Every overnight success we’ve seen has been years in the making. And those overnight successes are rarely because of an amazing idea or a stroke of luck. We asked some of our favorite folks from the community about what characteristics are at the heart of their success story?

Tina Brown | Chief Executive Officer/Overtown Youth Center, Inc.

The most important factor behind my success is my passion for helping others because of my own personal journey and lived experiences growing up in Overtown. Because of those; I lead with an urgent desire to ensure that every child touched by our program has the resources, confidence and support needed to reach their full potential. I am a strong believer in the mission of the Overtown Youth Center and its foundational concept of building strong relationships that can then inspire, empower and enrich the lives of youth and families in urban communities across Miami. Read more>>

Ruben Parra | Wedding and Lifestyle Photographer

Don’t think there’s a single specific factor. What is true is that apart from the experience and all the effort, one thing that characterizes me is that I am systematic. I do things in order, with attention to detail and emotion.
I think the excitement behind this job is one of the most important aspects. It is being able to connect with what you want to photograph. No technique surpasses the value of emotion and connection with people. The most important lesson is the value of the present. My work reminds me of the brief and, at the same time, the eternal of the moment. It’s the closest thing to magic I know. My camera is my time machine. It’s my way of leaving footprints for myself and others. Read more>>

Karis Battle | Stylist, Editor-in-Chief & Costume Designer

The most important factor behind my success is not being afraid to fail. I learned (and very quickly I might add) that failure and mistakes come with building your own business and growing and learning. I know I know, failure is not an option, right? Wrong! I used to work for a company and the motto was “Failing Forward” and it really stuck with me. Failing allows you to see what doesn’t work and helps you get to what actually does work faster. It allows you to never allow no, to mean never and to know that one door closed doesn’t mean the next won’t open. I’ve failed many times in my business but it has only propelled me forward. Giving up is actually NOT an option, not failure. No risk, no reward. Read more>

Francesca Roger | Creative Director, Model, and Photographer

The most important factor behind the success of my podcast Franny Tings is making people feel good about their authentic self. I’ve always practiced remaining myself no matter what others think about me. When I was growing up I tried to mold my personality to always fit in and was never truly happy doing so. Eventually, I learned to love myself for who I am because no one else can ever take that away from me. My podcast is an outlet to put my stories and my truth on the line so others can potentially relate and understand we are all human at the end of the day. My goal is for people to feel comfortable being unapologetically themselves. Read more>>

Kiyah Collins | Bikini Boss & YouTuber

An essential factor behind my success is the fact that I’m authentic and original. I don’t want to be like anyone else and my brand, TopGirl Swim, reflects that through Instagram content, product names, etc. Read more>>

Madeline Eve Pregulman | Intuitive Healer & Author

The most important factor behind my success has been knowing how to heal my emotions and beliefs. In business, we all come up against limiting beliefs, doubts, insecurities, and feelings that can either stop or hold us back. Succeeding in Entrepreneurship, or any setting for that matter relies on one’s ability to witness what is going on internally, and heal what doesn’t fit where they want to go. Without this skill, it would have been easy for me to stop when my mind told me I wasn’t going enough, or when I felt anxious about moving forward with something new Through understanding that anything that limits or hurts me is not my ultimate truth, I have been able to heal whatever comes up that is in between me and where I want to go. Which is also what I support, and teach my clients to do as well. Read more>>

Corey Hackett-Greene | Agent of Change & Content Connoisseur

The most important factor behind the success of my brand is identity. Over the last couple of years, I’ve learned the importance of knowing, loving, and investing in myself and how that affects my creative delivery. In my experience, one of the greatest challenges as a creator that I had to get over was letting my perception of other people’s opinions dictate what I wanted to express. Most creators don’t talk about the internal battle that we face having to consider analytics, profit, authenticity, and many other factors that influence our creative process. It is quite easy to succumb to what may be appealing to the eye but if it isn’t fulfilling to you, naturally the frequency of you sharing who you are will diminish. It is quite okay not being everyone’s “cup of tea” because those who need exactly who you are will always gravitate to you. Read more>>

Shanawa Monroe | Founder/Owner of GlittedUpDesignz

The most important factor is being able to provide a service that can spread love, and joy. My brand is to bring alive any creation of one’s imagination. Read more>>

Ivy Hope | Podcast Host

For Drunk Tired & Annoyed, I truly believe that the most important factor behind the success we’ve had so far is consistency. Not one day goes by where we’re not discussing something about the podcast. Whether it be what the next Instagram post should be or if we should add something new to the podcast or take something away from it. We are consistently fine tuning what we have so that we can put out the best possible product and continue to reach and engage with our targeted audience. Additionally, I can’t think of our success without acknowledging how much fun we have with the podcast. The same way it’s a treat for our listeners, it’s truly awesome to be able to get together as a group of close friends and just dish it out! Sometimes projects like this become a chore after a while, but I think I can speak for the four of us when I say seven months later- it is just as exciting as day one. Read more>

Marise Ilory | Chef, Caterer, Event Decor/Planner

The most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is my faith , love and support from family/friends. faith that i will succeed no matter the ups and downs . Love and support from family /friends pushing me to go harder and believing in me. Read more>>

Jolenny Piedra | Trauma Informed Spiritual Life Coach

The most important factor behind my success has been helping people to take their lives into their own hands; creating in them an empowered sense of becoming authors of their own world. My intention has always been to equip my clients with the most effective tools to truly honor their visions for their lives, and to embody who they truly are, in their fullness. Healing is not a destination, it’s a process, and it has been a humbling experience to take part in that sacred journey. Holding that space for my clients has required of me an irrevocable commitment to growth–both personally and professionally. This career has invited me to regularly take inventory of my own personal development, expansion and self reflection. Professionally, growth has arisen through the process of consistently researching, revising, and adapting to the ever-changing nature of mental health in the coaching industry. Read more>>

Luis Moros | Certified Student Leader at Florida International University and Paralegal in the State of Florida

I strongly believe that the most important factor behind my success as a student leader is to do and live as it is the first day at my first job. If you have not noticed, the only time an individual performs 110% better than usual by using its skills and abilities is when an individual is working their first day at their first job. If you think about it, in your first job you show up early; you dress your best; you try everything you can to impress your boss. You are patient with your coworkers, even the ones you know are going to envy you or not going to like you but you have to demonstrate your best during your first impression. On your first day of work, you ask as many questions as you have because no one will judge you, you will double-check everything that you do, you work overnight and do double shifts if you have to do so, you follow all the rules and procedures to do everything accordingly. In fact, you are feeling several emotions that you will only feel on your first day of work; you are never more convinced it is going to be the best job you have ever had than you are on the first day. Read more>>

Daryl Wolff | Commercial Property Manager, Promoter & Musician

Looking through all the questions, I feel this one most closely aligns with my thoughts on how I got to where I am today. From a young age, I remember always valuing every relationship I made, regardless of what the other party brought to the table. Everyone you meet can one day become a customer, a colleague, a co-worker, a boss, a friend and so on. As a promoter of a grassroots music festival, I have seen with my own eyes the importance of these relationships and how burning bridges can taint your reputation forever. While the 300+ million population in our country seems vast, it’s incredibly small when it comes time to play ball. Humans are prone to mistakes, but knowing the difference between the human factor of mistake vs. a malicious attempt at screwing someone over is what becomes key to succeeding in business. You must remember to always treat everyone with the utmost respect, because one day, they may be the very link in closing the biggest business deal of your life. Read more>>

Lau Malagon | Content creator

Definitely for me, success is living calmly, in peace, and thank God I am achieving it. I am a young person, I have studied at the university, I learned to be disciplined and responsible, so I apply these two in all aspects of my life, and in all my jobs. I also think that it has been fundamental in my life to have a team that supports me, nurtures me, and that team is my family. My husband is my life partner and I owe him a large part of who I am, between the two of us we are a great team. Read more>>

Eric Foster II | Motivational Speaker/Philanthropist

I think my loved experience has been the largest component behind my philosophy. In a day and age where so many people are being someone different on social media for engagement, I get to be myself AUthentically. “AU” being periodic symbol for Gold I literally life my life like it’s Golden. Read more>>

Dayne Malcolm | Recording Artist

God is the true source of my success, I’m constantly reminded of His unwavering love towards me. Read more>>

Giancarlo Petaccia | Health Coach

The most important factor are be passioned about you do , hard work , knowlegde and sorround you be people who know a lot. Read more>>

Rodrigo Garduño | Founder of 54D

Behind our success lies a strong foundation built on discipline and consistency. These are the building blocks that have guided our continuous expansion throughout the years. During the last decade, our brand has been growing consistently based on our strong philosophy, our core values and principles that push our members to face any challenges that might come their way. There were moments along the way that made me doubt about what I was doing, but I knew we had something special with 54D from day one. I was convinced that we could take this idea and grow it into the global human-transformation movement that it is today. Read more>>

Joseph Capalbo | Songwriter & Music Producer

As a songwriter and producer, I’ve learned that the ability to effectively collaborate with my clients has played a significant role in where I am today. Yes, I have a fiery passion for creating music, but mastering the art of collaboration is one of the main factors that differentiates me from most other musicians. It’s a skill that I’ve found to be deeply integrated into every project I do, so I knew there had to be some process to mastering it. One of the main reasons why I collaborate so effectively is because I acknowledge that if I’m the only one working on the music, then I’m fully accountable for how the product turns out. For that reason, I need to have a very clear idea of how the client envisions the end result of their project. Read more>>

Prince Carter | Media Mogul

The most important factor behind our successes is discipline. You can have all the talent in the world but if you lack the discipline to get to the finish line this isn’t the business for you. The thing about success is that you get to create what that look like on your terms. With creating this ideal imagery you have to discipline yourself because there isn’t anyone that you have to answer to but your consumers. Now if you want your consumers to leave happy and return for future purchases you have to go above and beyond for them. All of that weight is now on your shoulders. But I love what I do and I enjoy helping others. That is what I call success. Read more>>

Taj McGill | Founder and Executive Director

The most important factor that I attribute to my success is Motherhood. I became a mom at the age of 14. Being determined to prove statistics wrong along with a strong will to be a woman that my daughters would be proud of was a driving force. Read more>>

Sabiné Oh | Creative – Designer – Entrepreneur | Black, Woman, Veteran

The most important factors behind my personal success and the success of my brands are three things: my spiritual journey with Christ, my self-worth level up, and the realities that hit from the passing of my cousin. I am prior military so for the eight years that I served, I went through so much mentally and physically that made me question a lot about who I was and what my path in life was supposed to look like. I eventually gained a stronger connection to my maker and it has helped me to not only survive hardships but thrive in everything I set my mind to. As a result of my spiritual journey, I also started to take an internal and external look at what my self-worth looked like and where I wanted it to be. Through a series of trials and tribulations, I lost myself and fell into a deep depression, filled with loads of anxiety. I knew this wasn’t where I needed to be in my 20s so I worked hard to pull myself up and out of that dark place. Read more>>

Noah Baker | Executive Producer/Director/Creator/Marketing Consultant

Consistency!! I feel my motivation to get up and have something in life and my worth ethics is what set me apart from other brands. Working hard will always pay off. Most people spend time on social media for entertainment, but I’ve always use those tools to market and advertise my brand. I spent hours on social media platforms being consistent and working to achieve my goal. Over 5 years, I’ve built a network with over 300 clients and still counting. Read more>>

Lulu | Personal Trainer

I believe that the success of my brand comes from how honest I am. I don’t use social media to impress people. I use it to impact people. I’m not afraid to show them my flaws and people can relate to that. Most of my business comes from Moms who feel the same way as I do. Being a parent is a challenge in itself, so a healthy nutrition and exercise plan could be overwhelming for some. I’ve built a results-driven program for people to not only lose the weight, but keep the weight off in just 12 weeks. It doesn’t require hours in the gym or putting yourself on a restrictive unattainable diet. My program teaches them more than just weight loss. It teaches them how to live a longer life. The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest poison. That couldn’t be more true! There’s a lot of illnesses and diseases that could be cured just by exercise and nutrition. Read more>>

Talia Rosen | Co-Founder

Our definition of success is constantly evolving as our business grows. When I first started working in the industry, I thought the marker of success was how much money you were making and how many projects you had on the books. However, Any and I have learned that success is so much more than getting a paycheck — it’s about enjoying what you do, and being proud of the work you create. Our work is extremely personal to us, and it feels like an extension of ourselves that we take great pride in. Even though Avakian Interiors is still a relatively new company, we were able to develop our own distinct interior design style that clients now seek us out for. The process of creating your studio’s design style that is able to flex across various project types, while also incorporating the client’s personal preferences, is a balancing act that doesn’t happen overnight. That in itself is a success for Avakian Interiors. Read more>>

Rachael Smith | Executive Director

Looking back at my life, I can see a common theme throughout the different roles I held in different types of businesses. I have worked with horses, was a dental hygienist, owned a coffee shop, wrote a blog and book, and made jewelry. The common theme throughout all of these is that they were all a means to connect with people. Now, I am the director of a nonprofit that equips young women who have aged out of foster to live with purpose and freedom. It is the understanding of my passion that is the most important factor in the success of our organization. My passion is to see others break free from the lies and become who they are truly meant to be. My passion is not jewelry, rather jewelry is the vehicle we use to mentor and employ these precious young women. The consistency of the weekly work schedule allows trust to be earned. It provides the setting where conversations happen naturally. In this affirming environment, they can learn they have purpose and can live in freedom. Read more>>

Katherine Wald | Psychotherapist

The ability to create an environment of safety and trust for my clients is the driving factor behind my success. People know when someone is being authentic. I believe that my clients can sense my genuine, empathetic, sensitive and non-judgmental nature and it allows them to let their guard down. Creating a sacred space of safety where clients can be vulnerable, establishes the grounds for trust in our therapeutic relationship and provides a pathway for real healing to occur. Through establishing a strong therapeutic alliance and my extensive training in a multitude of modalities, I am able to capture all the nuances of what might be contributing to underlying issues and equip my clients with the tools necessary to cope, self-soothe, and break free from unhealthy thought processes and actions. My goal as a therapist is to have my clients reach a place where they no longer need my help to navigate life’s journey. Fulfilling that goal for each of my clients is my most gratifying accomplishment. Read more>>

Sean Casey | Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind my success has to be discipline! Anyone can get super motivated for a week a month whatever but then you burn out you get tired you get distracted . When you really disciplined it doesn’t matter what else is going on in your life you just get up everyday and handle your business. For me it all starts with getting up at 4am being able to be discipline in that area has made it easier to be discipline in other areas, just like anything else you do you build momentum the more you build the further you go. Read more>>

Eduardo Balerdi | Musician, Guitar Player, Composer and Sound Designer

I pursued an artistic career because I felt it was in my essence. When I was a child I liked to study many different things, and I still do! but music is my life. I would be totally lost without it as central. I was studying Psychology in the University. I had been in front of this Piaget article with a bald head in the center of the page for hours. I read it again and again and somehow I could not retain a single word or concept, I could not give it any meaning. Hours went by until it was time for me to go to a rehearsal with my band. I never went back to Psychology. I always felt that my artistic career started in that afternoon. Read more>>

Andres Castano | Engineer, Sport Endocrinology, ICPT

I will say there’s two; one is discipline, I learned that one a long time ago, which I see it as an essential tool for success and also the fact that I come from an engineering background, which let me use numbers into my advantage specially when it comes to certain details of training and nutrition in order to help my clients in the most efficient and fastest way possible. Read more>>

Kayla Kaylinda | Dancer & Holistic Nutritionist

Authenticity- I’ve made it a point to be genuine no matter the situation. Showing up as my true self no matter the circumstance.Always making sure that my actions align with my purpose. Being true to who we are can get lost in the name of opportunity, however , I am confidently moving in my own lane and unapologetically doing so. As I meet people , clients , customers and expand my network , We are creating a beautiful connection based on truth and that’s what I love most about being and Entrepreneur and Entertainer. I don’t have to Pretend to be anyone else. Read more>>


Being consistent is an important factor. Branding , marketing, customer service, professionalism. Never give up keep being persistent. There maybe times when it seems like no one notice what you are doing. God always send the right people right one time. Read more>>

 Natasha Renee | Creative Writer & Podcaster

I’ve always played it safe. I’m an introvert so it has always been hard for me to come out of my comfort zone. For as long as I can remember I’ve always been a writer. I use to be afraid of showing my work to others. There were people in my circle who saw my potential and pushed me to get out of my confront zone. These were the steps that allowed me to take a chance on myself. It was hard at first because I worked in the corporate world for so long. The money was great and it was a guaranteed income. I had convinced myself to set my dreams aside since it was easy to work for someone else. But it wasn’t easy. It was hard. Knowing I had a gift and I was afraid to step out on faith. Once I started working with other creative I then realized that writing is what makes me happy. I then put a plan together that would help me transition out of the corporate world. I joined clubs and groups with other people that shared my same interest. Then I created my podcast. Things have great every day since my first episode release. Read more>>

Nivea & Becky Barbosa | Owners of NBN Studios

There are so many important factors to our business. Obviously, we begin with hoping that each and every single one of our clients walks out LOVING their nails and having a wonderful experience. The following one which is something that we believes makes us different than the average salon is that we are educating our clients. We don’t just believe that our clients walk out of here with gorgeous manicures but also the knowledge of what products are best for their natural nail growth while staying in their budgets. We have become successful because we are honest with our clients. We explain what products we put on clients hands as well as why. Many salons just out whatever they have when here at NBN Studios we strive to find the product that works best with your lifestyle and what lasts the longest. This is a type of service that we provide and are proud of. Read more>

Natalia Lopez | Entrepreneur

The most important factor behind my success is perseverance and faith. When you decide to be a business owner you need to have the conviction that you will have success , if you can’t believe in your idea no one will. You will project what you have in your mind and heart. Read more>>

AZSH | Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist

The most important factor behind my success is that I can be authentic and true to myself… including taking care of myself mentally, physically and spiritually. The true success is in living well. If I also have success from my work that will be an added bonus (one that I welcome)!. Read more>>

Nicole Eichenwald Braghin | Event Mastermind

For us success is all about happiness and balance. We are as strategic in choosing our clients as they are in choosing us. Planning and producing an event, especially a wedding is a lot about the relationship and understating all parties involved, their wants needs and their personalities. Knowing how to say no to a client that would not be a good fit personality wise is as important as known how to say yes. We know our strengths as well as our limitations and we use that to find our balance which in turn brings us much happiness and in turn success!. Read more>>

Dr. Shanice Taylor | Pharmacist and CEO of RxHair

God has been the driving force behind this business. It may sound cliche, but it is so true. From the beginning, I asked God to take charge of this business venture and guide my steps. Even in the moments when I’ve felt like quitting, I’ve always consulted God to see which way I should go next. My mom and husband have also been important factors in assisting me in doing the leg work of the brand and encouraging me to keep going. Read more>>