Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Bryn Westerlind | Interior Designer

To me, taking risks is what makes life meaningful. I am so lucky to have always been supported from my friends and family to take risks, go for my heart and try something new if it interested me. Starting an interior design business is one of the largest risks I’ve taken (so far!) in my life. I’ve always been the kind of person who dives into something when it interests me and thats how I found myself here! When the pandemic struck, I was furloughed from my previous job. While furloughed, it gave me time to reflect on my career plans, and what I wanted out of life. My previous job was with a good company, had a secure income, and I worked with great people. but I still felt unfulfilled and I was itching for more, despite not knowing what ‘more’ meant. I originally earned my Bachelor Degree in Retail, Merchandising, and Product Development from Florida State University (go ‘Noles!) and I thought my goal was to open my own boutique. I dreamed about it for years and even started designed my own boutique. What I realized during that process was that I was designed my boutique and was mainly focused and excited about the interior design of the space, rather than actually owning and running a boutique. Read more>>

Luisa-Fernanda Quiceno | Freelance Model & Actress in The Making

Taking a risk is basically saying there is a hire chance of you losing whatever it is then actually gaining obviously. I have not risk too much do to having the blessing of having my parents support like I have mentioned before. In many things I am independent, I am an adult so of course sometime I can not sleep because I have bills like everyone else. So risking Is really not a chance I can take like I would like to. I definitely quit my 11am-8pm job in a savagely way. I would do it all over again back in the past if I had to. Read more>>

Eddie Acevedo | Arcade Wizard & Creator of the Grid

I ask myself “does the risk out weigh the reward & if the worst possible outcome were to occur would it in anyway devastate myself, my family or the ones I love?” If the answer is no then I proceed with digging deeper, flipping over every stone to do my best to understand what’s ahead of me. I think of it like blazing a new trail where very few have traveled. One must be prepared. I also believe that history has left bread crumbs along the way to give us a better understanding of what risk is, how to spot it & how to overcome it. If you pay attention enough nothing profound was ever created without some sort of risk being involved. I used to worry & get stressed out about risk all the time but eventually I began to understand what risk really is. It’s kind of like F.E.A.R. “False Evidence Appearing Real.” Risk can be reduced heavily with the proper research & time. I’ve found that those most impacted by the negative outcomes of risks have done so because of lack of preparation. Sure we can’t predict the future but we can do our best to plan for as many outcomes as possible both positive & negative. In my life I’ve also been more willing to take calculated risks. Read more>>

Dawn Graubert & Frederico Santory | Video and Radio Production Studios

AMP Media Productions is the production house to The Brooklyn Café Show and 30+ other real radio and streaming platforms, in collaboration with WWNN Money Talk Radio, Beasley Broadcast Group (95.3 FM, 96.9 FM, 103.9 FM, and 1470 AM), social media, Roku, & Amazon Fire Stick, is a merging of two production companies under one roof, AMP 2 TV and New Dawn Media. At its inception, AMP 2 TV was the only company where you were able to stream a radio show visually while airing live on AM and FM radio. Twelve years ago we were told that no one would watch TV on their phone. After investing over $150,000 and almost calling it quits 7 times, faith and determination prevailed. New Dawn Media was founded 5 years ago by Dawn Graubert with a mission to help female entrepreneurs, youth, and businesses deliver their message to the masses, feel a deeper connection to the community and amplify their impact. All of the shows produced have a message of positivity, empowerment, and hope. Read more>>

Judith Schwab | Distinguished Curator Visual Artist

Risk is about challenge- about growth, and about vulnerability. It is an essential ingredient in creative work, and in life. Without risk, there can be no reward. Read more>>

Jason McCobb | Farmer/Carpenter

Risk I believe is the center behind all business ventures and my business is no exception. What I do now is not exactly what I first aimed to do, my business has evolved over the years. I am proud to say that November 2020 marked Farmer Jay’s 10 year anniversary. Before I started Farmer Jay upon my return from a farming internship with my mentor Bob Cannard in Sonoma California who has been growing food for Alice Waters and her restaurant Chez Panisse for 40 years, I went door to door knocking and trying to share what I learned in California. I was awoken while in Sonoma Valley and enlightened about sustainability. This is a whole other story, but the message was clear and I was determined to let farmers and local Palm Beach County Agriculture Extension Agents know. I remember my first conversation with Palm Beach Agriculture Extension agent on what I had discovered about sustainable and organic agriculture. Read more>>

Jarred Noah | Commercial Film Director and Editor

“Taking risks is part of life, and just like you take risks in your personal life, whether that be applying for a job or getting married, you ultimately can’t grow or move forward until you do the same thing in business. I’ve taken all kinds of risks, from investing in new equipment to taking on business partners. The important thing is that if your risk results in an undesired outcome, that you learn from it and avoid repeating the same steps that lead you down that road twice. If you’re unrelenting and hungry, you’ll be successful in no time by applying that method.” Read more>>

Rio Peterson | Singer/Songwriter, Musician

I think risks are naturally a huge part of our lives. We take risks every day just by making the smallest decisions, and seeing where we end up with them. As far as the role it’s played in my life: my career choice, not going to college, friendships I’ve made, past relationships I’ve had, quitting jobs I hated, doing whatever on a daily basis and not caring about how much time I’ve wasted, have all beens risks. Haha. But also: playing music, writing songs, and creating anything in general have been the most rewarding parts of my life as well. So I guess it’s been some kind of a trade off. It’s the most incredible feeling when I write a song, and get something out of myself that felt like it was trapped. And I’m eternally grateful for that feeling. That one moment in creating. Every risk has been worth it just for that. Read more>>

Kara Burnstine | Registered Dietitian/Nutiritionist and Certified Diabetes Educator

I am risk averse so starting my own business was extremely outside my comfort zone. But, at some point I just decided that I wanted change and in order to create change I know that I will experience discomfort. If nothing else bringing more risk and vulnerability into my life has brought me much discomfort comforted by utter joy and passion for what I do. Read more>>

Rick Canut | Leader of the Midnight Kahuna

Everything in life is risk. There are no guarantees in life ever. Many people go through life not thinking about that much. That’s why in my opinion sometimes, they are often shocked by the consequences of their actions or in many cases, their inaction. No matter what you do in life, there is always the risk of the unknown for everyone. Once aware of this notion, that there really is no safe alternative, you can pursue life with more courage. I think people who begin their own business understand these concepts, take additional risk, many times fail, but, if they succeed, the reward is so much greater not only profit wise but, intrinsically. Read more>>

Roddy Hanson | Model, CEO & Founder of Shroomy and Shredibles

For me taking calculated risks has always been a no brainer. No one ever made a huge impact in the world by playing it safe. The reality Is that even if you don’t take risks you can still fail! So you might as well risk going for your dream and set that bar high because even if you fail, the chances are you still moved forward in many ways in life. I have always taken risks but made sure they are totally calculated and it is the right risk to really move me forward. I love to push the envelope when it comes to creation of consumer products and there has always been risks when creating something that has never existed before, but I believe risk pushes you to a new level. Fear of loss is much more motivating than potential of gain, so when you take a risk, usually there is a chance you will loose something big and that alone can be used as driving force to go for your dreams with everything you got. Read more>>

Zee -R. | Musician & Producer

I’m from the entertainment business, Where it’s ALL about risks. what I learned form my 25-year experience is that risk taking has some distinct analysis phases. -First: you must have deep knowledge about your product and a humble self-evaluation so you know how far you can go with it. In my case for example, I started as a Jazz interpreter and I knew only 5% of the population listen to Jazz music so I chose my strategy according to that information. -Second: Be bold but wise. When you’re in a career where risks matter, the difficult part lies on finding the exact balance between being aggressive (which is very important in music business for example) but not to spend all you chips in one hand. -Third: Good partners are more important than a good product. Having a good product is a commodity of course, but in my business, loyal partners, regular sponsors, good deal suppliers, faithful investors among others are more important for you to achieve success. Focus on them first. -Fourth: Rome wasn’t built in one day. Read more>>