Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

JP Zabala | Artist Singer/Songwriter/Musician

I love risk haha. For those who know me, know that I love challenges. Not in an egotistical way assuming the “I’m the Best” position, but rather I see it as an opportunity to level up and put different talents, knowledge or goals to the test. Read more>>

Samuel King | Musician & Music Teacher

I think about risk as the only path to reward, not just in my professional endeavors but in all areas of life. You can’t fall in love without risking heartbreak, you can’t drive a car without risking a crash, etc. but you might decide to do these things anyway because the potential rewards are so worth it. If you want anything good out of life, you have to take some chances and appreciate the possibility that things might blow up in your face. It’s easy to ask “what if I fail?” but I prefer to ask myself “what if I succeed?” Nothing scares me quite so much as the thought of reaching the end of my life wondering what would have happened if I had ever done anything interesting. Read more>>

Julian Avila | Guitarist, Composer, Music producer

I believe taking risks is fundamental in life. It’s only by taking risks that you learn, grow, bring your ideas to life, recognize your strengths and weaknesses and it’s also the only way to find success, specially in my career. Making the important decision of emigrating from Colombia, a country where I already had a career, to begin from scratch here in the US, was a very important risk I had to take in order to find the opportunities that helped me get into this tough music business. Read more>>

Anna Hermida | REALTOR® & Entrepreneur

I often think that taking risks is like a crossroad. On one hand you can play it safe and be comfortable in your decision, or you can choose to take the risk and welcome the unknown. I often had a difficult time taking risks growing up as I felt like society pressures you to do things in a certain way. I noticed that I wasn’t fulfilled by these societal standards and found myself happier every time I stepped out of the norm. It’s easy for us to not take risks because we worry and wonder what if it doesn’t work out? Read more>>

Caitlin Holt | Owner of Hitch Agency

One of the biggest risks that I took in my career was leaving my full-time job to start my own marketing agency. At first, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to support my self, but knew it was the right decision. I felt like I would be able to make a bigger impact in this world by creating my own marketing strategies, rather than using the copy/paste approach that big agencies use. This ended up being one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I have had the opportunity to work with incredible people and brands from around the world, and couldn’t be happier. Read more>>

Maria Alvarez | Yoga Instructor / Recovering Lawyer

Risks, are essential to growth. I’m not sure why the word “risk” has such a negative connotation and invokes so much fear. I welcome taking chances and love to change stuff up. Its not to say I don’t feel doubt or uncertainty but I also know that even if something fails or doesn’t go as planned I learned something and I’d rather have the experience than the thought of feeling like I missed an opportunity. Read more>>

Brittany Raquelle | Actress, Model, & Screenwriter

Risk has been a major key in my career development, In order for me to get where I want to be in my career I had to and will continue to take risk, I’m not afraid to step out of my comfort zone and go against the norm to get to achieve success. Risk has helped me gain experience and brought new ideas and opportunties to light that I probably would have never thought of if I didn’t take specific risk. Read more>>

Kyra Cardullo | Graphic Designer & Online Business Manager

I think about risk as a necessary component of life, especially in order to propel forward. In my own life, I have chosen to take a risk and leap of faith at each major turning point in my life. All of those decisions ultimately worked out in my favor, some immediately and some after a little time. The point is, they created significant opportunities for education and growth in ways that couldn’t have happened for me before the jump. Read more>>

Lisa Arekion | MESSYPOT | hairstylst + creative + lifestyle blogger

I really like the quote: The higher the risk, the higher the reward. I think I’ve only reaaaaallllyy started taking risks in the last year in both my personal life & career. I truly believe that if you are facing something that feels “risky” then I’ve always said that I know that I’m supposed to do it & God wants me to do it if I feel at peace when thinking about taking that risk. Read more>>

Marta Iglesias | Mental Health Counselor (therapist)

We will need to define risk first. The word risk, for many of us, is like a “threat”. Is it really a threat? How did you learn to walk, which is the most basic and necessary achievement in life? You did it by taking the risk of falling. Standing up and trying an infinite number of times. How were you capable of doing it?
Knowing unconsciously that you were safe and supported by family members and most importantly, you had hope that you were going to achieve it.That safe space is called comfort zone. Read more>>

Ty Moore | Cinematographer & Photographer

Taking risk and simply just believing in my ideas wholeheartedly has been one of the most important factors that contributed to my success thus far. For me, it’s simply just doing what you say you need to do. You already came to the determination that the risk you’re considering is what’s best for you to do for your career, now it’s time to believe in it wholeheartedly and fully immerse yourself. Read more>>

Alexandra Siles | Hairstylist

I have always been a risk taker. I think because I’m too lazy to actually think out the whole process of making a decision. Kinda kidding but there is truth to that too. Sometimes I just don’t know which way to proceed in my career so I usually just start throwing things at the wall and see what sticks. For me.. the majority of the time things stick. I think because I have always just followed my gut and went in the direction my passion took me. When I trust myself, things usually fall into their place. Read more>>

Dova Lewis | Indie-Pop-Alt songwriter, free spirit, laughter yoga leader and reiki healer

I realized at a young age that I was inspired by artists, free spirits and dreamers who had traveled the world and had lived a thousand lives. This desire to explore and take risks has always been with me. So I followed this instinct and often made decisions that confronted me with the unknown. My musical journey came with a lot of failures. I was really not good at learning how to read music and at studying Jazz in college. I failed a lot and I was one of the weakest students in class, but risks come with failure and this is where I usually learn the most. Read more>>

Donnesha McBride | Donnesha S. McBride: Director of Programs

Denis Waitley once said. “Life is inherently risky. There is only one big risk you should avoid at all costs, and that is the risk of doing nothing.” Life is a journey and every chapter is very interesting especially when you are taking all risks. While there have been smooth paths, I have traveled on like swimming with sharks. Read more>>

Dominick M. | @crypticgxxn | @homesickusoffical | Entrepreneur/Business Owner

When I think of risk taking, I think of doing thing’s outside of your comfort zone. “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained”. I believe taking risks may yield beneficial gain and taking the “Safe Route” in life is not always the best route too pursue. If new opportunity present’s itself you should “Shoot Your Shot” and either fail and learn a valuable lesson, or succeed and grow as an individual. I believe nothing in life is guaranteed, but that anything is possible if determined enough. Read more>>

Candice Doe | Licensed Realtor

I feel that risk tasking is important in order to bring you true success. Without risk there is no reward. As for me I had no other choice but to take a risk. I knew I wanted to live my life a different way that from my childhood and I wasn’t going to get anywhere in life by playing it safe. I have a lot of people that depend and thrive off my success. Sometimes you have to risk it all for a vision that no one else can see. Read more>>

Marcus Ferguson | Rapper

In my life currently I am sacrificing a lot of my free time & physical health to be able to fund my music career. There are 24 hours in a day I can confidently say I work 15 hours & sleep when I can Sunday to Sunday, no days off. Many people in my life tell me it is unhealthy and I often look tired. However I don’t care. That’s the risk. I sacrifice going out and free time to constantly be making money to fund my music career. All this work has to pay off for something right? Read more>>

Miguel Lozada | President of Puerto Rico Lacrosse & Attorney

Striving to achieve something that has never been done before is how I view risk. When you actively pursue a goal that no one has accomplished before, you put yourself in an uncomfortable position. Being uncomfortable is not a place people like to be in. It’s in our basic human nature to pursue constant or consistent comfort. No one actively seeks to be uncomfortable because simply put it isn’t a fun place to be in. Read more>>

Pablo Cersosimo | Professional Photographer and founder of Wild South Photography, Inc.

Risk is always part of a project, even if you have everything calculated and planned, the risk factor will always come into play. And when everything is working it will continue to exist. I think that somehow the existence of it makes everything more interesting and attractive. In my career there were many moments where I had to act and measure the risks and then go forward without fear of making a mistake because the worst mistake is not trying beyond the risk. Read more>>

Abdul Ghaffar | Businessman

Sometimes it is important to take risks. Without taking risks, you will not learn to become better or do better. It is failure that teaches us the biggest lessons. Every business is ventured into by taking risks. When I first started a business with my wife, I was quite naive, but I learned well from the mistakes. I studied my clients and their needs, what they want and how I can be of service to them. I learned about trusting and getting that trust in return.  I definitely consider myself a risk taker and this gives me the chance to improve and do better as well as learn what didn’t work the first, the second or the several other times. Read more>>

Rachael Sirigotis | Founder / Creative Director

Every choice is a risk and risk itself, comes in all forms. I’ve learned that the risk of making conventional choices that appear to provide safety and security will often suppress the opportunity for growth, fulfillment and exploring ones potential. 
I was able to embrace risk when my fear of failure was diminished by my desire to follow my creative curiosity and pursue my passions. Read more>>

Raye Asia Bovian | CEO of Lauris Couture

I am a nervous risk taker. In my experience, Lauris Couture (my fashion line) has made me get out of my comfort zone. For a long while, I was stuck between working a 9 t0 5 and paying my bills. Eventually my dream took over. There are times in business that I have to make a decision without past experience or reference. For example, my first fashion tour was scary because I did not know who would come. Currently, I am so excited to watch my risks turn into delightful choices. Read more>>

Terell Killings | Real Estate Broker, Real Estate Investor, & Mortgage Loan Officer

I think taking risks have rewarded me tremendously in life. Risks have allowed me to make mistakes that were costly but turned me into the real estate investor that I am today. I think me taking risks allowed me to take that leap of faith and leave my 9-5 corporate job and enter into limitless opportunities in the real estate market. Taking risks has been absolutely life changing for me. Read more>>

Ana Carreño | Real Estate Professional

I think risk is a very important factor for success in all aspects of life. I feel that we grow in the uncertainty. If we don’t take risks in life we will always be stuck – stuck in a relationship, stuck in a job – stuck. It is through taking that leap of faith that we breakthrough and have the opportunity to grow, learn and truly shine. Risk was a foreign term for me growing up. I am the youngest of 4 children, went to the same school for 13 years, had the same friends and was very comfortable in my familiar routine. Read more>>