciously bestow honor upon my “one-in-a-million” husband, Jackie L. Harris, my mother Geraldine C. Harris, my three beloved daughters that blessed my womb, in addition to the balance of my family, friends, and professional colleagues, both near and far. I also extend my deepest level of gratitude, respect, and adoration to the Board of Directors for my 501(c)3 non-profit organization, the House of Loveillionaires Inc., for their unwavering dedication, exemplary service, and their committed support to those striving to courageously overcome and recover from victimization, traumatization, and major life situations and ordeals of a crisis-oriented kind. I am tremendously blessed to have such an amazing continuum of love, care and support surrounding me, and I will continuously walk in a state of gratitude accordingly.

Instagram: @houseofloveillionaires, @culturedpearlsofwisdomshow
Facebook: @houseofloveillionaires, @culturedpearlsofwisdomshow
Youtube: House of Loveillionaires, Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Show
Other: Our website is currently under re-construction, so I did not list it here. As it relates to my non-profit organization and show, I would greatly appreciate if you would reflect the following: The House of Loveillionaires Inc. 2100 45th Street – Suite A4A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 Sabrina Harris, CEO, Executive Director & Lead Advocacy Strategist Business Contact: (561) 352-5418 Email Address: thecounselorinme@yahoo.com The Cultured Pearls of Wisdom Show 2100 45th Street – Suite A4A, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407 Sabrina Harris, Visionary, Host, Lead Producer & Talent Scout Business Contact: (561) 352-5418 Email Address: thecounselorinme@yahoo.com

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